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11/27/08 09:12 - 35ºF - ID#46862

Turkey coma...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

In response to Paul-

Here is a pic my dad just sent me, of the dinner I was not home for. (not sure what's up with the lemons).

My dinner was great, too, though.

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11/26/08 10:20 - 34ºF - ID#46848


So I was on call yesterday/last night. Just got home. And by some amazing stroke of luck, I don't think I have to go in to work at all tomorrow. I don't have to be back til 7a on friday. Then I'll get off at 9a on saturday, and have the rest of saturday (disco!!), and sunday, off.

I feel like it's a month of vacation or something. I am so looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.... Until I was asked to come to the turkey trot tomorrow. At 8am.

Hmmmmm, sleep in for the first time in weeks in my nice cozy bed, or...... stand outside in the snow and wait for a race to be over? yeah, I don't think so.

Until I talk to normal people who have thurs-sun OFF, and maybe even wed-sun.

So jealous. Sometimes I really wish I had a 'normal' job.

So... obviously I'm not going home.

This new boy invited me to his family thanksgiving. Hope they're not scandalized by what a heathen I am. ;)
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11/22/08 07:53 - 25ºF - ID#46800

Oops. I'm such an ass.

So last night a friend of mine was in town from Roch, so I went to meet her and some other mutual girlfriends out for a bit. And I took this new boy. First time he's met any of my friends. Now, I don't really know what our 'label' is. It's been a couple weeks, we've hung out 4 or 5 times... Things are good and all- but it's early...

But so one friend came up to us, and pointed at him and asked me "so, is this your significant other?" I totally didn't know what to say- don't know where he stands on it all, so I just sort of stammered "ummmmmmm........ yeah, sure" He was like "haha, thanks babe."
So he was called my insignificant other for the rest of the night. Ooops...

What else is going on in my life...
Well I was supposed to have this big oral exam this morning. But then yesterday it got rescheduled. (so, rather than last minute cramming last night, I went out for a bit.) Then show up at work this morning... am in the OR... get paged "you're late". 'oh, no sir- didn't you hear? i've been rescheduled. I'm on call now, and in the OR."

"No excuses. Get down here."


So I had to go take this exam completely cold. Walk out of the OR and just leave the case. I show up for the exam... everyone else is in a suit (it's an oral exam), and I'm a slob, in scrubs, etc.

I felt like it went awfully. Just terrible. I thought 'wow, that sucked, I totally failed. But.... at least it's out of the way."

Later in the day I'm in the OR and get a page... "Call Dr. X when you're out of the OR". Ohhhhhhhh crap. I was totally expecting it to be the "we're really disappointed in your performance this morning, why were you so unprepared, blah blah blah."

But instead it was "hey doc.... just wanted to let you know you did a good job this morning."


I what?

GOOD job?

I did an AWFUL job!

But.... so that's a pleasant little upturn to this crazy day.

I also realized after the fact that today was the Harvard-Yale game. (aka The Game). So I googled it to try to find the score. [harvard won, 10-0, and apparently it was an awful game.] But all google brought up was all these articles about how it's the 40th anniversary of the legendary "Game of 1968". Which my parents went to.

They went to the game, and with like two minutes left, Yale was winning 29-13, so they decided to leave and beat the traffic.

Only to find out when they got home that Harvard had gone on the score 16 points in the last 42 seconds of the game, ending in a tie.

But the best part- the next day they newspaper headline was "Harvard beats Yale, 29-29."

Bastards. ;)

Ok.... back to work.....

later peeps.
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11/20/08 11:32 - 32ºF - ID#46768

time to censor?


So, I got an email this morning that the application period for the MINI E (100% electric, zero-emission MINI) field trial is open.

They are putting a fleet of 500 on the road, as sort of a beta-test. You have to live near metro LA or NYC. I'm just not sure how they define "near". Is Hartford CT close enough? It's like 100 miles... I think the point is so that you are close enough to a dealer that you can get there without the battery dying. (they say the range is 157 miles/charge under ideal conditions, 100-120 realistically.)

This thing sounds awesome- check it out:

I think it would be super cool to try one.

So, what the hell, I filled out an application. I doubt I qualify, but what's the harm in trying.

They asked a bunch of interesting questions, like "who's your favorite pioneer/inventor/explorer?". And "do you own an iPhone? Original, or 3G?" ("both" was not a choice) "What three inventions could you not live without?" "What three historical figures would you like to have on a road trip?" "How do you see the state of transportation in 50 years?" "What do you do to reduce your impact on the environment?" "Why are you the perfect candidate to have a MINI E?" "do you maintain a profile on: myspace, facebook, twitter, yelp [etc etc etc they listed about 30]?"

