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11/29/08 06:06 - 38ºF - ID#46882


Sort of.

Home very very soon.

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Category: life

11/26/08 01:26 - 34ºF - ID#46851


I'm sick. Of course, I'm on vacation. Why can't I be sick at a time I could use my sick leave?

That's all.
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Category: technology

11/16/08 12:29 - 36ºF - ID#46701

Worst iPhone App Yet?


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Category: programming

11/15/08 12:27 - 53ºF - ID#46697

Bug Fix

I love open source, we had a problem in a vendor library and we fixed it ourselves. If we had to wait for someone else to do it, who knows how long it would've been broken.

It was only a change to a couple lines of code, but it was very hard to track down. It took me and a co-worker a day of pair programming to narrow it down and figure out what to change, but damn it feels good to have done. And to have our specs and continuous integration running reliably again.

It was like 4 layers deep worth of metaprogramming. I feel like I know our spec library very, very well now. :)

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Category: internets

11/13/08 12:54 - 51ºF - ID#46672


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Category: work

11/11/08 12:44 - 41ºF - ID#46646

More Work

Servers have been ordered. Clustering and failover designed. Weeks and months of testing and automation. Probably a hundred hours of work total. Super excited, I've been prepping this stuff for 6 months now and it's going to see the light of day.

We're going for paired mirrors to start, then splitting out each VM container type into their own tiered clusters as we need to add capacity and can judge bottlenecks.

I know no one cares about this but me, but it's my journal so, what the hell :)


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Category: culture

11/08/08 09:14 - 50ºF - ID#46601

An Evil Good Book

I'm reading a book, "The 48 Laws of Power".


It is by turns interesting and disturbing. Each law has it's own chapter, with historical anecdotes and analysis.

Some are fairly neutral:

Law 5: So Much Depends on Reputation -- Guard it with Your Life.

Others, not so much:

Law 17: Keep Others in Suspended Terror -- Cultivate an Air of Unpredictability. Or, Law 33: Discover Each Man's Thumbscrew.

Now, part of my enjoyment of this book is that it appeals to the inner dictator in me, a side that I never knew that I had. But, hmm... I do. Hate to admit it.

Generally, it's an interesting look at the 'pack of monkeys' part of our brains and culture. Everything I have read so far I can relate to experiences and situations that I've been in. I'm hoping to keep my eyes more open to this side of human interaction, without using it to scheme and plot.

If I ever start to seem unpredictable, though, cower in terror!
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Category: politics

11/06/08 12:42 - 67ºF - ID#46571

Purple Country

I'm trying to remember in my glee that 53% isn't the same as 100%. :)

Some maps from

By county:


By county, stretched to fit population:


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Category: humor

11/05/08 04:55 - 67ºF - ID#46560

Not me, no sir...


CC Licensed from

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Category: politics

11/05/08 11:13 - 53ºF - ID#46551

Democratic NY

According to unofficial results, Democrats captured 32 out of the 62 seats in the Senate. The shift marks the end of an era for New York Republicans, whose control of the Senate had come to depend on a bloc of senators, some in their 70s and 80s, who had put off retirement to help preserve the party's majority. --

So, the Democrats are in full control of the legislative and executive branches in New York State. Personally, I am hoping they legalize gay marriage, something that has previously passed the Assembly and has heretofore stalled in the Senate. Gov. Patterson is willing to sign such a bill. We'd be the first state to postively enact such legislation, instead of having courts make the call. A big, big, deal.

In general, it is now up to them to figure out how to cut the state budget by billions of dollars. I am not sure if they are up to the task or not, but I'll give them the benefit time to see if they can.
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