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Category: internet

09/21/07 08:04 - ID#41242

Social Graph Part 2

Google to take on Facebook: by opening up their social graph? That is my dream come true! xfn and openid, distributed digital social networks not under anyone's thumbs.

That's all you need. Push and pull from Google, and Six Apart (LJ, etc). Autodiscovery of social networks. Smugmug just did it and now all I really need is for Flickr to jump in, or maybe I can fake it through their API.

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Category: internet

09/21/07 12:52 - ID#41230

$1000 a Month

Carrier short codes for SMS messages are $1000 a month. (That's the way you can text to or from a really short number, like 22345). I didn't think it would be that expensive. And that's just the cost for the CSC number, there are addiitional higher charges for receiving and sending messages from CSC's as opposed to normal numbers.

Guess I'll need a long number! 716-998-1987 is harder to remember then 23560, though.
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08/17/07 09:19 - ID#40601

Social Graph

Brad Fitzpatrick (of LiveJournal and memcached fame) is starting an intriguing attempt at freeing your social life from the clutches of MySpace and Facebook. White paper:

He wants to take your network of friendships that you've defined on the web, and instead of tying that in to a particular website, make it open for any website to use. If you signed up to (for example), and plugged in your access token or whatever, it would tell you which of your friends from other sites are on this new one, and you could instantly get going.

Instead of being tied to just the huge social sites, you could participate in a world of targeted, rich, local and interest sites. Estrip would know about your friends (if you let it), and you could always count on not missing anyone or having to reenter all your info everywhere, or bugging your friends to sign up for every new thing.

It would all just happen, decentralized and under your control.

I love Flickr but I hate that my photography network of contacts is bound up in it and I can't spill that over to other places. I love Estrip, but feel like it's maybe tucked away from the rest of my online life instead of being the center of my personal presence on the web.

Facebook (Flickr, MySpace, etc) right now is a walled off corner of the Internet, like AOL used to be. It's nice and clean and usable - but who wants to be living inside AOL 2.0? It is pulling everything in like a black hole.

The internet is meant to be messy and glorious. Why shouldn't you or I set the boundaries as we see fit?
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08/10/07 03:58 - ID#40477

Denial of Service

So, I've been working on and frustrated by this site that I've been working on, and I thought it was ready to launch last weekend, but it's been under a constant denial of service attack for three days now, I only noticed that that was the reason for the slowness and glitches last night.

I've never had this happen before so I didn't think to look for it sooner. Someone apparently really hates my client.
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06/07/07 03:41 - ID#39572

Wiki Groaning

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