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01/24/08 09:47 - 18ºF - ID#43021

how time flies...

I have been so fixated on getting this stupid test over with that it didn't dawn on me until now-

tomorrow is my last day at roswell, EVER!!

And we totally barely ever even had lunch!!

I hate this test, and I am going to do shitty (shittily?) on it.

And I miss Dan.
Even more than I thought I would.

But, he comes back saturday.

And just to be shmoopy for a second (bear with me, I don't do this often)-

He sent me a card that is (I think) cute/funny.
On the front it has two frogs (random) and it says:

Life is so busy
If I could have
five extra minutes
each day..

[and inside]

I'd make out with you
like crazy
for five minutes

(and I won't tell you what he wrote b/c it's even more sickeningly cute.)

Sometimes I can't believe the cards they actually sell out there. I mean a card about making out? with frogs on it? how random!

Ok, back to procrastinating studying.
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01/19/08 12:43 - 22ºF - ID#42952

sports sports sports!!

I know, I know, a sports post from Jenks? I don't believe it either...

I went to the Sabres game last night.
They won 10-1. Finally (I think if they'd lost it would have been the 10th loss in a row or something). Against the Atlanta Thrashers, who we thought should maybe change their name to the Atlanta Thrashed. Or Thrashees.

Dan says that "hockey-wise" it was a boring game. But, I thought it was pretty exciting b/c everyone got all into it b/c they JUST KEPT SCORING.
The best part though was the little 9 year old girl next to me. She was there with her grandpa (which is about the cutest thing ever) and she was cheering like crazy. And then Stafford got a hat trick, so everyone started throwing their hats onto the ice. But someone from the upper levels threw a hat that didn't quite made it to the ice, and landed in our laps. The girl was wondering if she could keep it, and I explained that people were throwing them on the ice b/c it was a hat trick. And she said "well do they get them back?" and I said I didn't think so, and she said "well that's a waste of money!"
and the other best part was the huge fight at the end- and one guy got (if I remember it right)
2 minutes for roughing
2 minute for instigating
5 min for fighting
10 min for something else
and a whole game for disorderly conduct or something like that.
And another atlanta guy got a penalty too, and somehow buffalo got no penalty, so it was 5 on 3 for a while, and almost went to 5 on 2.

But don't worry peeps. I'm not turning into a hockey freak. Like this guy.
(have you seen this commercial? it's awesome)

And for the soccer/football people-
This is pretty funny. Well at least the first 2 min or so, then it turns to rubgy and it gets a little long.

So... my stupid exam is saturday.
I can not WAIT til it is over, so I can get back to a normal life.
And vacation in two weeks! woohooooooo!
Dan just left for aruba this AM.
I am super-jealous.

And- I finally got my applications in, and apparently not too late, b/c I mailed them out tuesday night, and by friday had 3 interview invites! woot woot. UB, Stony Brook, and UMass. So we'll see.

Now time to procrastinate a little more before I transform into study-monster.
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01/16/08 06:37 - 30ºF - ID#42917


Four doctors attending an international medical convention are discussing medical care advances in their respective countries.

A Japanese doctor says, "Medicine in my country is so advanced that we can take a kidney out of one man, put it in another, and have him out
looking for work in six weeks."

A German doctor says, "That is nothing. We can take a lung out of one person, put it in another, and have him out looking for work in four weeks."

A British doctor says, "In my country medicine is so advanced that we can take half a heart out of one person, put it in another, and have both of them out looking for work in two weeks."

The American doctor, not to be outdone, interjected, "You guys are way behind. We are about to take a woman with no brains, put her in the White House, and then half the country will be out looking for work in one week!"

Ba- dum- bum...
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01/13/08 04:38 - 39ºF - ID#42870

if I had time/$$$

a few months ago I got some email from Yale about some trip- it was like a medical relief mission in the dominican republic or something. Sounded great, but I didn't read the email in time and totally couldn't go.

