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Category: birthdays

09/15/05 02:35 - 74ºF - ID#23570

Nobody Giving Timika Her Spankings?

Is it true that nobody gave (e:Ladycroft) Her Birthday Spankings? Are you guys telling me she made it through that crazy party without someone doing what's right and giving her 30 heavy hands on the ass? F-ing A, isn't that part of what a birthday party is about, bending the person over and embarrassing them by spanking their ass?


PS - Where I come from, people don't get spanked, they get punched in the arm. And my friends wouldn't lighten up either, they would go WHAM and hit me really hard. Just when I recovered from that hit another one would be on its way. I think that's called "tough love".
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Category: blogs

09/15/05 01:56 - ID#23569

Buffalo Pundit, Buffalo Rising, Artvoice

I haven't had the chance to give my input into the Artvoice Best Of awards, but I do want to talk about our own category and how things have gone down.

Firstly, the fact that there is even a category for blogs is a good step for our community because a lot of people don't realize they can have a say. Most people feel they are helpless in this respect, but blogs give voice to our own concerns where other media have failed in doing so. In addition the fact we were in Artvoice means that the spotlight is on us, and gives us the kind of exposure that we cannot afford through normal advertising. I'm not upset that we didn't win. It is so difficult for people to say what is best because the blogs up for vote each have a different focus. It doesn't matter that we didn't win - what matters is that hopefully people now realize there is a FREE outlet available for them to blog about whatever is on their mind. To my knowledge (e:strip) is the only way for normal local people like you and me to give voice to our concerns, and we should be proud of that fact. It does no good for anyone to start bashing the other blogs, because in essence we all are here to make a difference in our community. It makes absolutely no sense to me that each blog should be chiefly about itself - there is no reason why blogs can't work together to achieve a common message. This kind of thing happens all the time and we should embrace it.

One thing I can say with ABSOLUTE confidence is that if it were up to the site that is coded the best, (e:Paul) would win in an avalanche (I guess landslide wasn't a good enough term for me to use). Although I hate hate hate when people affiliate the word "designer" with the word "programmer", because in nearly all professional programming environments they are separate duties, I can tell you all that (e:Paul) does an outstanding job with both aspects of putting this site together.

Don't take criticism so harshly. When someone says it is hard to navigate, we should look through the eyes of a new user. It is not unreasonable to expect that if someone comes here, they may want to browse articles dealing with X, Y, and Z. While "per-user" this is achievable, on a more broad scale it is not easily achievable. Please correct me if I'm wrong. After all many of our discussions are community discussions, and there is value in being able to piece our journal entries together to make a more "complete" discussion for people to browse.

I want to take some time to talk about (e:BuffaloPundit). You know it is really nice that I can write (e:BuffaloPundit). I hope you can read this because I want to compliment you. My brother, (e:Joshua), has had contact with you lately. Based on what I saw in your response to him, I have to give you tons of credit. (e:BuffaloPundit) is neither an ideologue nor a partisan. This becomes evident when someone reads your blog. For what it's worth I think your blog rightly deserves to be called one of Buffalo's best. I also REALLY HOPE that you continue to particpate in (e:strip) in some way, although you have your own site. Please come back and say hello every now and then. Oh yeah, I couldn't possibly agree more with what you wrote recently regarding the Teacher's Union. Unions are a kind of "untouchable" in Buffalo, and I'm glad you're willing to point the finger when it is deserved.

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Category: politics

09/15/05 12:23 - ID#23568

Lafayette Square Assholes Part 2

(e:Paul) - I haven't had the opportunity to respond, but I will now. Actually I had no idea you had responded until a couple of days ago when I was looking at some back journal entries. At any rate I owe you a response.

