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Category: holidays

01/01/09 10:11 - ID#47236

Happy New Year!

The party last night was a lot of fun, thanks everyone & best wishes for the new year!
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Category: holidays

02/14/08 10:25 - ID#43323

Happy Valentine's Day!


Source: Explosm
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Category: holidays

12/24/07 09:24 - ID#42640

Merry Christmas

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Category: holidays

12/02/07 09:23 - ID#42366

Best Christmas Song

Jingle Rock Bell



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Category: holidays

11/28/07 10:52 - ID#42317

Five Stages of Christmas

Five Stages of Grief Christmas

Stage 1: Holiday Cheer.

Stage 2: Grumbling.

Stage 3: Heavy Drinking.

Stage 4: Blood EVERYWHERE.

Stage 5: Acceptance.

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