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02/08/09 11:49 - 28ºF - ID#47687


Ok, THIS is what I hate about NYC. Dumb little shits like this. Or, maybe they're super cool, and my sense of fashion is just underdeveloped. I especially like the one in green sweats with silver uggs eating Fun Dip.



I also did not like the twelve, yes TWELVE, pairs of god-awful Uggs that I counted at just one baggage claim carousel in BUF in a span of about 30 seconds. On girls/women ranging from about 14 to, oh, 60? Hawt.

I did, however, like the 73 degree weather in Charlotte this morning, and having lunch with my cousin. And the text I got back from the cute boy after I sent 'on my way to the airport'- "shitty! I really wanted to hang out more. I hope I see you again." Aww...

And I love the big "fuck you, environment" of the shower in my hotel room. (I'm sure the little "hang up your towels and save water!" signs make up for it.)

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02/08/09 12:30 - 43ºF - ID#47677

coupla two tree things

Dan is "in love".
I felt like I'd been punched in the gut.
I think (hope) maybe I'm finally done crying about him.
Guess it's finally time to put out that little flame I was burning for him, and move on with my life.
We actually talked for a good hour and a half the other day (first contact we've had in at least a month), and it was... hard... but, good. I think i said most of what I wanted to got off my chest, and maybe now we (I) can move forward.

So i'm in Charlotte for a conference.... when I got here it was about 20, and I thought "WTF, I thought it was warmer here than in Buffalo!" Little did I know it was 1 in Buffalo. So, I guess it's still warmer. Hit 58 today though, it was lovely.

Saw my cousin and her mom (my aunt), and her kids, who I've never met. We realized it's been >5 years since we saw each other.

Had dinner tonight with a friend from med school, who I also haven't seen in >5y, which was nice.

Ate fried pickles. (the diet is in the toilet this week. I've given up. There's too much free food everywhere, and few/no healthy options. So, I'll just enjoy myself (within SOME reason) and get back on track when I get home.)

Met some people here the first morning, and have hung out with them... also met a cute guy... we all went out for dinner and beers the first night. Talked to the cute boy all night, it was flirty and fun. Thought I would see him at the conference, but he hasn't been there since. Today finally asked one of the girls I'd met for his number, to invite him out (with all of us) for drinks tonight.
Sent the text "hey- thinking of going out for drinks tonight, if you're interested."
Got the reply "totally interested... but on call again tomorrow. this is my fri-sun weekend. :( Hoping to escape for a bit- hopefully see you tomorrow."

And I have to say.... that made my day. hell, made my month.
I mean, i'm leaving tomorrow, I'm not sure what I think could possibly happen, and I'm sure I'll never see him again. Nonetheless, it made me smile.

And, speaking of smiling...
Check this out.

you can put it on any website.
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