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05/29/06 10:46 - 70ºF - ID#23865

Ahhhhh, summer.

I had an amazing revelation today: if I leave my house, I meet people! Wow!

Last night went to Cozumel. Ran into a girl from work. Got introduced to her h-o-t friend (who is leaving friday for 4 months on a fishing boat in alaska. of course)

Then today I spent 7 hours at Spot. I think it might be the epicenter of the universe. Or at least Buffalo. Or, more likely, I am just finally starting to know people in town, and see them out.

I'm on "home call" which means I can't really go far, etc, so I figured I'd at least hang out and get some studying done. So I went and camped out with my books. As usual didn't get much accomplished. But I enjoyed people watching, and my cinco shake. And my jet tea. And my tall house. Watched one guy get up and switch seats three times (getting progressively closer with each move), and then actually come over and say hi. That was a (pleasant) first... Then I saw (e:mrmike) for a split second. The later (e:joshua) . Then (e:decoyisryan) . Then three people from work. Then my friend Kristen who moved to NYC.

I think someone should do a sociology study on that place. It's like everyone there knows everyone. Seriously I'd say 2 out of 3 people that walk through to door know someone working there, or just hanging out. It's pretty cool.

But I finally had to leave b/c, well for one I'd been there forever, but also b/c I was wearing a little tank top, and after the sun went down, and my sunburn kicked in... well I was really cold. And when I went to the bathroom I do I put this... it was quite obvious I was cold. I felt indecent. It was kind of embarrassing.

So I came home, and my little frog is dead. :( I'd noticed he wasn't really eating... I don't know what happened. Poor little guy... All the fish are fine, and I never noticed them bothering him... and I tested the water. I feel like a murderer...

Well anyway, time to get ready for work tomorrow. Hope you all enjoyed the holiday weekend!!

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05/27/06 02:52 - 68ºF - ID#23864


So I don't like when people totally figure me out. I don't mean to say that I try to be all secretive and mysterious; but once in a while someone just hits the nail right on the head, and it kind of takes my breath away.

Like a few weeks ago, someone questioned whether I am "my own person", or if I just adopt all my parents' values/opinions without forming my own. And I was immediately angry/defensive, until I realized "oh shit. maybe he's got a point." [And I told my mom this, and she said "oh god. Well if you're going to be a clone of one of us, it should at least be ME, not DAD. I'm much smarter than he is." haha I love my mom.]

But then last night a drunken Work Boy asked me if I could change one thing about myself, what would it be- and I said I'd like to not be so shy. And he said 'yeah... you are too shy.' (gee thanks.) But he went on... "you worry too much about what other people think. You need to relax and live a little. You've spent your whole life being The Good Girl. You've always done everything right, and safe, and boring. You come from a great, but conservative, family, and even your "wild side", your pierced tongue for example, is 'safe'- nothing permanent like a tattoo. You're really this good, reserved, conservative girl- but you want to have this air of mystery and excitement around you..."

Fuck! Because he might be kind of right, but I don't like seeing it spelled out that way.

But, the funny thing is- he was saying all this because I wouldn't make out with him in the middle of the bar and he was trying to convince me "live a little". But as far as the threesome thing goes (which I don't know why I even told him, except that 1- I was drunk and 2- oh yeah I tell everyone everything. fortunately I didn't give any details) he was totally judgmental and "ew gross don't be a skank" and 'what would you tell your grandchildren?'

But enough of that...

So last night my plans kept getting changed around, and I ended being talked into watching the end of the game at Work Boy's house, and waiting for (e:imk2) to be free to go to Swannie House to see Jackdaw. So the boys there were all excited that another girl was coming by, first question (of course) was "is she hot?!". (To which I said "of course", naturally). But so Work Boy seemed totally intrigued by Yvonne. Very curious about how we know each other, and when I was vague about it (only b/c I'm still shy to admit to my inner nerdiness by saying 'online', and also because I don't want him (or anyone from work) reading my journal) he got it into his head that we are lesbian lovers and I just didn't want to tell him. He asked me like five times "c'mon you can tell me! I'm your friend! I won't tell! Have you made out?! I know you have!" And when Yvonne asked how I knew him, and I said work, and she said 'oh he's not from the site?' he was like "what site?!" and I wouldn't say, and he got it into his head that it's some secret society. He's always telling me that he thinks I have some secret mystery life that is very exciting and exotic (because I have friends that he doesn't know- gasp!). But then later in the night he goes on with the "good girl" speech from above...