If I gave the impression that I have a problem with people protesting, I want to fix that impression right now. Protest is responsible, in part, for socioeconomic changes that benefit us all today. I have no problem with anybody taking their issue to the streets. I can disagree with them, I can tell you why I think they're mistaken - but in no way does that mean I have a problem with the fact they are protesting. There is a difference, and I hope we all can appreciate this, between disagreeing with people and saying that they shouldn't be allowed to protest. Now that I think about it, the first sentence I wrote before perfectly articulated this point (albeit in a more blunt manner). I'm really not sure how else I can say it.

I didn't approach it from this angle, but yes I know that politicians mix issues all the time. Although from my perspective most people are sort of by-the-issues, politicians can't be only about one or two issues - in order to get elected they have to be knowledgable about issues all across the spectrum, and they have to speak on those issues. This is part of what politicians do. I wasn't arguing that politicians shouldn't do this. To me there is a difference between being a politician, and having to speak on these issues, and participating in a protest, where the premise is based on only one topic.

Protests shouldn't be this way - if someone is protesting war, or abortion, or trade policy the message shouldn't become diluted by the obligations people have to other organizations which have nothing to do with the topic being protested. I'm not talking about people tagging along, of course this happens during most every protest, I'm talking about non-related organizations who employ active participation in something that has nothing to do with their area of interest, donating funds, paying for people to arrive on-site, building up the camp site, so on and so forth. Although many of these people care more about anything else than Sheehan's kid, they are smart and recognize that the opportunity for exposure couldn't get any better - they know how many cameras are there and they want to make sure they get some face time. The exposure they get, and the voice they get is the reward for the money and time they spend on a protest that is about anything but their own area of interest. When people told her she was being taken advantage of, Sheehan went out of her way to make sure that people knew she was supportive of these other organizations' efforts. What conclusion can someone come to other than the movement is not about the war - it is about the broader leftist ideology? If you can imagine the NRA building a protest site and flying people to an abortion rally, and the abortion protesters saying "Hey we welcome the NRA" you will understand the point I'm trying to make about the left mixing all of their eggs in the same basket. To me any protest is much more effective when everyone is focused on the same thing.

The only reason I bring Sheehan's name up, or the protest in Crawford is because all of these satellite protests are allegedly modeled after the one in Crawford. If that is really true then I should expect the very same things out of the Lafayette protest that I saw in Crawford - a "war" protest which is actually less about war than about peddling the broader ideology of the left. To be fair to the Lafayette protesters, I was not able to get there to see it, so I cannot say for certain that it is how the whole thing went down. If someone was there or can tell me about it, I would happily retract my statement when it comes to that protest. I would love to be able to say that here, in Buffalo, we are smarter than to do what has been done in Crawford.

None of this explains why I call these protesters assholes. I do not get pissed off by anything that I've written about so far in this post. What gets me really upset is when they incinuate that their message is carried by all military families. They go ahead and put up crosses for people whose families may diametrically oppose everything the protest is about. They get on the microphone and say they represent the military families. They drag MY FAMILY and many others into their protest when we want nothing to do with it. This is why they are such assholes. To make matters worse, Sheehan goes on camera and BELITTLES AND INSULTS other military families who don't see eye to eye with her. These other families will never ever be able to get in front of a microphone or a camera and plead their case, becase the mainstream press is not interested in peddling anything other than what the Sheehan movement says.

Thank you for your compliments, but I'm really not interested in going and changing peoples' minds about what they are protesting. Some, not all of the protesters have family members serving and I would have no right to tell them how they should feel when it comes to their family. This immediately makes me better than the movement. If anything all I would say to them is that they shouldn't mislead people about who they are representing, and they shouldn't go on the attack against other military families who don't agree - they will never have the opportunity to respond on the same scale. I'm not a violent person, and I am against violence against women, but when I heard Sheehan talk like that I wanted to knock her out. Who the fuck are YOU to start belittling and insulting people who have gone through the very same tragedy? People come to different conclusions for different reasons, and as far as the movement is concerned people should either come to their conclusion or be insulted, forced or shamed into agreeing with them. To me, even if I am against the war in Iraq I am honest enough to look at what they do and say, and come to a conclusion that it is not appropriate for that kind of shit to go on - ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY ARE TRYING TO GET PEOPLE TO SEE THEIR WAY.