And then...

"Do you have a blog? If so, what is the URL? And if so, would you be willing to contribute to a blog about your experience with the MINI E"

Crap. I wasn't really sure what to put there. I mean, yes, I have a blog. But do I want the head honchos at BMW/MINI reading it? Will my nonstop obsessive boy-drama and talk of brazilians automatically disqualify me? But at the same time, I think being like 'yes but you can't read it' would be frowned upon.

So... I gave them a link.

(And so Paul, if you start getting hits from BMW- keep me posted. ha!)

I doubt I'll qualify based on pure geography alone, but.... I guess you never know.

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11/18/08 06:39 - 28ºF - ID#46747

bills. boo.

Have been on a few dates with a new boy. Am taking it slow, will see how things go. But so far he seems like a sweetheart.

But so last week he asked if I was going to the game on monday. I had to admit that I didn't know there was a game, and that I had in fact never been to a Bills game. So, he invited me to come with him and his friends to remedy that travesty.

Then later asked "so, did you get a ticket?"

Oh, oops, I sort of thought the invite included a ticket. Didn't realize I was supposed to supply my own.

But so I had so many reasons not to go-
1: don't care about football
2: really cold out
3: will not get home before 1am, and have to work at 6
4: no ticket

But, everyone I mentioned it to told me rational thought had to go out the window, and that given the opportunity, I simply MUST go, no bones about it. Had a few false alarms about tickets becoming available, but by the time it was time to head to OP for tailgating, I had nothing.

But I decided to go anyway. Figured if worst came to worst, I would hang out with them and tailgate, and then they'd go in to the game, and I'd go home and get some sleep like a reasonable person. I was in fact almost excited about that idea.

Kickoff was at 830. I left at 4 to go tailgate. Even then traffic was insane. Met up with the dude, and met his brother and some of his friends (who all loved me, (of course!!) (ha)). A friend ended up having a random ticket for $50, so I went for it. And rather than make me sit alone with my random ticket, his bro sat alone and let us sit together.

At first I was tired, and I was freezing my tush off. (literally. Whose brilliant idea was it to make bleachers metal?) I was starting to think skipping the 4th quarter and beating the traffic home was a fine idea. But, we kept staying... then it got all exciting...

I'm the first to admit I'm not much of a sports fan, but even I was pretty excited for those last two minutes...

So, we went back to the car, and had to sit and wait for traffic to clear out. Figured that rather than sit in traffic for an hour, we could sit around the fire and/or make out in the car like teenagers for an hour. So, even though the fact that it was already 1am and I had to be up in 4 hours was making me a little anxious, we stayed.

And then it started snowing. Good thing he lives in OP and I didn't have to drive all the way home. ;)

But in order to maximize sleep, there was no time for a shower this morning. Didn't realize that was such an issue... I mean I showered right before I went out, and could shower as soon as I got home from work. I mean I look like shit at work anyway... scrubs and a ponytail every day, it's not like I'm trying to impress anyone. (and besides, I have noticed some weird phenomenon: it seems the overly primped/made-up female doctors are taken LESS seriously than the 'no-nonsense' "who has time for makeup? I have more important things to do!" ones. Fortunately my laziness puts me in the latter category.)

But anyway, I did not anticipate the side effect of no shower until I was picking my clothes up off the floor and realized I REEKED of smoke. My hair stunk all day. Oops.


but anyway, I'm glad I went. Good times.

And then today I randomly saw (e:enknot)! woohoo, it's a twofer!!

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11/08/08 05:38 - 48ºF - ID#46607

moving forward

Wow... It's amazing how easy it suddenly is to get over someone, when there is someone else to distract me.

yay, yay, yay.
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11/08/08 06:11 - 50ºF - ID#46600


well, I did it.

I had hoped that our little chat last night could let me 'end on a high note' or whatever.

but apparently that's not how he wants to play the game.

So, I am resisting the urge to say something nasty to him, and instead have removed him from my life as much as possible.

deleted him from my phone, and also all texts, recent calls, and voicemails. Will archive emails when I get home. It was very hard to delete all the "I love you" voicemails, but I did it.

Went to facebook and untagged him from all photos, and deleted everything I ever wrote on his wall, on his pictures, etc. Deleted him from my 'mob' on 'mob wars' (which is actually probably the only thing he MIGHT notice). Deleted all our mutual friends that are really just his friends, and finally blocked him from seeing my profile. Unfortunately i can't block myself from seeing his, but I'll just have to resist.