But anyway, so we made it to swannie, and the boys, who initially were way too cool to go to south buffalo, called to ask where to meet us. haha. They were pretty drunk and alternated between drunk-funny and drunk-annoying. While I was getting the good girl lecture, I think Yvonne was getting an earful about radio waves and how we can't see them.

So all in all a good night. Nice to get out. I didn't get enough sleep, but fortunately I was not hungover, which is a beautiful thing.

And speaking of beautiful... it's time to get my ass outside!! (beautiful referring to outside, not my ass. ;) )

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05/25/06 06:07 - 71ºF - ID#23863


Ok, so I wasn't imagining things. I got confirmation today. It was definitely an invite for a threesome.

And to be totally honest, i'm not sure what I think. My gut instinct is 'um no'. But then a tiny part of me thinks "maybe, for once, I should do something 'crazy'". But maybe not that kind of crazy. Who knows. I'm just still a little stunned over the whole thing.

I may talk a big game, but I'm actually quite shy and reserved (well, at least in person)- this is the kind of thing that I read about in Cosmo, not that actually happens to me. We'll see.

And then I got to thinking...
Am I too open? I have very few secrets. I wonder if I tell people too much too soon. A med student I only worked with for a like a week asked me "what's up?" today. A benign question that generally is just a greeting, and not a real inquiry. But I almost said 'I got propositioned for a threesome!" and then realized, maybe there are some things best kept to myself.... It's like I will tell anyone anything.

What do you think peeps, do I need to turn my internal censor up a notch?

I hope you all got your fill of Jens, b/c I'm switching it up again. Now for your listening pleasure I present Dance Music, by The Mountain Goats.

Oh yeah, and a little shoutout... my friend from high school, Curtis, just had her second book published- The Man of My Dreams. But bad friend that I am, I didn't even know it til my mom sent me a copy. Her first book, Prep, even made the NYT bestseller list, and comparisons to Salinger are being thrown around. Neat...

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05/28/06 01:11 - 61ºF - ID#23862


First- nice to see all you peeps out tonight. :)

And next... in a little bout of panic, I have gone back and removed some identifying details from recent posts. Sometimes I forget how small this town is, and the last thing I want is for word to make its way back to this guy that I am blabbing online.

"Hey [girl] what's up? I hear you're looking for a threesome!"
"Umm how'd you hear that?"
"Oh the chick you asked is writing about it online"

(that would not be cool.)

So obviously I ask for your discretion. Please refrain from asking around local [places], etc.

Thanks. ;)
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05/28/06 04:24 - 81ºF - ID#23861

I'm an idiot.

First, my sole pic from PMT's last night:


Fun time. Thanks guys!

So it's a gorgeous day out. And I was done with work by 11. Finally. So I flew home and changed and finally went outside. I went for a nice long ride through the cemetery and the park... even took a nap in the cemetery for a few. But I must have forgotten that my pasty Irish skin has not seen the sun in a looong time. Oops. Four hours in a tank top and no suntan lotion later, I'm hurting. Totally lobsterific. I tried to take some pix, (e:paul) style. They don't do the bright-redness of my shoulders justice. Never knew how hard it is to take a pic of your own back. Ah well here they are anyway.




I think drinks/food/people watching on a patio is a fantastic idea for tonight...


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05/24/06 08:26 - 62ºF - ID#23860

The Surreal World





Forgive me in advance for this overly long and self-indulgent post, but it's been a freaky day. And I have to just write it all out.

But I have to back up to last night.

So last night I went to [somewhere] to study. And oh my god there were so many cute boys there!! I was so distracted I got like NOTHING done. But so I kept looking at this one guy, and I sort of thought we were making eye contact, and then he was talking to this girl, and I never got up the nerve to say hello.

I also saw a guy I thought was my ex. There with a girl, and his back to me- I thought sort of hiding. I didn't want to go up and see if it was him, in case it wasn't, or worse in case it WAS and he was on a date. (later found out it was not.)

So when I got home, I thought "what the hell", and I got on craigslist. I used to read it religiously, but buffalo's CL is so lame and boring I gave up a few months ago. But so I got home, and I posted a "Missed Connections" message. ((e:twisted) you should be proud.) I posted (paraphrased):

[you were really cute, who are you? If you see this say hi]

Then work boy called me, and asked me to come over. at 11pm. and then fell asleep on the phone, while I was freaking out about my work meeting. Um, no.

So I went to bed.

Got all dolled up in the AM. Figured if I am going down in flames in this meeting, at least I'll look damn good. I wore a dress, and had straightened my hair (which I think may have thrown (e:mike) for a loop last night.) And I made sure to have kleenex in my pocket for the inevitable crying. I hate that about myself. So the first hurdle of the day was to survive conference without being humiliated. check! I did. But first thing work boy says is 'what happened to your hair?" What HAPPENED to it? Gee thanks fuckhead!

