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Category: photos

09/09/07 02:07 - 70ºF - ID#41013

Friday (I mean, Saturday!)



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Category: photos

09/07/07 06:04 - 89ºF - ID#40991

More With the New Lens and Flash



Doesn't (e:James) have a nice uvala?

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Category: life

09/07/07 02:25 - 89ºF - ID#40988

A Vacation About Programming

Ruby Conf 2007 here I come!

I got permission from (e:James) and we are headed down to Charlotte NC at the beginning of November for 3 days of geekery!

James will just lounge pool-side while I soak in such topics as these: With a keynote by Matz, the creator of Ruby. FYI, Ruby is a programming language.

I've got the hotel booked and my registration for the conference all set, thankfully 'work' is paying for it :)

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09/07/07 10:24 - 77ºF - ID#40985

RubyConf 2007

Registration just opened for Ruby Conference 2007. Hmm... a vacation about programming? In North Carolina in Buffalo's cold November?

I think I might just have to go...
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Category: hobbies

09/06/07 05:29 - 91ºF - ID#40973

Camera !!!

I got a new lens today, it is a 30mm normal/wide prime lens that I adore already. Here is my first photo from it:


(bigger size here)

I sold some other stuff to pay for this but man oh man it was worth it!
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09/06/07 12:20 - 88ºF - ID#40968 pmobl



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09/05/07 11:13 - 65ºF - ID#40944

C is for Cookie

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Category: life

09/04/07 06:37 - 74ºF - ID#40934

This is totally not like me at all.

I am never like that.
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09/03/07 05:01 - 77ºF - ID#40918

Dream House


1. I love mansard roofs
2. I am jealous of not have a mansion like (e:MPT)
3. I think I could afford the mortgage, but probably not the heating bills

This is my dream house:

Huge double lot, brick, second empire house. A bit in a bad area maybe though... Niagara Street near the college and armory.

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09/03/07 03:39 - 77ºF - ID#40913

Estrip is Dying

As you can see from this graph, Estrip activity is exponentially decreasing over time, a disaster in the making, and soon no one will be posting comments.


You all must view and post comments to my journal, thus propelling me into Silver Medalist position... err I mean thus saving Estrip!

Late Update:

Thanks to your hard work, we've saved Estrip!


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