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06/16/10 10:45 - 74.ºF - ID#51902

Safari 5 Estrip Extension

I made a small Safari 5 extensions for estrip that makes estrip a little more contrast-y and less colorful. I know, I know, monochrome is boring. Default color scheme is just very very bright :)

The extension file:

To install: you must have Safari 5. Download the extension, then should be able to double click on the extension file and it will install.

What it looks like:

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Last Modified: 06/16/10 11:28

06/10/10 08:56 - 60ºF - ID#51846

BP Coffee Spill

Mindless entertainment.
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06/08/10 10:59 - 60ºF - ID#51825

New Haircut


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05/30/10 10:15 - 69ºF - ID#51765 pmobl


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05/23/10 02:25 - 75ºF - ID#51714


Lazy Sunday. Trying to get ready for my vacation which starts on Wednesday, but can't get up the motivation. Have soooo much laundry to do.
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05/16/10 04:18 - 67ºF - ID#51663

First Date

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05/15/10 11:31 - 54ºF - ID#51574

Quasi-Yearly Atheism Post, 2010 Edition

I was reading this easy, about the flaws in the writings of 'New Atheism':

In reaction it merely serves to catalyze a certainty that I've found in my own views, after a lot of struggle: I am an atheist because I personally can't see what difference it would make if there was or was not a transcendent God, in terms of what choices I should make or what moral outlook I should have.

This is leaving aside Judeo-Christian concepts of a personal God, which to me aren't even addressable without finding some evidence of a transcendent God.

Does not everyone, religious or not, search their own heart, mind, and experience to find what is right? Does not even the most specific of religious texts leave immense acres of uncovered ground where you must decide your own path? Is it not up to everyone to open their eyes critically and decide how to live best without hurting other people? Do we not all hear stories and see the experiences of others, and remember our own, and project that learning onto our on future life and the possibilities we choose from?

Human conscience is a leap into the unknown with eyes looking forward at a murkily seen potentiality. That is the wonder of being and becoming, and whatever words people use to describe that experience, religious or not, so far it seems not to matter as to outcome. Things like honesty, compassion, intelligence, and bravery decidedly do.

What matters is that it's a human being doing it, and a human being doing it supported by the billions who have come before and learned a slew of things the hardest way possible. I suppose I don't disbelieve in God, per se, I just don't find him necessary to explain a single instant of my life in comparison to the vivid warm immediate light of human culture.

And in such context, I find God to be a word game, like this essay is a word game. Mere fumbling for communicative framing and metaphorical device. Perhaps I mistake the far for the near, and that tricks me into viewing God as small. I try to keep that in mind, and maybe that's why I end up posting these occasionally to make sure my reasoning is still intact.

Ah well. Until 2011, my atheism goes back undercover.

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05/06/10 07:16 - 56ºF - ID#51517

Waldorf & Statler


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05/05/10 01:02 - 76ºF - ID#51510


This is Adobe's fault. GRAR.

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05/01/10 12:48 - 73ºF - ID#51485

Chop Chop





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