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Category: apple

03/12/09 12:58 - ID#48029

iPhone 3.0

Preview demo March 17, 2009


Will be nice to get a look at the new OS. Hopefully they'll have a dev release at that time too. Background processing would be just what I need for the apps I want to build.
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Category: apple

10/14/08 09:16 - ID#46104




I'm hoping there is progresses towards my dream laptop, for purchase in 2010(?):

MacBook Air, 4gb RAM, 256gb SSD, Dual-DVI out - or better on any of those features.
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08/01/08 05:52 - ID#45220

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

So, there is a now a tethering app (NetShare) in the Apple iPhone app store.

Now I'm sorely tempted to upgrade to the new iPhone. Mmmm, internet everywhere. Might be worth the $200 upgrade fee for iPhone 3G since I'm on call for server emergencies.

Here it is (link requires iTunes 7.7)
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03/14/08 12:36 - ID#43664


Dear Registered iPhone Developer,

Thank you for expressing interest in the iPhone Developer Program. We have received your enrollment request. As this time, the iPhone Developer Program is available to a limited number of developers and we plan to expand during the beta period. We will contact you again regarding your enrollment status at the appropriate time.

Thank you for applying.

Best regards,

iPhone Developer Program
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01/16/08 11:09 - ID#42921

New Hardware

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01/16/08 03:51 - ID#42915


Well just taking my afternoon tea here.

There's a new icon for estrip that I made and Paul was gracious enough to upload - if you've got an iPhone and you bookmark estrip onto your home screen it looks like this:


And also, I ordered one of these for work:


4gb of RAM, yay!

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01/15/08 10:28 - ID#42891


OK, so today is the day. 90 minutes away from the start of all the announcements. Apple does events like this just a couple times a year and I'm always way too overexcited.

New laptop? New DVR? New LCD's? Movie rentals? iPhone upgrades?

I am waiting with baited breath. Apple is my one consumerist urge, the rest of my life is fairly spartan and paired down, and at least I can comfort myself with the knowledge that the apple stuff I buy is mostly used for work. But still, I know I go overboard.

Happy Apple Day!
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01/09/08 08:41 - ID#42805


I'm so excited.


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07/06/07 10:49 - ID#39977

Gelato at Dolce's

I've been trying to email this photo up, but it disappears in to the aether. So I will post it like a normal person and then sign off for the night :)


We walked down the block to Dolce's with the dog. Our new place is so close to everything, there is so much more to walk to and see then at our old place near Hodge.

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07/01/07 12:46 - ID#39873

iphone keyboard

It's working pretty good but I wish when it made suggestions it would give a few options instead of one at a time.

I'm typing this post from it and haven't had to hit backspace once yet. For me it's a big step up, but Paul I'm sure you'd be frustrated by the non-802.11 wireless speeds. Not too bad though definitely usable.

There is no way to upload files through regular web pages which is pretty annoying. Have to email them or sync to get photos off.

All in all I love it. Those are my only complaints as far as basic functionality go.
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