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02/19/10 11:48 - 29ºF - ID#51045


So... I just got back from vacation. And it sucks that we couldn't stay longer- BUT, it's really nice to still have the whole weekend.

So friday night we went to my parents' as a little surprise for my mom's 60th bday. My sis/BIL/niece came in saturday, but they got in too late and we missed them. But, still I think mom was really touched/surprised that we came home.

Then sunday went down to Palm Beach. BF's parents have a condo down there, and it was great. Too bad the weather kind of sucked. It hit 70 on monday and we got to spend about 2h at the beach before it got too windy. Then the cold came in, and it didn't get over about 62 the rest of the time. Which is warmer than here- but still, I was REALLY hoping for some beach time, and a tan. Ah well.

Wed we drove to Orlando to meet BF's BFF who he hasn't seen in a couple years. So we drove 2.5 hr to see him for 2h then drove back. But it was nice to meet him, and a great lunch.

Did some shopping, or rather, browsing, since we can't afford anything, in some of the ritzy shops in palm beach.

Oh and we saw The Wolfman. Which was good- but not as super-rad as I wanted it to be.

Then today had to come home. :(

I got a text from orbitz saying my flight was on time... soon after got a text from my dad asking if it was cancelled. Which made me nervous, so I looked online- said it was on time.

So I go to check in and the kiosk tells me my flight has been cancelled.WTF. So I go stand in line foreeeeever while they try to help some lady who apparently was flying internationally with an infant and they were making her buy another ticket (or something).

But so I get to the front of the line, and she told me that yes, my flight was cancelled, but I'd already been rebooked on a different flight. Which was better times, and even better- was the flight BF was on. (we were supposed to be on different flights).

What?! My flight got cancelled and i got an EVEN BETTER one instead? That DOES NOT happen in my world.

Then tonight made some super delicious zucchini pasta for dinner, since I am still on vacation for the weekend. my diet starts back up on monday, and I am NOT looking forward to getting on that scale- I ate like a pig all week. It's going to be bad.

Oh well. Just need to get back on the horse. That's all.

So, here are some pix. (btw, I tried mobl-posting some mobl-pix, but it didn't work.)

Mom's birthday present. We commissioned a local artist (a HS classmate of my sister's) to do this painting for her. This is a crappy phone pic, but it's gorgeous. And the scene is right near our house. And it's an original. Super cool.

Me and BF and his BFF in Orlando.

Sunset over the golf course


Trying on uber-preppy clothes in Palm Beach. hehehe.

View from the condo. (It's right on the 14th hole of some golf course. Which means nothing to be, but I guess is semi-big deal. I just know it was pretty...)

Our all-too-brief stint at the beach

This super-cool-dood then appeared at the beach, replete with skinny jeans, socks, sneakers, cigarettes, and mardi gras beads. Oh and the awesome shades. :/ And then he was bossing all the other kids around, and they let him, because clearly the worship him. GOD I am glad I am not a teenager anymore.

And here are some other randoms that were in my phone...

My favorite Valentine.

The best thing I saw in MoMA. This chick was staring at that BLACK CANVAS for like 20 minutes. And you can see- it's roped off. That, and Starry Night (like, THE Starry Night) are about the only pieces roped off in the whole museum. Seriously? that stupid black canvas? Clearly I am just not a connoisseur of fine art, i guess.
But anyway- I think that picture of the girl staring at it is much cooler than the 'art' itself.

Last week the whole freaking state practically shut down, because snow was forecast. I am not lying when I say just about every school in the state was closed. UConn was closed. The whole freaking university! Because there MIGHT be snow.
This is what it looked like at work around 2.
It *did* eventually snow. We got about an inch. Seriously?! It was like mass hysteria.


I dunno, I just thought this equipment in the hallway in the OR looked like it was dressed up for halloween. ;)

Good night peeps!

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02/08/10 05:35 - 28ºF - ID#50988


So, we went to NYC this weekend. It was great. But freezing.
I just wish I could afford it a little better and not be angry about how expensive everything is.

But we took the train in friday and then saved on cab fare and walked to the hotel. BRRRRRR. Got to our super-sweet priceline deal hotel around 9, and then went to the Carnegie Deli for dinner. It's probably not the best deli in NY (as they claim), but we did it "for the experience".
BF got a "reuben". I decided to try to go a little "lighter" and ordered the turkey sandwich.

This is what we got:



yeah. Not so light.
It's just ridiculous though. The sandwiches cost $25 each. TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS. And there's no way in hell anyone can (or should) eat that.
Why not just give a reasonable portion, and charge half as much?
Oh right, because then you wouldn't get written up in all the tourist books.
So, I probably let about $17 worth of sandwich go to waste. Ah well. Better for my waist, if not my wallet.

