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07/02/10 10:18 - 66.ºF - ID#52082

iphone video test

So, I really don't ever feel a need to take videos... but the new iPhone's camera is supposed to be so much better. And then they made iMovie for the phone...

So to test it out, I made a little video-tour of our new place yesterday. It kind of sucks (apparently I need to learn to walk more smoothly) and I cut out my stupid audio commentary. It's way too long- but there are some good shots of the awesome kitchen, and the view and the yard (which is being excavated and restored).

But anyway, just to see how it looks posted to youtube.

(and to show off the place again.) ;)

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06/03/10 07:19 - 70ºF - ID#51793

can I have some cheese with my whine??

So, last night I went to see The National (my favorite band) in Boston. They were playing at the House of Blues, which, it turns out, is RIGHT across the street from Fenway Park. And, the Red Sox were playing last night, and they WON (yay! go sox!), so it was a bit of a zoo. (Fortunately Chris did not get murdered for wearing a Yankees shirt.) But, it was a lovely night, so we parked about a mile away, and walked the rest. And, found a little dive mexican place on the way, that had maybe the best grilled chicken salad I've ever had. I know, I know, who orders a salad at a mexican place. But this was delicious. And cheap. yay!

But so on the way, Chris got a phone call, and it sounded very serious. I asked what was up. He said "Well, no one has heard from our buddy S in a few days... and last time this happened, it turned out he was in the hospital." So, everyone was a little nervous, but I was being an optimist and thinking "meh, so he hasn't returned a few calls, no need to panic" But then it turns out the last time people HAD talked to him, it was because he called to cancel plans because he wasn't feeling well.

Background- S is a super awesome guy, who was badly burned in a house fire about 3 years ago. He survived, but was in a coma for about 3 months. But now he does all this volunteer work with burn patients, etc. He's really just a great great guy.

So we keep driving. The next call comes. Well someone finally went over to his place and let himself in with the spare key. Found him on his bed, and called 911 because he "wasn't doing well". We later found out "not doing well" mean "cold and with no pulse". Then the call came, they got to the ER, and he was pronounced dead. Still no word on how or when it happened. :(
How awful. He was only in his 50s, but after the fire had not been the picture of health. So then we had to decide- do we still go to this concert (that we had been looking forward to for months, and had spent a good bit of money on), or do we go back... So, we decided to stay in Boston. If nothing else, it helped take Chris's mind off the fact that one of his best friends had just died, totally unexpectedly. And, not to be an ass, but- if he'd already passed, it's not like there's anything we could do to help, you know?

So, that was shitty.

The concert at least was awesome. Not shitty.

But we didn't get back into town til almost 2am- shitty.

I had to get up at 5 to go to work. Shitty.

Then, I got to work, only to find out that I didn't need to be there til 730 (not 6)- but they forgot to tell me. shitty.

THEN I find out that the other fellow (there are two of us) is not coming to work today. Again, would have been nice if he'd told me this. Then I found out he's out indefinitely. And, the number of days we need to be on call just tripled. SHITTY!

Great. So I was originally on call 3 days this month. Which tripled to 9. Which then doubled because I have to cover his days too?! SHITTY!

and THEN I hear that Blanche died?! Shitty!

and I hear from poor Chris that now that he is not distracted, he is "a sobbing mess". Shitty.

Overall- totally shitty day!

And I have a feeling it is not about to get any better, at least not at work.

At least I only have one more month. Then I have some time off, to move, and take my boards.

Oh, and the one other good thing- I got tickets to see Steve Martin (who I ADORE) play bluegrass as the Newport Folk Festival. So that is something to look forward to.

Ok, enough whining, now back to my giant to-do list.

thanks for listening to me vent!!
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05/31/10 11:44 - 80ºF - ID#51767

Memorial day weekend pictures!

So, I went home to my parents' this weekend. And the job is still not 100% official, but I decided to do a little househunting since I was in the area.
And we stumbled across this condo... it was this beautiful old estate, that was converted into 11 condos. And there was one available for rent, but then it got rented out the day before we got there. Not to mention, it was out of my price range. But then it turned out that some woman bought another one of the units, for a million dollars, and then like a month after closing, changed her mind. So now it's back on the market, but she wants to recoup some of her costs while she waits to find a buyer, so she's renting it out at way less than it should go for. So we showed up at just the right time. But there was another guy interested, so it was like "if you sign a lease NOW it's yours. Otherwise he gets it." Now, I don't want to live in a condo forever. But, as a temporary "rent while we find something to buy" kind of situation, I'm not sure this can be beat. And besides, when on earth will I ever have the chance to live in a place like this??! So, I present- my new home, as of July 1.

This is from the "front yard", if you will.

looking out from the kitchen to the living/dining room. All the interior pix kind of sucked, sorry, but you can get an idea of the windows. It's big and open and light.

This is the original Frederick Law Olmstead sunken garden, and they are in the middle of restoring it to its original plans.

aerial shot of the whole complex

looking back at the building from the front yard

The view from the living room

ridiculous kitchen with viking stove and subzero fridge etc etc. I might have to actually start to cook!

another exterior shot. Our unit is on the far side.

