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03/10/11 03:51 - ID#53802

the bat story

Well, It's been a while. 6 months I think? So, I guess it's time for an update.

So, things are good here.
Work is going well, which feels really good.
Chris is doing well too, and found a job in town, which is great news.
I assume/hope we'll get married one of these days, but that ball is in his court, and I don't want to push.
I guess the biggest news is that I put an offer on a house this morning... now just to wait and see if they accept it.

But I've had a little story stuck in my head for a few days now, that I thought might be worth sharing.

When I moved back to town, I reconnected with an old family friend. And this past summer her father, M, was killed in a car accident. It was really devastating. He was a great man. Pillar of the community, etc etc. And, he ran the Newport Music Festival.

So when the time came for the first festival without him, it was a bit somber. And at the end of opening night, people gave speeches in his memory, etc. And I guess all of the sudden, a bat flew in the window. It just quietly swooped about overhead for a few circles, then settled down on a beam, and "watched". Now this place (one of the mansions) is not the kind of place that gets bats.
But so people started whispering and murmuring- they felt the bat was M. And I guess one by one, people started standing up, and applauding the bat. When they were done, he just got off his perch, and flew away.

Then a few months later, my friend was at home one night, getting ready for bed... and she was having a rough time. Missing her dad, sad about a boyfriend, etc etc. She was getting in bed, with a heavy heart, and heard this noise, and looked up- a bat. Gently circling around her bedroom. She said 'hi papa...' and watched him for a while, then opened the window, and he left.

So, I don't really believe in reincarnation and all that... but... you hear stories like that, and there's just something comforting about it.

So, (e:Jason).... next time you're feeling glum.... keep an eye out for a bat, watching over you. Or perhaps a coffee bean, or a beer bottle, or some more Josh-like thing. :)

And finally, I'll leave you with a few pix. :) (most of which have been on FB, so, I apologize if they look familiar.)

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03/08/11 05:34 - ID#53785

prayers for a friend

hi estrip.
I know it's been ages- but I just wanted to pass along some news, to those of you that haven't already heard on FB...

Josh Larson was found dead this morning.

(and Jason- I apologize if it's not my place to spread this news, I'll take it down if you want.)
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