But there must me some new travel program going on or something, b/c then I got another one about some safari in africa. I mean it sounds amazing, but it's $5400 and that doesn't include airfare. Or the "optional hot air balloon safari and champagne brunch in the serengeti" which is an extra $500.

I guess for the most part yale alumni do pretty well for themselves. The back of the alumni magazine is full of classified ads for ridiculous vacation homes etc- far out of the the reach of most "normal" people. Myself included.

Must be nice to have crazy money, and the time to take crazy trips.

Someday, maybe....

Here's just the first few days:

October 10: Fly to Africa
Depart the USA for your flight to Tanzania. Arrive late in the evening the next day.

October 11: Arrive in Africa, Transfer to Arusha
After arriving into either Jomo Kenyatta Airport in Nairobi or Kilimanjaro Airport, you will travel on to Arusha. Arusha is approximately 4-5 hours from Nairobi, and approximately 1 hour from Kilimanjaro Airport. Spend the night at Serena Mountain Village near Arusha.

October 12: Lake Manyara Safari
After breakfast and a short orientation briefing, depart for Lake Manyara National Park and check-in to Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge. After a relaxing lunch at the lodge, enjoy the afternoon wildlife viewing in Lake Manyara National Park, famous for its tree-climbing lion, elephant, hippo, giraffe, and smaller animals. Tonight you will enjoy a festive welcome reception before dinner and spend the evening at Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge. (B, L, D)

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01/12/08 01:10 - 37ºF - ID#42853

Car nonsense

Oh, peeps...

Hello there. It's been a while.

It is january. It is crunch time. I freaking hate it.
I have a big humongo exam on 1/26. We have it once a year, every year. It is a bit of a stretch (but not much) to say that my career could depend on it. So why, oh why, have I barely started studying? (answer, b/c it puts me to sleep.) I do this every year, put it off put it off put it off, and then freak out and cram for the last week, and do a shitty job. No one to blame but myself, but I hate it.

AND I am finally working on my fellowship applications. For hand surgery. Hand is a good gig. AND, it's a "back door" into plastics. Which is what I really want to do. But, should I get sick of working too much for not much pay, I could stop after my hand training (i.e. skip the two more years it would take to do plastics) and probably get a good job and probably be perfectly happy.
But long story short, I thought I was ahead of the game when I went to start doing applications, only to find that I am FAR, FAR behind. Some deadlines are already past, and bunch more are due on the 15th. But they started accepting them in Nov. And you really really don't want to get it in at the last minute. But unfortunately, that's all I can do at this point. So now I'm scrambling to cobble together a stupid personal statement and do a bunch of copying and collating and mailing out 40 applications on monday.

AND my stupid bullshit research project is due 2/1, too, and it needs a lot of work, since I've totally backburnered it for, oh, a year.

So every night I get home from work, sort of sick to my stomach, and think "which of these very important things do I work on tonight? application, research project, or study?" And more often than not I end up thinking "fuck it, I'm tired, I can't study when I'm tired. I'll just do double tomorrow" and I go to bed. Thinking "I will study ALLLLLL weekend to make up for it." And do I? No.

Fortunately (sort of) this is Dan's shitty busy time at work too, and then he is going away for a week, so we can't really see each other, which is one less distraction. That's a bad way to put it, but it's true, b/c when he's around I'd rather hang out with him.

