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06/03/10 07:19 - 70ºF - ID#51793

can I have some cheese with my whine??

So, last night I went to see The National (my favorite band) in Boston. They were playing at the House of Blues, which, it turns out, is RIGHT across the street from Fenway Park. And, the Red Sox were playing last night, and they WON (yay! go sox!), so it was a bit of a zoo. (Fortunately Chris did not get murdered for wearing a Yankees shirt.) But, it was a lovely night, so we parked about a mile away, and walked the rest. And, found a little dive mexican place on the way, that had maybe the best grilled chicken salad I've ever had. I know, I know, who orders a salad at a mexican place. But this was delicious. And cheap. yay!

But so on the way, Chris got a phone call, and it sounded very serious. I asked what was up. He said "Well, no one has heard from our buddy S in a few days... and last time this happened, it turned out he was in the hospital." So, everyone was a little nervous, but I was being an optimist and thinking "meh, so he hasn't returned a few calls, no need to panic" But then it turns out the last time people HAD talked to him, it was because he called to cancel plans because he wasn't feeling well.

Background- S is a super awesome guy, who was badly burned in a house fire about 3 years ago. He survived, but was in a coma for about 3 months. But now he does all this volunteer work with burn patients, etc. He's really just a great great guy.

So we keep driving. The next call comes. Well someone finally went over to his place and let himself in with the spare key. Found him on his bed, and called 911 because he "wasn't doing well". We later found out "not doing well" mean "cold and with no pulse". Then the call came, they got to the ER, and he was pronounced dead. Still no word on how or when it happened. :(
How awful. He was only in his 50s, but after the fire had not been the picture of health. So then we had to decide- do we still go to this concert (that we had been looking forward to for months, and had spent a good bit of money on), or do we go back... So, we decided to stay in Boston. If nothing else, it helped take Chris's mind off the fact that one of his best friends had just died, totally unexpectedly. And, not to be an ass, but- if he'd already passed, it's not like there's anything we could do to help, you know?

So, that was shitty.

The concert at least was awesome. Not shitty.

But we didn't get back into town til almost 2am- shitty.

I had to get up at 5 to go to work. Shitty.

Then, I got to work, only to find out that I didn't need to be there til 730 (not 6)- but they forgot to tell me. shitty.

THEN I find out that the other fellow (there are two of us) is not coming to work today. Again, would have been nice if he'd told me this. Then I found out he's out indefinitely. And, the number of days we need to be on call just tripled. SHITTY!

Great. So I was originally on call 3 days this month. Which tripled to 9. Which then doubled because I have to cover his days too?! SHITTY!

and THEN I hear that Blanche died?! Shitty!

and I hear from poor Chris that now that he is not distracted, he is "a sobbing mess". Shitty.

Overall- totally shitty day!

And I have a feeling it is not about to get any better, at least not at work.

At least I only have one more month. Then I have some time off, to move, and take my boards.

Oh, and the one other good thing- I got tickets to see Steve Martin (who I ADORE) play bluegrass as the Newport Folk Festival. So that is something to look forward to.

Ok, enough whining, now back to my giant to-do list.

thanks for listening to me vent!!
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