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Category: internets

07/22/09 09:59 - ID#49352

I hate spammers.

This is crap that gets submitted as sources for Buffalo Feed every day.

Presented as an image so not as to help them out.


I know, spam is nothing new, but this is why we can't have nice things :(

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Category: internets

07/14/09 08:30 - ID#49285

World's Fastest

From Kottke:

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Category: internets

07/11/09 09:30 - ID#49267

Surfboard 4100 Modem, j'accuse!

So my slow internet problems were due to a cable modem with a known-funky chipset (when it comes to interoperating with Macs on a network).

For two years we've paid for the highest tier of TWC cable internet, and usually had max download speeds of around 200kbs. Then the last month or so it's declined down to about 20kbs for every download, which was ridiculously painful. As in, I could download stuff faster on my phone over cell data networks then I could at home.

That's when I started doing research and found out the problem. I bought a new modem, and we're getting 3mbs average downloads now, and scoring at 14mbs on the speed test sites.

SO MUCH BETTER. We could have had this along :/


Very angry/happy now. I want two years of premium service payments back from TWC. Plus the $3/month rental fee for the TWC-supplied modem. But, OK, I no longer have third world internet access at home.

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Category: internets

06/18/09 08:51 - ID#48997


Rock It, Shock It, Spock It:

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Category: internets

02/18/09 12:58 - ID#47798

How Many Times Are You Going to Kill Me?

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Category: internets

01/31/09 10:52 - ID#47578

Google Marks Whole Internet Malware

Seems to be fixed now. was down this morning (which Google partners with to warn of bad sites), and Google defaulted to marking everything as malware, even itself.


Unfortunately (and here's the human error), the URL of '/' was mistakenly checked in as a value to the file and '/' expands to all URLs. -- Google Blog


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Category: internets

01/28/09 03:03 - ID#47546

Have You Seen This Cat?


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Category: internets

01/25/09 12:45 - ID#47516

Freakiest Gif Ever

I was googling under construction animated gifs for nostalgia value, and came across this:


Um, whoa. The 90's: so near and yet so far far away.

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Category: internets

12/05/08 03:57 - ID#46974

Natural Harvest

not a joke?


Buy it online:
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Category: internets

12/04/08 01:16 - ID#46954



My hair is almost long enough to do that to ;)

Halloween costume next year?
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