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10/13/07 02:57 - 44ºF - ID#41623 pmobl

Live from Marchellas

apparently I must not be 'done' enoght 2 post a journal while dancing on the Dance Floor...
Have Itaken this to a another obnoxious level?
Its totally dark in here & I'm wearing glow sticks in every possible "tuck away" place. The subwoofer is right next 2 me & I can feel the rhythm & the beat!
I like watching (e:Paul) dance. totally trance. looks like most people on the dance floor have cleared fo®more fun elsewhere. Time for someplace else. The congos have gotten 2 me.... Birthdays w/ Friends r the F'ng BEST! Oh & it was cool 2 meet (e:jbeatty) @ Laughlins 2night.
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10/13/07 02:57 - 44ºF - ID#41622 pmobl

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10/12/07 07:08 - 53ºF - ID#41619

400 & $0.50

Today (e:Terry), (e:Paul) and I had lunch at Empire Grill on Hertel. Cool Place. Tasty Meal. Interesting & yet odd Retro Robot Movies showing on the flat screen courtesy of TMC. It was a beautiful day all in all. Then the bill comes...

They charge $0.50 for take out boxes! What's that about??? Once upon a long time ago, I saw something similar to this when I ate at the Little White House in Williamsville. They used to charge $0.50 for hot tap water. Not bottled, tap.

That is so weird. I have never seen that sort of thing even in DC where they charge you for anything and everything.


Now everyone feels overly stuffed and slightly sick. We have 8pm reservations for another meal at one of my fav Buffalo places.

This sucks that this is my 400th Journal. whatevs.

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10/12/07 12:36 - 47ºF - ID#41613

eat drink and be merry

Missing Image ;(







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10/12/07 11:29 - 47ºF - ID#41611




Lake Erie
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10/12/07 10:45 - 47ºF - ID#41608

I need brunch

I am in need of some warm, wholesome, morsels served right about now, with intent of internal consumption.

Must not appear like 4 month old bread left on top of the fridge.

So (e:lilho) and I arrived timely last night and Buffalo welcomed us with open arms and gloomy, dark clouds!

But who lets scary storm clouds rain on their parade anymore? You celebrate regardless.

The Lady in White was spotted promptly upon our arrival as she strolled down Allen Street. She is picture shy. I don't blame her. It probably wasn't nice of me to point my camera at her as if she were an oddity.
Although I see her more like a fixture, like the Washington Monument or something but on a smaller, Buffalo scale. Regardless, she is just being her own person in a city that loves her : )

It's nice to see everyone again, (e:mike), (e:paul), (e:matt), (e:terry), (e:tina) & Jeremy, and (e:brit).

More shenanigans to follow...

Happy Birthday to me and Happy Birthday to (e:Tina)!

Missing Image ;(

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10/11/07 11:18 - 77ºF - ID#41594

The Life of KLS...

If only we were so fab to have her life (or similarities there of) then we would have minions pack our wardrobe for us when we travel; and they would make lists and take photos of carefully coordinated ensembles with several matching shoe choices...

sigh - but alas, I must pack my own darn clothes and shuffle to the airport where (hopefully) my chariot (coach seat) awaits me.

The other chariot (estrip mobile) should be @ Buffalo International Airport @ 5:15pm!

And who was dancing all around praying for blasted rain this weekend? huh? who? 'fess up now!
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10/11/07 10:49 - 77ºF - ID#41593


Birthday Eve!
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10/10/07 12:22 - 60ºF - ID#41571

Rude Faxtor!

I seriously have grown annoyed with people and their rude behaviors.

So, I had to leave work early today due to an eye reaction.
My eyes became inflamed, red, etc...

The Nurses Office didn't have the proper eye drops, so I had to stop at a local CVS to get the right aids for my eyes. I go to pay for my items and I inform the cashier that my card is demagnetized. It is old and I need a new one. Kindly I asked that she enter the card number in the system for processing. She asks me for another card. I repeated my initial inquiry.

Then she had to summons someone over to help her enter the numbers in the system. I have to add to the scene here, that there is this older lady behind me constantly laughing in a nervous like manner. truly weird and scary.

So here comes Mr. (self described) "Doppleganger" to the rescue. He proceeds to assist her and then loudly exclaims, so that everyone in the area can hear him, "Yeah, You have to enter the security no. in the system because sometimes customers have stolen credit cards!"

I give him the evil stare...

& think to myself, why would I present a stolen credit card to purchase measly goods @ a cvs while wearing a federal id badge that has my name and photo on it??? How retarded would that be?

So I rebut - "Like I said earlier, my card is demagnetized and needs to be entered manually." (Rude Fucktard)

Then he states "Wow, I have never been so humilated!"

no moral to the story just can't stand when people in customer service oriented positions are unnecessarily rude.

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10/10/07 12:01 - 60ºF - ID#41570

You Are Never Alone

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