Hopefully this clarifies how I feel about the subject.


Edit: I forgot to address this - (e:Paul) you bring up an interesting point about Yugoslavia and Clinton. I never saw such an outpouring against Clinton when he unilaterally attacked, or citizens perished, so on and so forth. In addition his bullshit, mamby-pamby way of handling Mogadishu cost lives, yet the anti-war left seemingly did not blink an eye. Why is this? If I'm wrong about this please tell me but it seems to me that it is only because Bush is in office that people care about this stuff.

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Category: politics

09/12/05 04:27 - 79ºF - ID#23567

Assholes at Lafayette Square

I do not oppose someone else expressing themselves. If someone wants to park their chubby asses in protest, that is fine. But there are a couple things about this phenomenon that really bother me to the core, and I want to share those things with you all.

They say "We represent the military families." No, this is absolute rubbish. You represent yourselves, your families, and your half baked politics. Just because Cindy Sheehan thinks she represents everyone, and just because the mainstream media only gives attention to those of Cindy's ilk does not mean that you indeed are representative of all military families. Next time you feel those words coming out of your mouths, just shut the hell up. It pisses off the rest of us (i.e. the vast majority of military families) when you do that.

Although the protest is supposed to be about "Bringing the Troops Home", I can't help but wonder if every Lib organization fighting any Lib cause won't take the opportunity to go down to Lafayette Square to show "solidarity" with the others, just like it has gone down in Crawford. People aren't stupid - they see it for what it is - using a dead soldier to push the broader Liberal ideology. If you're there because you want the troops home (pretending to support them, while at the same time comparing them to Nazi soldiers and basically declaring them the lowest of the low), then fine. But if you're there to tag along and start going off about Gay Rights or Abortion or anything else unrelated to bringing the troops home, you are a scumbag filthy opportunist piece of shit who needs to get their teeth kicked in. I really hope that this protest has a shred of credibility to it, unlike Crawford.

This brings me to the point where I have to talk about my desire to join a peace group. I would love to join a peace group, but the problem is you can't join one Lib group without having to support all the others - Libs bunch every little thing together under the same umbrella and attempt in vain to link them together. You can't be for peace unless you accept all of the other Liberal doctrines. If I want peace, then I'm forced to ally myself with environmentalists, pro-abortion folks, race baiters, and a slew of other types that I want no business dealing with. I don't know why it is set up in such a way, but these groups are hurting themselves by basically declaring you have to be a card carrying tin foil cap liberal before you will be welcomed. That doesn't seem quite like the way to go about getting support for your cause, especially when it affects all of us.

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Category: politics

09/12/05 01:00 - 77ºF - ID#23566

Kennedy Is A Hypocrite

Yeah, Roberts better answer all of our questions! He better be open and candid with those answers too! We're going to drag you through the mud and smile! Oh, and by the way, don't bring up quotes from our past when we were advocating exactly the opposite when a Democrat nominated someone. That stuff doesn't matter! Things are different now, really!


PS - Oh yeah, if you want some entertainment go ahead and tune in to C-SPAN over the next few days. Watch Judge Roberts run laps around those Libs intillectually!
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Category: party

09/12/05 10:30 - ID#23565

I Know What All Of You Are Thinking

Where was the elusive (e:Jason) Saturday night? You're not saying it, but I know you're thinking it - Jason was missed on Saturday. For what it's worth I missed you all as well. I saw the pictures and it looked like one hell of a party. There was much kissing going around, and you guys can thank my absence for the kisses you received. Without a doubt I am adorable and that would have been me instead of you, so you're welcome. Another effect of my being so adorable is you can't stay mad at me for long. I know you're upset I didn't go to the party, but over time you'll get over it.