Short of that men in black mind zapper thing, that's all I can do.

I'm not trying to be vengeful and spiteful, but for my own sanity I need to close that chapter and move on.

Now if I can just lose the 20lb I gained while dating him, my life will be back on track. ;)

Oh and I finally got the pix to post in my previous post- check 'em out!
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11/07/08 05:53 - 65ºF - ID#46593

dammit, I'm so weak!!

So... I'm in NYC, woohoo!!

My hotel room is very weird. It has a full kitchen.
And the wi-fi (which is NOT FREE) sucks ass. It keeps dropping the connection, and when it is connected, every third thing I click sends me back to the splash screen, and when it DOES connect successfully, it's like slower than dial-up. For example, two pix (one 43K and one 68K haven't uploaded in like 3 minutes.)

But I went to an awesome show last night- The Hold Steady *AND* The Drive-By Truckers. (pix below)

And I'm about to go meet (e:hodown) for drinks.

And... I've been talking to a cute boy... so that's all promising.


I'm so mad at myself.

Today is (would be) Dan and my one year anniversary. So... of course he crossed my mind.

And I broke down and sent him a text. I have deleted him from my phone, but there are still texts I can respond to, b/c I just can't bring myself to delete it. It's every text we've exchanged since MARCH- there are 1500. I can't throw that away... it's all that's left of 'us'.

But I just said "we've known each other a year today. Hope you're doing well."

No "i love you" no 'i miss you' no 'happy anniversary' no 'call me'.

So the plan was to send that, and then delete it altogether, so that the only way I could contact him ever again would be if he responded.

I probably shouldn't have even sent that, but there's just no way I couldn't.

But that wasn't too bad.

The bad part is that... I called him. I think out of some weird morbid curiosity... I wanted to prove to myself that he wouldn't answer... so that would reinforce that he doesn't ever want to talk to me again, and to make it easier to delete him.

But... he answered.
and I didn't even know what to say. He was perfectly nice... asked how I'd been doing... i told him I'm in NYC. He made fun of me for calling HIM, where there are "so many more interesting people in NY" I said I just wanted to say hi... he said 'oh yeah I got your text'. And he said it was nice to hear from me, it had been a while. I said "well... you asked me never to talk to you again". And he just laughed. And then said he had to go since he was in a store. And I don't know if he said "good to talk to you" or "talk to you soon", but that was that.


I shouldn't have done that.

I think I have to re-delete him.

And remember this potential new cute boy.

B/c I have been (HAD been) making progress on the Dan front.

I'm finally kind of accepting that no matter what his reasons are, and whether or not I like them, or agree with them, or even BELIEVE him- that I shouldn't want to be with someone who doesn't want to be with me. That's the bottom line. He says he doesn't want me. That should be all that matters. (But then he says he loves me, so that fucks it all up.)

ugh ugh ugh ugh

I suck

ok, time for drinks with (e:hodown), yay!


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11/05/08 05:02 - 49ºF - ID#46543

I miss Dan.

I do.
I miss him.

It's been over a week since we had any contact. I've deleted him from my phone etc etc etc.... but I have to say, deep down I sort of thought I'd get a drunk dial or something. But no. It made me feel better to think that this is just as hard for him as it is for me, and that he misses me too... but... maybe I'm totally wrong.

I know he didn't always treat me right, and I deserve someone who does, blah blah blah...
That doesn't make it any less sad.
And it's not like he's the only one that made any mistakes- I had my share.

Because at times it sucked, sure.
But it was also the happiest I've ever been.

And I'm really trying to 'be good', b/c during our last conversation, he warned me that it's up to me and 'how I handle this' to determine whether I go down as "great girl, sorry it didn't work out" vs "psycho ex, good riddance."

I was going to write a whole big thing about but now I don't feel like it.

I don't know why I'm randomly awake at 430. When I *need* to get up at 430 (i.e. almost every day) I can't, and now I'm up for no reason? Guess I'll try to go back to sleep.

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11/04/08 09:31 - 56ºF - ID#46528

the media amazes me

I guess I should know better, but i'm just astounded at how differently different news outlets report the news.

For example: says Obama has 83 electoral votes, and McCain has 8. It shows NY as ZERO PERCENT reported (after all, the polls closed like ten minutes ago), and they haven't assigned it a color yet.

MSNBC on the other hand says it 195 to 85, and has given NY to Obama.

I mean it's just splitting hairs at this point, and I'm sure NYT will catch up to MSNBC with the same outcome- I just find it funny how different the two are.

Damn media elite...
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