But so this morning I took my car in, because it was time for scheduled service. And one of my headlights keeps flicking in and out. I figured it's a loose connection, hopefully nothing huge. But that's it. Everthing is running fine, no big mechanical problems, etc.
Now, my car is an '03 and only has 25K miles on it. Not even. And my warranty just expired in April. So this is basically the first time everything has not just been included. But I figured 'it's basically an oil change. How much can it be?'
How much indeed-
$300!!!!!!! [I guess the 25K service is a little more than an oil change. But still, it's just routine, scheduled maintenance!]
Now that I'm out of warranty, maybe it's time to go somewhere besides the dealer. Unfortunately I don't know shit about cars, so I have no idea when I'm being ripped off, and somehow it just makes me 'feel better' to have the dealer take care of everything, with 'official parts' and all that jazz. Silly, I guess.
But ok, so $300 for my regular maintenance. And the headlight is, of course, working just fine now, and they can't find anything wrong with it, and don't want to go ripping it all apart for nothing, which I understand... but it means i'm supposed to go back sometime when it's NOT working, which is a PITA since it's out in clarence and I never have any reason to be there, and am not exactly overflowing with free time these days.
And I also mentioned that things felt a little slippery in the snow- could they check the tires? I don't know how long tires are supposed to last, but these are still the originals.
So he said "well, your rears are pretty much shot, but the fronts have a little left, so you could get away with putting the fronts on the back, and buying 2 new tires now, and the other 2 next year."
Ok, sounds reasonable. How much is two new tires?
Well, they're run-flats, so they're 3x the cost of regular tires. Why do I need runflats? because my car doesn't have a spare b/c it's so small there's no room for one.
I said "well what if I go to tire rack?" he said that would probably save me about $100. But it means driving across town, making another appointment, and not getting it done RIGHT NOW. And I am a big fan of RIGHT NOW.
So my options are-
spend nothing, and keep sliding around.
spend 800 and get some traction back with "all-season" tires, and avoid the need for snow tires, but possibly (probably) pay too much.
Buy a whole different set of snow tires for the winter (which is cheaper) and deal with the regular tires later.
Or the guy said that for the price of 4 runflats, I could probably get a set of 4 new "regular" (non-runflat) tires, PLUS a set of snow tires. And a membership at AAA in case I actually get a flat.
That is probably the way to go...
but changing wheels every winter is a pain, too, and I'd kind of like to just have one set that works all year... I've been fine in snow up until now, and that's probably just b/c these are nearly bald.

I wasn't really planning on dropping $300 today, let alone $1100.
Stupid expenses I wasn't planning on! Grr.
At least they gave me a loaner, I guess, so I don't have to sit there the whole time.

But- good news! As soon as I finish my stupid exam, I am on vacation for 3 weeks. I wanted to do something huge and awesome, like go to europe or australia or something just amazing, but as always I have procrastinated and made no plans and now it's in like 2 weeks.

But my parents just told me that their awesome friends are going to have their awesome humongous sailboat in the British Virgin Islands, and that they (my parents) have been invited to spend a week on the boat- and that the invite is extended to me. And all it would really cost is a plane ticket. Woohoo!! And I'm such a nerd that I love spending time with my family, so the fact that they are going is a plus, not a minus. So I'm really excited about that.

And, on a much lesser scale- I just found a mobile epocrates [drug-reference program] that works on the iphone, so I can FINALLY stop carrying around my palm pilot! YAY. It's web-based, and so not as good as the installable stand-alone app, but it's good enough for now. My pockets just got lighter.

Ok, I think that's about it for now. But I knew you'd all been missing my overly long overly ramble boring posts about mundane crap, so I figured I'd give you an update. ;)

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01/10/08 07:44 - 39ºF - ID#42823

For hodown. And everyone.

Holy crap! have I really not posted in >2 weeks?! Hmm. Well, more later, maybe (probably not, I am super stressed and studying/working non-stop) but I thought this was post-worthy...

I can't remember if anybody posted this yet, but just in case they didn't:

(wait for it)

(wait for it)

(wait for it)


tickets go on sale 2/4.

Stephen Colbert Added to UB Distinguished Speakers Series
Addition comes with James Earl Jones' cancellation of April 4 lecture

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Comedian, satirist, actor and writer Stephen Colbert has been added to the spring lineup of the University at Buffalo's Distinguished Speakers Series.

Colbert will speak at 8 p.m. April 4 in Alumni Arena on the UB North (Amherst) Campus.

Award-winning actor James Earl Jones, who originally was scheduled to speak on that date, has cancelled his appearance to star in a new Broadway production of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." UB hopes to invite Jones to participate in a future season of the series.

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