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Category: movies

06/28/08 10:27 - ID#44813


WALL-E is made of awesome. Go see it!

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Category: movies

06/27/08 08:55 - ID#44799


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Category: movies

08/31/07 12:12 - ID#40856

10 Things I Hate About You

I really liked that movie. Every time (e:Drew) posts I am reminded of it. You better stop, Drew, before I put it on the NetFlix queue and force (e:James) to watch it.

And I like a lot of other really dumb popular movies where people in their mid-twenties play 15 year olds. And I tend to cry easily at ridiculous movies. I am really not fit for being exposed to popular culture.

Also, I am 28. I only have another year where I could conceivably move to LA and find a job playing a teenager on a new sitcom on the WB (or CW or whatever it's called now). I better get cracking.

I should be working right now, but I felt like yesterday was Friday and that would make today Saturday.
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07/12/07 04:53 - ID#40083



I forgot this was opening tonight, but there were still tickets available.
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07/07/07 08:53 - ID#39996


Transformers was awesome. Sorry for doubting you (e:enknot) and (e:mrdeadlier).
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