Seriously though - there are some days when my body shuts down and I am barely capable of getting out of bed. Saturday was one of those days. I wasn't even able to get on the phone and harrass my friend in Florida (He is a Notre Dame fan, I'm a Michigan fan). I spent most of the day unconscious, except for the Liverpool match. (e:Joshua) told me that (e:Theecarey) came upstairs to say hello, but I was face-down on the couch. (e:Joshua) wasn't feeling up to it either. Of course I would have liked to chill with all of the (e:peeps) but there are a few I want to single out.

(e:Ladycroft) - I know I said I was coming but I felt like garbage. I'm sorry.

(e:Alison) - I said we would chill. Sorry! I also had some A Grade nug.

(e:Terry) - He is one cool motherfucker. One of the funniest guys I've met.

(e:Paul) - It is always a pleasure. Yeah, I do suck.

(e:Matthew) - I still have that Jazz DVD! I'll stop over this week to drop it off.

(e:Jill) - Someday maybe we will meet. I have a lot of questions about the UK.

(e:Mike) - This one isn't afraid to strut his stuff. He parties HARD from where I sit.

(e:Leetee) and (e:Uncutsaniflush) - Man I really wish we could have chatted.

(e:DrChlorine) - The man's man of (e:strip)! I like chatting with you.

So there you have it, I've made my shout outs. One thing I don't regret is going and getting sloshed. I'm glad that didn't happen on Saturday. Other than that I regret not being there to enjoy the festivities with you all. It looks like everyone had an awesome time! Please keep on posting the pictures!

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Category: potpourri

09/09/05 11:30 - 63ºF - ID#23564

I'm Wearing A Mullet And A Smile

It's that time again. My friends and family want me to clean up. I've got a helmet of hair right now - my hair doesn't grow long, it grows OUT. I look like Eric from That 70's Show, except much more handsome.

Here are my choices for a haircut:
A) Cut it into a Mullet
B) Cut it into a Euro Mohawk
C) Fade it up like usual
D) Let (e:Lilho) decide


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Category: comedy

09/08/05 03:16 - ID#23563

Rant Becomes A Commercial!

I was thinking.....

Maybe I can turn my suburbanite rant into a funny "commercial" to be used during Larson vs. Larson breaks.

Suburban Guy - "OMG! Fags! Time to duct tape my ass like in the frat days!"
Suburban Girl - "OMG! Black ppl! I'm attracted though...better not tell dad!"
Suburban Guy - "Quick baby let's just hurry into Cozumel....."

Announcer - "Do you want to hang out in the city and be trendy without having to deal with blacks, gays and anyone who doesn't look or act like you? Are you bored with Brennan's and Caputi's? Are you looking for that lovely blonde with Fake Louie? Do what I do and hurry that booty over to Cozumel!"

Suburban Girl - "Thank God, there are actually normal people here. Hold my bag?"
Suburban Guy - "Hold on, I gotta pop my collar real quick like."
Suburban Girl - "OMG look at that girl's hair! Someone got a Flow-Bee! LOL"
Suburban Guy - "Jesus, shut up! I just took a bump and you're killing my buzz!"

"Cozumel. Why bring the city home when we bring home to the city?"

I know, it needs work. It's a start though.


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09/08/05 02:18 - 71ºF - ID#23562

I'm an Idiot

And that's all you guys need to know about the car fiasco. I do indeed have my ride back. I had to talk on the phone a hell of a lot more than I ever like to. I am probably one of the most open people on (e:strip) in terms of revealing bits of my personal life and my issues. This one is far too embarrassing for me to reveal. Really this all has to do with one of my issues, but it's resolved and now I just want to relax.

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Category: rant

09/07/05 03:52 - 78ºF - ID#23561

Surrounded by Suburbanites

It's been a while since I've let off a good ol' rant.

