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Category: meta

06/19/08 07:39 - ID#44723

e:strip T-Shirt

Paul and Everyone,

If I organized making t-shirts would anyone be interested?

Either at-cost ($12) or with a markup ($24?) that would go to Paul for ongoing costs.

They could look something like this:


Also, I hope to plan another (e:strip) dinner for July. Stay tuned! Picnic-ish something other other, probably.
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Category: meta

09/11/07 11:32 - ID#41057

What's your estrip story?

So, I was wondering today how everyone came to find this site: tell your story if you don't mind, doesn't have to be too long, but I'd love to hear it. And, you can read about everyone else... see the comments below!

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I'm so glad you made it safely!...

mike said to grandma
I'm so glad you made it safely!...

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