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Category: technology

11/16/08 12:29 - ID#46701

Worst iPhone App Yet?


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Category: technology

08/08/08 09:51 - ID#45282


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07/12/08 02:54 - ID#44980


There's an app for the iphone that will listen to music and then identify it for you. It's super cool and so accurate.



Also the iPhone 2.0 calculator is improved, and includes scientific calculator mode:


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07/10/08 08:43 - ID#44923

iPhone 2.0

Now witness the firepower of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL iPhone!


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Category: technology

01/24/08 04:27 - ID#43015

Totally Worth It

OK, so I've had this new laptop for a week (upgraded from a MacBook to a MacBook Pro). At first I was really nervous that I just wanted to upgrade because I wanted the latest and greatest, but didn't really *need* the latest and greatest. It turns out that it was totally worth it.

  • 4gb of RAM. I can run all the programs that I need at the same time instead of starting them up and shutting down throughout the day. In the case of making web graphics, this is a huge time savings. Text editor, App Server instances, Photoshop, Fireworks, Lightroom, MS Office, News reader, FTP client, Safari, Firefox, SQL client, iTunes, iChat OmniFocus, Mail, and half a dozen other programs all open all day long. And - I can leave one or two Windows VM instances running in the background all the time. Again, huge time savings in testing web apps.

  • Rock solid. This laptop just doesn't seem to hesitate. It is always ready to go when I need it. No hardware trouble, sleeps and wakes up fast.

  • Bigger screen. Awesome, more room to work.

  • Metal enclosure. Feels more rugged.

  • Firewire 800. Super fast external storage.

  • Dual DVI out for a large external monitor.

This is my most favorite computer of all computers that I've ever owned in the last 20 years.


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Category: technology

01/23/08 02:29 - ID#43001

Paul's New Phone?

It has jewels!

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Category: technology

01/03/08 10:52 - ID#42743

Nuke it from orbit, it's...

...the only way to be sure.


Too many years doing systems, networking, and server administration for Windows has left me scarred. I left that whole mess many years ago, but it seems the corporate standard is still Windows XP, and as a web programmer these last 4 or so years, I still have to test stuff in IE.

My method to keep everything free of viruses and yet not have to run anti-virus software is to install a clean copy of XP, make three clones (one to keep pristine to regenerate from and one for IE6 and one for IE7), and then destroy the working clones every month or so to make sure nothing goes wrong with them.

I'm having to recreate my base XP image tonight though, since I'm moving from one VM system to another. I can't believe I'm still dealing with this old friend of mine. It's a bit nostalgic to go through the setup process again.

On the plus side, every year that goes by and Vista takes over, that's a nail in the coffin for IE6, and more I feel free to say: 'oh... well I've used Vista, but I don't know how to fix it/upgrade it/install it/troubleshoot it, sorry!'. I'm figuring around 2011 I can stop supporting XP/IE6. That means that XP will have been in use by me for about 10 years. That's sooo much longer then I'd ever thought possible.

Technological growth is still quick, but certain technologies are slowing down. Desktop computers and operating systems won't really advance by leaps and bounds any more. Most of the low hanging fruit is gone.

Sure, I'll update my hardware often (I'm already a bit crazy about being limited to 2gb of RAM), but the OS just matters less and less. As much as I love my Mac it is mostly because I feel like it stays out of my way and becomes more invisible all the time.
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