Then on saturday we went to MoMA, which was awesome- and infuriating. Cool to see Starry Night and the Warhol soup cans and all sorts of other famous pieces up close and in person. But then the "art" like bricks laid on the floor in a square, or a piece of rope hanging from the ceiling, or a plain black canvas, just make me nuts.
There was also a big Tim Burton exhibit, which I would have LOVED to go to- but we didn't have time. Also hit the MoMA store- which I think was just as good as the museum. ;)

Then went to an old college friend's baby shower. Great to see her, and her awesome view! Saw a bunch of people I haven't seen in years.

Then found a lovely little hole in the wall italian place for dinner... awesome homemade pasta, and reasonably priced.

Then off to a party for a friend who just got back from 2 years in Australia. She was my neighbor growing up, but I haven't seen her in years. And then her brother was there too, and another friend from my DC days, who I haven't seen in 12 years. Fun, fun, fun. Stayed out til 2, which is the latest I've been up in a long time, which made me feel good- maybe I'm not TOTALLY a boring old lady yet.

Then sunday morning met up with yet another friend I haven't seen in years- from when I was in Chicago. And met her fiance. We had breakfast at a place they'd been dying to try. And don't get me wrong- it was delicous. But (with tip) it came to $200 for the four of us. For freaking breakfast. Pancakes were $22. And the best of all- when the bill came, we saw that coffee was $7 per person. I mean really?! New York is expensive, I know that, but this was absurd. And yes, it was delicious, but not $50 each delicious. Ah well... I just had to take a deep breath and remind myself it was a mini vacation and to stop being a scrooge....

Then caught the train back, and on the way got a call from my sister- a power plant in Middletown CT blew up yesterday, and so far 5 are dead and maybe 100 injured. People in towns ten miles away felt the explosion and thought it was an earthquake. Yikes. My hospital was on alert for 'mass casualties'- but nothing trickled down to me.

then a super bowl party, where I swore I was going to eat only veggies and fat-free dip to make up for the weekend- but instead I ate chips and cookies and lasagna and garlic bread and....

And now, it's back to the grind.

But six days til florida!!!!!! can not WAIT to get out of the cold for a bit!!!


p.s. WTF is the big deal about the Tim Tebow commercial during the super bowl? After it aired everyone was like "that was it?" I of course had had no clue a) who tim tebow is b) that he was in a commercial c) that it was controversial.
But in said commercial his mom talks about him and says "there were so many times i almost lost him" and holds up a baby picture... then she blabs some more, and he comes and tackles her, and she calls him Timmy. That's it. if anything I thought it was an ad for the March of Dimes or something.

But that was it. That was the big controversial ad.
whoop de effing do.

I guess it was supposed to be a pro-life ad, though i don't know how you were supposed to know that. and it was paid for by Focus on the Family or something like that... some right wing pro-life group. and I guess THAT is the big deal. that the network let something 'political' be shown.

Ok, and one last comment.
Who picks the halftime acts? The Who? Really? I mean, yeah sure I like Pinball Wizard... but couldn't they pick someone a little more current/relevant/popular? They looked like a bunch of old men dragged out of the retirement home.

Ok, enough blabbing.
Later peeps!
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02/02/10 05:52 - 27ºF - ID#50955


Ok, so I'm a little embarrassed that I'm actually going to be that sappy giddy girl that makes you want to puke, but.... this is so freaking cute I have to share.

So, yesterday was our 6 month anniversary. Not a HUGE deal, I suppose, but kind of a big deal I guess...

But so I wasn't even sure if he'd remember. And sure, I'd love to get flowers and presents and all sorts of romantic stuff. I was secretly HOPING he'd do something- but I wasn't expecting it.

So, I made dinner reservations at a nice place, and didn't tell him, so it could be a surprise. They're actually for tonight, since the place is closed on mondays. And then I figured that's good- b/c on the off chance he planned something, I could cancel mine.

So, yesterday came, and he totally remembered and said happy anniversary. Then I was at work really late and he had stuff to do, so I didn't see him til way later.

So, once it was pretty clear we weren't going to do anything, I told him we have reservations for tonight. Not to rub it in- but just to make sure he didn't have any plans or anything.

And all of the sudden he looked all sad and started apologizing that he hadn't done more.

And then I felt like an ass for making him feel bad.

And then he walked over and picked something up off my desk. It was a card, and he had left it there so I'd find it in the morning.

So, I opened it. And it's super adorable. And perfect, b/c it's from the heart, and he did it without me nagging or anything.

Please pardon the iphone picture quality.



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