Then later I get a text from him "stop by clinic when you're out of the OR, I have to tell you something really important." Oh great. I'm starting to freak, because people are already starting to buzz about the fact that I've been Called In To The Office. I'm trying to keep it secret, but apparently everyone knows. Then I see Work Enemy #1 aka Big Stinky aka Shrek (see (e:jenks,136) ) and he says "how's it going... how are you.... things ok? I hear you have to repeat the year."


Repeat the year?! this is news to me. Why the fuck would he know that before me?? So now I'm really freaking. Is that what work boy has to tell me in clinic?

so with dread in my stomach I walk to clinic. Don't want to see the boss... but first I see my chief, who says "Damn girl! You're HOT today!! Is that bad that I want you?" (he's married with 2.5 kids). Probably counts as sexual harassment, but I'll take it as a compliment. next see work boy- his big secret is that he actually DID get into plastics. Everyone is giving me weird looks, apparently they all know about The Meeting. Even the ex is emailing me to wish me luck and telling me I'll kick ass and not to worry.

So the time finally comes, and I go to The Meeting. And it's better/worse than I expected. [incriminating details/mean things about work peeps edited at the sage advice of (e:vincent) .] But so I did pretty well til the end, when for no good reason, I was crying. When I cry, I get horrible red blotch-face that lasts like an hour. And I couldn't go back into the OR looking like that, so I walked around outside for a bit. But I didn't escape unnoticed. The secretary paged me to ask if I was ok. The ex called to make sure I'm ok. Work Boy sent a message that said "btw even though you're stressed you look cute today." First NICE thing he's said to me, besides the half-joking/half-serious "wanna fuck" messages I get all the time. And then one of the chiefs calls to make sure I'm ok and tell me not to worry. It was a nice feeling to have everyone come out and support me. :)

OK, so that was fucking crazy thing number one of the day.

So now onto even crazier thing number 2...

So while waiting for The Meeting, I checked my email. Had a message that said 'this might sound crazy... but I was [there] last night..."


So I wrote back "well the guy I was looking at was xyz blah blah blah and was talking to this chick."

Then I got all wrapped up with The Meeting, and then my cases for the day.

So it was several hours before I checked my email again.
But I had a reply from the boy, who said, [paraphrased]:

Funny, I do remember seeing you. I felt a little bad for all the work you had in front of you. Looked like intense stuff. What are you studying?

The girl is actually a "friend" I see once in awhile. We are I guess what you call semi-attached, but are pretty open and fun if you want to hang out with us sometime, and are into things of that sort (blushing here).


then like an hour later there was another message

So that is a no lol

I didn't mean to skeez you out or offend you. You were cute.

So I didn't have time to answer him. Not sure what to say. I'm not sure if that's an invite for a threesome or what, but it kind of sounds like it to me...

So later I'm finally trying to get ready to go home, and the ex texts, asking how the meeting went. then says

So I was bored at work today.... And we all know that leads to going through CL.... And I have a feeling I saw a message from you...

What the fuck... I haven't been on CL in ages. Hadn't talked to him in ages, until recently. So I put up a message, and he not only sees it, but KNOWS IT WAS ME?! It wasn't that weird/unique/unusual...

I was tempted to deny it, but if he's that uncanny, he'd know I was lying.

I'm still kind of weirded out.

I mean that's just TOO MUCH craziness for one day.

So now I'm going to go eat for the first time in 24 hours, and try to learn about gallstone ileus. Fun fun fun.

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05/24/06 01:00 - ID#23859 pmobl

[spam] the falls!

So i finally made it to the falls!
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05/23/06 11:14 - 50ºF - ID#23858

more tidbits

I have a big scary meeting at work tomorrow. I think I'm in trouble. I'm dreading it. Kind of nauseated over it. blehhhhh.

So I went [somewhere] to try to study. Didn't get much done. But I saw (e:mike) , and spent a lot of time staring at the super mchottie there. Didn't get anywhere with that, surprise surprise, but ah well.

but i had lunch with (e:paul) and (e:enknot) , which was a good time. Nice break from work. :) Anytime, boys.

And check this out:
Nike is making some shoes that you put a little transmitter in... that sends signals to a little receiver you plug into your ipod nano, and it tracks your workout, plays custom workout music, etc. That's the kind of geek-tech I love... Almost enough to make me want to run. Almost. ;)

Ok, I have to go to bed so I can just be asleep and stop worrying about tomorrow. wish me luck!

