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Category: computers

12/02/09 09:24 - ID#50433

New Laptop

Jeez I think my entire net pay this month is going towards computers. Thank god for my savings account.


Laptop died on Monday, I ordered the replacement, and then when it was too late to cancel the order for the new laptop, the old one magically came to life (a True Christmas Miracle(tm)).

My new one gets here Friday, I'm half excited and half sick over the unneeded expense. The ~20% restock fee on the new laptop would make it kinda stupid to return it, so I'll be trading my old one down the line to friends and family. Everyone gets a bump when I get a new computer.

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Category: computers

11/16/07 11:22 - ID#42161

8 Terabyte Storage Array

12 SATA 1TB Drives ($300 ea)
1 12-bay rack mountable SATA enclosure ($1200)
1 4x SAS Controller w/ Battery Backup ($1000)

Hooked up to a Solaris host with Raid-Z double parity ZFS, and two online spare drives for live failover and rebuilding.

= 8 terabyte of doubly redundant storage for ~$6000.

Biggest problem? How to back the sucker up. 20 tapes a night?

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Category: computers

10/17/07 04:30 - ID#41692


So, I preordered Apple Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard (™, ®, etc). This is what I'm looking forward to:

- Spaces / multiple workspaces
- Tabbed, internationalized terminal
- Time Machine
- Death of Metal
- Finder Improvements
- Learning Objective C 2.0 now that it's got GC
- Playing with the Cocoa-Ruby bridge.

But also to some new 10.5 only apps that are coming out shortly.
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Category: computers

10/02/07 10:01 - ID#41467

Backup Hard Drives

OK, so this is getting ridiculous.

I have one external backup drive for my laptop, one for (e:james)' desktop, and now two more on the way to attach to the network for photo storage (100+gb so far). No more room on my laptop for them all.

I'm going to need to buy a house soon just to install a datacenter in the basement, and I don't think we'll need to worry about the house being cold this winter with all these electronics going. We have like four 8-outlet power strips in room with our computers.

Or maybe just get one of these...
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Category: computers

08/25/07 04:01 - ID#40730

And Another Thing

I really dislike using Windows. Every little bit of it rubs me the wrong way. It was all I used for 6 or 7 years, and then after about a week with my Mac a few years back, I've never looked back.

This is one of the ideological reasons why I hate Windows: if you run Windows update to get security fixes, it makes you revalidate your Windows installation (it checks your serial number to see how many times it's been used, if it's pirated, etc), and it can lock your computer down to reduced functionality if it thinks there is a problem.

Once you initially purchase software, you should never ever need to go back and verify that you are legit. It's like all those lame warnings on DVD's or before movies telling you not to pirate, when you've clearly just paid for the DVD or movie.

So - the problem: the Windows validation servers are down right now, and may be down until Monday:

Nice. Innocently run software update, and bam! there it goes. Way to treat your paying customers.
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Category: computers

04/27/06 12:06 - ID#24490


Does anyone know of a launcher similiar to Quicksilver (a Mac app) but for Windows?

I'm going nuts.


Found something.

Colibri is the retarded cousin of Quicksilver, but at least it gets done the launcher aspect of QS, if not the pipes and manipulation actions.


AppRocket is better than Colibri but still not quite there either, but at least something useful comes up after hitting Ctrl-Space.
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