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07/01/11 01:21 - ID#54611


Haven't posted in a while. Been reading though! Nice to feel like I'm staying a bit connected to Buffalo.

I've been working on a business (for political & non-profit CRM) off and on for about a year, getting close to finishing. Always feels like it's only a month away... but.

Anyways, thinking about applying to a couple of the tech startup programs in Oregon.

They're kind of intimidating, one is run by the local economic development commission, and another was just announced opening by Wieden and Kennedy, a really big advertising/media company.

I just really need to do something to get it done. Been dragging it out way too long.

On another note, Portland's been pretty cool. Haven't gotten to see much of the city yet (I know, I've been here like 8 months already). But it's pretty. I can see Mt St Helens and Mt Hood from my office window. So there's that.

Hope everyone is doing well :)
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