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Category: music

08/09/09 03:26 - ID#49491


So this is my first attempt at assembling a song using the APC40 with Ableton Live. I sampled the sounds in the song, or used existing small loops and applied filters, so the actual instrumental/melody/beats are definitely not mine.


The bits laid out look like this:


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Category: music

07/11/09 10:51 - ID#49262

Auto-Tune The Jim

I just spent about an hour messing around with auto-tune, and let me tell you, even that can't save my singing voice.

I might try again later, but it was so bad I'm not going to post any snippets of my singing like I'd planned to.

So much for technology!
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Category: music

07/07/09 09:36 - ID#49223

Physical Thing Is Physical


Akai APC40 is back ordered!

That is the problem with physical contraptions, as opposed to code/mental things.

Toys take weeks to arrive. It is the really frustrating thing about working with electronics, too, realizing 90% of the way into construction that I needed a 50 cent chip that would take a week to get here and cost $5 shipping. At least this is ONE thing one time, just back ordered until the end of July.

My wrist hurts from using the mouse, I can't wait to use this instead.

P.S. Paul zip up those sound files and email them to me :)

P.P.S. This is what the APC40 is for:

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Category: music

08/08/08 02:50 - ID#45279


Girl Talk's latest album Feed the Animals is super awesome. I'm having so much fun listening to it today. (Remix/mashup/dj stuff)


It is available online, set-your-own-fee-or-free (like Radiohead's last):

Seriously best new thing I've listened to all year.

Track 12 from the album:


Linked file is CC licensed NC w/attribution (see album list for details).

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Category: music

08/22/07 11:47 - ID#40689


I used to have 30 or 40 really great tapes from DJ sets. 1995-2000-ish.

I can't even remember the names of most of them, where I got them, or what was on the tapes, but I miss them so much. It's hard to mentally reconstruct the day to day and soundtrack of my life back then, it's so far out of reach and far from the ken of my current life. If I actually ever heard certain tracks again I think my head would explode from nostalgia.

And then I see this:

WTF sea of white baseball caps??! Drinking beer and bobbing your head? Weak. Don't kids dance anymore?
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Category: music

08/16/07 11:57 - ID#40587

Electric Six

Oh man oh man I can't wait to go see these guys live some day.

Make sure to at least watch until the special effects start.

Too bad their tour doesn't come close to here:
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