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05/22/06 09:44 - 47ºF - ID#23857


Nothing really worthy of a whole post in itself, so here are some random bits...

First: Where are my manners!! I met Lee and Uncut like 2 weeks ago and forgot to mention it. It was a pleasure, kids. :)

Next: Work still sucks. Booooooo. I'm scared.

Work boy is now being weird. I told him he's not allowed to flirt with me and say he's "serious about dating", and then if I actually start to entertain the notion- totally blow me off. To which he responded with 'what did I do? You have nice mams. Wanna make out?' weirdness.

I got an email today from MINI about "The 2006 MINI TransAmerican Motortastic Road Trip to End All Road Trips Rally". I must say those guys have a good PR company. If nothing else, they planned out a good route for a cross country drive- there's info about hotels, restaurants, sites to see, etc, from coast to coast. I think I'll save it as a "things to do before I die" type of thing. Check it out. (you need to have any popup blocker stuff off for it to work.)

Looks like Barbaro survived surgery, but is not out of the woods. Who would have thought a broken ankle could be life threatening.

My frog is still very cute.

I'm sick of the cold.

I was amused to come home and find my landlord had the sprinkler on watering the garden. Hasn't it been raining for like 2 weeks?

I was about to say "yay! estrip doesn't crash safari any more!" but then it did. But, thanks to Paul's nifterooni auto-save, I didn't lose my post. :) (lucky for you! Wouldn't want to miss this awesome post!)

New user song- Black Cab by Jens Lekman

And speaking of music...
As I think I've said, my sister and her husband are much more hip than I am, and turn me on to new music months before I'd learn about it on my own (if ever). And when a self-proclaimed "music elitist" friend checked out my mp3 collection, everything he liked was stuff they sent me. Kate says "I'm not sure what he does at work. I'm pretty sure he's not paid to look up music online all day, but that's what he does." But i'm not complaining, since I benefit. And he just sent me a bunch of new stuff- I haven't even listened to it all yet. But some stuff to check out (and (e:Joshua) I may be wrong, but I think some of this stuff is right up your alley.)-
The Hold Steady- Separation Sunday (I like)
Jens Lekman (I like. hence new user sound)
The National- Alligator (very good!!)
Jose Gonzalez (an argentinian guy raised in sweden or something like that- haven't listened yet, but comes highly recommended)
Gnarls Barkley (haven't listened to that yet, but he (they?) are all over myspace lately. Chase says "some holes, but overall fun").
The Acid House Kings (who Chase calls "a more melodic belle and sebastian- admittedly not the most manly stuff, but good")
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05/20/06 07:47 - 56ºF - ID#23856


third post in one day. oops.

but so I just watched the preakness. I really don't care about horse racing, but whatever. I totally forgot there was a hockey game, so I turned it on in time for like the last 30seconds, and then it went into the preakness. which was surprisingly exciting. Barbaro, the huge favorite, false started. Then broke his ankle and was out of the race. Kind of stole the thunder of the winner, b/c they kept breaking away from the celebration to check on him. It was sad. My mom said "oh my god I hope they don't shoot him right on the scene! or send him to the glue factory!" They even had an equine ambulance. I guess a broken ankle is at least career-ending, possibly life-threatening, for a horse. Poor guy... he's only 3.

But it made me think- what a weird sport. First of all, I don't understand odds AT ALL, apparently. I mean I understand 10-1 odds means if you bet a dollar and your horse wins, you win 10 dollars. But Barbaro was 3-5. What the fuck does that mean? you LOSE money? Can't be. At the end (right before the start) he was "even", whatever that means.

I also wonder who takes credit for winning. I mean the horse, but what does a horse do with a million dollars. The owner? Why does he deserve it? he's just some rich guy who put up some money. (the winning horse is owned by the sheikh (sp?) of dubai. wtf?) The jockey? The trainer? I guess the owner gets the money and splits it with the trainer and the jockey. They also said the trophy is the most valuable trophy in all of sports. It's huge and fancy.

I also wonder how the horses are chosen. They make it sound like the owners just decide to put them in, but I would imagine they have to win prelims and stuff.

But anyway, the funniest thing was... There's a horse named Brother Derek. (I have a friend here named Derek). They showed footage of him, with the commentary "Brother Derek getting some action". Then it got better. They showed his jockey (named Alex) waiting to get ready for the race, and they said "there's Alex... biding time before mounting Brother Derek". hehe. And even funnier- my friend Derek has a brother- named Alex. So, he is "Alex's Brother Derek".

ok, no more posts today. I promise!

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