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Category: tech

06/08/09 09:41 - ID#48872

iPhone 3G S


I can't wait to get it, my current phone's battery is starting to die the past month or so, only holds about a day's charge. Didn't want to pay for a new battery in the mean time so I'm glad they're releasing this in June.

I've been using the beta version of the iPhone 3.0 OS for a few months and it rocks, and as always Apple's API's are a joy to use. Since I use it for development I can write off most of the cost of the hardware ;) Now I just have to actually release finish one of the my half finished iPhone apps...

I've heard from a couple people that it's kind of a boring incremental update, but since I have the original version of the iPhone, it's actually a fairly large step up for me. Mostly, due to the 3G network and 4x as much storage. 32gb, yum. Also, the new camera is a huge upgrade, w/ auto-focus and macro. Sick of blurry looking crap photos.
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Category: tech

03/17/09 02:11 - ID#48087

iPhone 3.0 SDK

The biggest news for me (aside from Copy&Paste) is that the SDK allows virtually unlimited access to hardware. Which means I can get one of these:

And build robots with iphones for brains. hooray!

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Category: tech

01/18/08 09:58 - ID#42943

Setting up new computer...

Somehow in the whole exciting adventure of getting a new computer I somehow lost sight of the fact I'd have to spend all weekend setting it up and tweaking it.

So many things to install...
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Category: tech

09/18/07 09:14 - ID#41184

Finally, Router/NAS/Printer Solution

I ordered an Apple Airport. I am sorely in need of a more reliable network connection, so hopefully this will ease my sorrows. Plus it's Wireless N. A step up.

But, the best part, and why it was worth a little extra money to go this route, is that i can hook up a USB hub to it and attach the printer and my backup hard drives and (most importantly) my photo storage hard drives. I'll reduce clutter on my desk and everything will always be available to (e:James) too.

I've only got a few GB's left on my notebook hard drive, so I desperately needed to get a better photo storage plan. Right now they are all on my notebook and one backup drive and one CD per month. Now the recent ones only will be on my notebook, and there will be two external hard drives plus the CD backups. Sweet. And I have my favorite / best photos stored online too, for offsite backup.

I think running out of space is slowing down my laptop. Need to keep some space free for sleep and scratch.
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