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07/31/10 09:28 - 66.ºF - ID#52338

King Tut

Well the voice memo in my phone is all screwed up, apparently, so I had to extract it as a .mov file...

There's no video, but hopefully the audio works...



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07/31/10 08:44 - 62.ºF - ID#52337

recreated journal :(

Ok paul I just typed this long thing out, then uploaded a pic... then I couldn't type anywhere or click any buttons... I took some screenshots in case I lost everything. and then clicked reload, hoping there would be a draft somewhere, but.... there isn't.
What happened to the draft feature??
Anyway, I don't want to retype it all, so I'm going to try to upload the screenshots.


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07/28/10 03:11 - 81.ºF - ID#52322

For Keith

This is pretty good. Esp around 0:58, where he does a bit about fixies.
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07/05/10 08:13 - 81.ºF - ID#52108

unbearable cuteness of being

So, Chris and I went down to Virginia Beach for my aunt's annual BBQ/family reunion. She's been doing it for the last several years, and I've never been able to go. And this year my great-uncle, who I've never met, and is the only person left from that generation on my dad's side, was there- and he was darling.

But she lives on a lake, and the weather was gorgeous, and there were jet skis and waterskiing and tubing and swimming etc etc. Lots of sun and fun and food and family... My mom dreads it every year, but really I had a great time.

No fireworks though, which was sad. And made it not feel like the 4th.

But here's a pic of my little niece, on the left, and then my cousin's daughter, who is also super adorable.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

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07/02/10 10:18 - 66.ºF - ID#52082

iphone video test

So, I really don't ever feel a need to take videos... but the new iPhone's camera is supposed to be so much better. And then they made iMovie for the phone...

So to test it out, I made a little video-tour of our new place yesterday. It kind of sucks (apparently I need to learn to walk more smoothly) and I cut out my stupid audio commentary. It's way too long- but there are some good shots of the awesome kitchen, and the view and the yard (which is being excavated and restored).

But anyway, just to see how it looks posted to youtube.

(and to show off the place again.) ;)

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