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Category: politics

07/08/09 04:52 - ID#49235



We beat that dude to his left by a pixel and a half. That was close!
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Category: politics

06/20/09 04:10 - ID#49015

I <3 John Hodgman

Hey spoke at the Radio & TV Correspondents' Dinner yesterday.

Also on twitter:
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Category: politics

04/15/09 11:24 - ID#48392

No words...

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Category: politics

02/18/09 09:51 - ID#47793

Politician's Syllogism

As explained by wikipedia:

We must do something

This is something

Therefore, we must do this.

Which is ultimately why I am distrustful of trillion dollar bills rammed through Congress, even though I think we do need something.
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Category: politics

01/23/09 01:18 - ID#47501

Joe Bruno Indicted


A federal grand jury today indicted former state Senate Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno, accusing him of eight counts of public corruption.

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Category: politics

01/22/09 10:22 - ID#47486

Scalpel, not a hatchet?

Best Obama toy ever:

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Category: politics

01/20/09 09:03 - ID#47456

Inauguration Day

For me, the best part of today is not that it's Obama's first day in office, but instead that it's the 43rd time that power has been transferred peacefully between presidential administrations. Obama is the 44th president in a chain stretching unbroken back to the founding of our country.

It's easy to forget what happens in some other countries. Seeing what happens in Zimbabwe and Myanmar, it's a relief to me to live in one of the countries that's moved beyond institutionalizing personal or party power above all else.

So, cheers to all the Presidents, Washington through George W Bush, who have stepped aside and let the political process govern who gets power.

We're not a perfect country, but we do get many things right and this is one of them.
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Category: politics

11/06/08 12:42 - ID#46571

Purple Country

I'm trying to remember in my glee that 53% isn't the same as 100%. :)

Some maps from

By county:


By county, stretched to fit population:


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Category: politics

11/05/08 11:13 - ID#46551

Democratic NY

According to unofficial results, Democrats captured 32 out of the 62 seats in the Senate. The shift marks the end of an era for New York Republicans, whose control of the Senate had come to depend on a bloc of senators, some in their 70s and 80s, who had put off retirement to help preserve the party's majority. --

So, the Democrats are in full control of the legislative and executive branches in New York State. Personally, I am hoping they legalize gay marriage, something that has previously passed the Assembly and has heretofore stalled in the Senate. Gov. Patterson is willing to sign such a bill. We'd be the first state to postively enact such legislation, instead of having courts make the call. A big, big, deal.

In general, it is now up to them to figure out how to cut the state budget by billions of dollars. I am not sure if they are up to the task or not, but I'll give them the benefit time to see if they can.
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Category: politics

11/04/08 11:04 - ID#46534



From Erie County Democratic Headquarters, Buffalo NY.

11pm as election was called for Barack Obama, our 44th president.
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