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09/23/07 11:26 - 67ºF - ID#41261

Favorite Five Albums of All Times?

Post your list of your favorite five albums/cds/etc of all time. Either as a comment here or in your own journal. You don't need to add links to your list like I did.

Massive Attack, Mezzanine
Pixies, Doolittle
Violent Femmes, Violent Femmes
Jane's Addiction, Ritual de lo Habitual
Towa Tei, Best

I completely skipped all my favorite D&B albums and a few other categories too... a more accurate list wouldn't be quite this rock and roll.

So, what's your all time favorite music? We just did this list sharing thing on my photo group, and it's interesting to see what everyone's personal soundtrack is.
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09/21/07 08:40 - 83ºF - ID#41243

Dog Park

It was a lot of fun, and so many dogs! You can't tell from the photos but there were about 100 or so of them.


And the march of the seasons:


I need to remember to wipe the fingerprints off my lens before I take photos, everything looks like it's underwater.
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Category: internet

09/21/07 08:04 - 83ºF - ID#41242

Social Graph Part 2

Google to take on Facebook: by opening up their social graph? That is my dream come true! xfn and openid, distributed digital social networks not under anyone's thumbs.

That's all you need. Push and pull from Google, and Six Apart (LJ, etc). Autodiscovery of social networks. Smugmug just did it and now all I really need is for Flickr to jump in, or maybe I can fake it through their API.

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09/21/07 12:52 - 76ºF - ID#41230

$1000 a Month

Carrier short codes for SMS messages are $1000 a month. (That's the way you can text to or from a really short number, like 22345). I didn't think it would be that expensive. And that's just the cost for the CSC number, there are addiitional higher charges for receiving and sending messages from CSC's as opposed to normal numbers.

Guess I'll need a long number! 716-998-1987 is harder to remember then 23560, though.
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09/20/07 08:27 - 80ºF - ID#41221

Roswell Park Memorial Mace

The Roswell Park Cancer Institute Memorial Mace


Yes, an honored stick with which to beat people, in a glass class by Human Resources.

And even better, an illustrated history of the evolution of medicine:


(view large here)

Including these highlights:

Centaurs curse humankind with illness, including cancer.

Greeks like to have sex with other men and also fail to cure cancer.

An old Jew wears pointy shoes and withholds secret knowledge of how to fight cancer.

Some guy invented very small drippy zeppelins that fail to cure cancer.

Madam Curie returns from the dead in radiant form, but no one can see her cure for cancer.

There is another secret ghost hiding behind the ghost of Madam Curie. We do not know his story.

Scientists are too poor to own chairs, so you should donate money to RPCI. To help them cure cancer.

Cacti are taking over the world, a new form of mega-cancer.

An African looking mask likes to leer at reclining nude women. Something something cancer.

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09/18/07 09:14 - 70ºF - ID#41184

Finally, Router/NAS/Printer Solution

I ordered an Apple Airport. I am sorely in need of a more reliable network connection, so hopefully this will ease my sorrows. Plus it's Wireless N. A step up.

But, the best part, and why it was worth a little extra money to go this route, is that i can hook up a USB hub to it and attach the printer and my backup hard drives and (most importantly) my photo storage hard drives. I'll reduce clutter on my desk and everything will always be available to (e:James) too.

I've only got a few GB's left on my notebook hard drive, so I desperately needed to get a better photo storage plan. Right now they are all on my notebook and one backup drive and one CD per month. Now the recent ones only will be on my notebook, and there will be two external hard drives plus the CD backups. Sweet. And I have my favorite / best photos stored online too, for offsite backup.

I think running out of space is slowing down my laptop. Need to keep some space free for sleep and scratch.
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Category: life

09/18/07 02:02 - 68ºF - ID#41177

2 Years

I am sort of a wreck today.

I can't believe it's been two years already.

I miss you, Mom.
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09/18/07 01:21 - 68ºF - ID#41175


So, author Robert Jordan died.

He was working on Book 12 of 'The Wheel of Time'. A series that I started reading about a decade ago. This was supposed to be the last book and would've wrapped everything up. I am sorry he is dead. But mostly I am mad that I can't finish the series, and I'll tell you why.

The first few books of the series were really really good, but then it just started dragging on FOREVER. The last 5 books, nothing much happened. And I read them anyways just to work towards closure and find out what happens. But now I've invested so much time in the thing that the fact it's going to have over my head for the rest of my life is aggravating. If I knew the man I"d feel differently, but impersonally from a distance this is what I'm upset about.
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09/17/07 09:00 - 63ºF - ID#41164

Estrip Buffet Night Part 2

Estrip is pretty jumping lately!

I had a lot of fun at last month's dinner, so I would like to set something up in the next couple weeks. It would be a week night I think, and I am open to suggestions for location.

India Buffet again? No Chuck-o-Rama's in sight, thank god.

Do tell what your free nights are, and if you're likely to come! Once the location is finalized I'll need to know ahead of time if you're coming so I can make reservations a few days before hand.

Hope to see you all there! I know there may be an Estrip/PMT party coming up soon, so we should try not to crowd that date, lest we become sick of each other.
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09/16/07 10:39 - 62ºF - ID#41142


Three posts in a row, sue me.

I hate the City of Buffalo's website. There is a bunch of stuff there I want to repurpose and it's all in PDF form or actually it's not there at all. I hate screen scraping.

I want to map all the properties owned by the city, all properties that will be auctioned off, and in an ideal world be able to overlay city zoning and survey maps on my maps.

But no luck really with any of that. The city has it's own maps:

That's almost completely unusable, and I shudder when recalling the markup under the hood. There has to be a devious way to get what I need.

Oh, and as far as I can tell - there is no website for the Buffalo Police Department. Does anyone know what it is? I guess if they have no website it means they don't publish any information I could map.

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