I thought about this when reading (e:Paul) discuss the yuppie-isation of Elmwood. The more I think about this the more pissed off I get. When I moved here almost 5 years ago Elmwood was a very different place. I came here and the local business owners on the block made a point to say hello and welcome to the 700 block. For the first time I felt a sense of community and I loved it. Looking at Elmwood now I see it as a playground for suburbanites when they get bored of the ho-hum of suburban existence. I see greedy assholes who want to take advantage of the neighborhood in order to fill their pockets. I'm surrounded by suburbanites now and my neighborhood feels about a million times less cool.

First of all, I have new neighbors next door to me who love to get drunk and start shouting vulgar insults and whatnot to random people on the street from the safety of their third floor balcony. Only an A Grade suburbanite pussy starts doing ridiculous shit like this. Ask (e:Ladycroft), she can testify, I'm beyond sick and tired of these sackless, pussified morons and their trashy girlfriends. I can't wait until the day they try to fuck with me and I make them put up or shut up. In fact I'm looking forward to it eagerly. It would be such a joy for me to bludgeon their faces with brass knucks. Someone needs to teach them a lesson their lazy fucked up parents couldn't be bothered to teach. It reminds me of the day I was walking down the street when two suburbanite cockless bastards drove by and said "You suck, Moulds!" (I was wearing my Moulds jersey, it was game day). I started hurrying my pace and sure enough these pansified pencildicks scooted off down the street.

Secondly, I used to look out over my porch and see such a varied mix of people. The diversity of the neighborhood is what made Elmwood so great. Lately I look over my porch and I see suburbanites infesting my neighborhood as far as the eye can see like cockroaches. Instead of punks, white and blue collar types, grad students, etc...I see bottled blondes and their juiced-up guido boyfriends strolling the hood. Everybody is the same. Jesus Christ, you are making my neighborhood so much less interesting and fun. You are draining the soul and the buzz out of Elmwood. You are turning it into Amherst South which is the most stomach-churning outcome possible. Aren't there people in the 'burbs who sell cocaine as well? I've always said it is the people in the neighborhood who make it great and you are ruining it for everyone else.

Thirdly, I want to re-hash my beef with Brodo. When they came into the neighborhood I thought "Hey, it's nice that there isn't an ugly empty area there now" - little did I know what was to come next. We had the debacle on my birthday where they blatantly disrespected and embarrassed (e:Joshua) and I. We felt like we weren't welcome at a restaurant across the street! I've spoken with other neighborhood residents who feel the same way about that particular establishment. Then came the parking scandal where I went totally apeshit. Now as you may know because of Brodo's incessant bitching and whining about "not being able to give all of their customers a parking space" the lot next to Globe Market is totally off limits to anyone but customers of a few shops, even during the overnight hours when the stores aren't open. I parked there for 4 years, then Brodo came and all of a sudden I can't park there overnight, even during the winter when you can't park on the street at all? Hello you greedy penny-pinching cocksuckers, your customers take up nearly every spot in the lots, on Elmwood and far up Cleveland. You don't even realize it is a neighborhood and a community, do you? You think of it only as a vehicle to exploit our neighborhood's uniqueness for your profit. I noticed there is a Brodo in Williamsville now - THAT is where it belongs, not Elmwood! Keep your fucking pretentious "stomp on your neighbors" attitude in the suburbs where it belongs!!

Lastly, has anyone been to Faherty's lately? That used to be my #1 favorite bar until some idiot decided to turn it into an establishment that is no more than Chippewa-worthy. Now it looks like Brink's. Yippie-kai-yai-fucking-yay. What was wrong with Faherty's pre-bastardization? Absolutely nothing! It was a great neighborhood bar with cool people, good music and good drink! Somewhere along the timeline someone thought it would be brilliant to put up some plasmas and re-do the interior so the suburbanites don't feel like they are dirty by sitting down. Fuck those assholes! Nice job contributing to the yuppie-isation of Elmwood. I'll bet a dollar Baha Men are in the fucking jukebox now.

So thank you everyone involved for turning Elmwood into a suburban miasma of filth and pretentiousness. I hope those dollars are worth it! #@^#@#$%$#


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