So then, after we'd found a sweet ass place to live, we went to the beach. :)



Doesn't show in the pic, but our place is up on the rocks in the distance there.

What a kick ass weekend!!

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05/26/10 03:50 - 79ºF - ID#51732

Nice try, NYS.

So, before I moved last summer, I renewed my NYS license and registration, rather than deal with changing it to CT for a year.

Today I got a renewal notice in the mail.

It has 3 options.

1- renew for $53.50. (43.50 for 2yr registration free, and $10 "use tax", whatever that is.)

2- renew, with NEW GOLD PLATES, and NEW PLATE NUMBER!! As if this is something desirable?! Those new plates are hideous. But, contrary to what I'd heard, the new plates are not mandatory. They're optional. But the catch- they cost extra. That deal is $78.50

3- the best deal of all. NEW GOLD PLATES! KEEP YOUR SAME NUMBER! for a mere $98.50.

Seriously? $55 to 'upgrade' to those gross new plates?

Nice try NY.

I am going to avoid the whole situation and move to Rhode Island. Their license plates are the best looking in the nation, IMHO. ;)

For real though, that's the other update here. I haven't signed a contract yet, so it's not official, but it looks like I'm going to take a job in RI (at my dad's hospital, actually). So I'll be moving back home sometime this summer. And Chris is coming with. :)

So, hopefully we'll find an adorable little house, and will have a guest room, so if anyone wants to come visit (we have lovely beaches!!), you'll be welcome!!

See? Ugly!!

And, adorable!
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05/08/10 02:16 - 48ºF - ID#51524

check this out

I'm at the pizza hut.
I'm at the taco bell.
I'm at the combination pizza hut and taco bell!

This song is so stupid and simple...
I can't get it out of my head.



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04/13/10 05:03 - 57ºF - ID#51394

More Gus

This is freaking adorable.

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04/12/10 08:07 - 52ºF - ID#51388


So, my parents came to visit this weekend. I was trying to get them to stay over, but they didn't want to leave the dog (Gus) alone. So, they went home Saturday night after dinner.

Then Sunday afternoon I just got a text from my brother: "Gus just died".


So I called home...

They said he'd been totally his normal self. Ate all his food, and was playful, then was napping in the sun in his favorite spot. My dad went upstairs and started running water to give him a bath, and then went to get him. My brother heard him say "C'mon Gus. C'mere boy. Get up Gussy". Then he went back upstairs, and turned off the water. Said to Mom "guess I'm not giving Gus a bath". Mom asked why not. Dad said "he's dead."


Poor little guy.

He was the bestest.

But, at least it seems like he went peacefully. Took a nap in his favorite spot and just didn't wake up. And, he WAS almost 14. We knew he'd go one of these days, and were just glad that he still seemed so healthy and comfortable.

Still. Poor little guy. :(

RIP Gussy boy. You'll be missed.








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04/11/10 12:22 - 52ºF - ID#51374

Poor iPad.


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04/04/10 01:02 - 56ºF - ID#51327


So, we went to Toad's Place in New Haven last night to see the Hold Steady. And right around the corner was a new Indian place. Chris has never had Indian, but wanted to try it. This place was so delish. It was not your typical american 'indian restaurant'. I guess they don't have a tandoori oven, so they don't have naan. So a lot of people gave them bad reviews for that. But seriously, it was delicious. And it's all vegetarian. And they waiters were super nice. Chris asked the waiter something about okra, and he came running out from the kitchen with a fresh one, and gave him the chef's email address so he can get some recipes.

Tiny, what's your take on the menu?

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03/31/10 08:00 - 52ºF - ID#51300

just a little story

So today I had a patient- a 17 year old girl with a 5th metacarpal fracture. Commonly known as a Boxer's Fracture- because you usually get it from punching someone/thing. (it's always funny when kids come in and try to give us some big elaborate story about how they fell or whatever- and we just look them straight in the eye and say "no really, what did you punch?" and they get all embarrassed and freaked out that we're psychic.)

But anyway- usually teenage girls who break their hands punching people are either trashy ghetto drama queens, or really tough man-girls. Sorry for the generalizations, but, well, that's been my experience.

But so today this girl was lying on the OR table getting prepped, and we went out to scrub our hands. The nurses and anesthesiologist usually chat with the patient as they go off to sleep.

So, we came in to the room, and scrubbed, ready for our gowns and gloves. And every single person in the room is listening to the girl with rapt attention. Someone says "and then what happened? What about your sister?!" But right then she drifted off to sleep.

But so of course I had to know what this exciting story was...


This girl is 17. She has a sister who is 15. Apparently there was a bitchy girl at their school who was always bullying and teasing the younger sister, and had been making her life miserable for 2 years.

So finally one day, the sister takes a bunch of pills. I guess their mom came home and found her unconscious. She called 911 and took her to the bathroom to try to make her throw up.

And then the older sister, I guess the next day, just walks straight into bully-girl's classroom, right in the middle of class, and punched her right in the face.

That's awesome.

Not that I condone violence, but I love seeing a girl stick up for her little sister like that!

(And it's so much better than the usual "I was drunk and punched a wall" story that we get.)
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