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Category: movies

10/27/04 02:43 - ID#36409

harold & maude

[inlink]jill,149[/inlink]Thanks, (e:jill) .

Harold & Maude is quite possibly my favorite movie. Definitely in the top 10. I love the soundtrack, Cat Stevens' weirdnesses aside. When I moved to California I kind of adopted it (along with LA Story) as my personal cult flicks. When people come to visit me sometimes I make them watch one or the other while they're here. When I got laid off from my last job, Harold & Maude was playing the same day at the Red Vic. I took that as an omen, although I don't know of what. In any case, it made me feel better to walk out the door and have somewhere to go.

That's a great sketch! You must be a wicked etch-a-sketch artist. I'm completely inadequate when faced with a blank canvas.

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Category: holiday

10/26/04 09:18 - ID#36408

Edible costume?

Stopped at the produce stand on my way back from the library. Wasn't expecting to find Halloween costume inspiration there, but...

Brussel sprouts $2.99/stalk

Not sure yet how these might be incorporated, but considering the crazy-ass vegetables they have out here, I could make a whole Carmen Miranda (vegan version) costume, and have the makings of a tasty buffet afterwards. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

(Wow - first entry with no highlighted words in spellcheck. Do I win anything? Oops, added caption and doesn't like brussel sprouts. Well, that's true for a lot of people.)

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Category: holiday

10/25/04 12:24 - ID#36407

Volcano done

Final Verdict: Foregoing the ash cloud hood, more lava added since this pic, volano is currently residing my nephew's room per his request. Thank goodness for the imagination of a 7-year-old.

Side note[inlink]j3sse,19[/inlink]to (e:j3sse) : yeah, I can't believe this will be my fourth Halloween out here. Although Halloween homesickness drove me back to Boston the first year. Local Halloween parties the last two years. My ex-roomie invited me to go H'ween party hopping this year, but haven't been able to convince him to swing by the Castro en route. Still cultivating other potential cohorts.

In the interest of balanced reporting, here's the story about how the Castro party has gotten "out of control" prompting attempts to move it to the Civic Center in recent years.

p.s. - If Bush wins I'm moving to Toronto.

p.p.s. to j3sse - thanks 'DAD!'

All right. Enough about me. I'm laying low for awhile. I can quit any time. Honest!

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Category: holiday

10/23/04 10:25 - ID#36403

Down the rabbit hole

[inlink]haikuster,30[/inlink] No way (e:haikuster) ! Cool, I'll look for you guys there. My first ever in the flesh (e:peep) encounter.

I'll email you when I know what my disguise will be...

This year, Halloween in the Castro. Next year, the Exotic Erotic Ball (well, it may take me a couple years to work up to that one). ;)

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Category: holiday

10/23/04 07:13 - ID#36402

Costume envy

Damn, those Halloween pictures[inlink]matthew,422[/inlink]are cute. Why couldn't my nephew want to be a fairy princess for Halloween?

I'm supposed to meet my friend at the local sports bar (you won't hear that from me often) to watch the Red Sox, then possibly go see her friend's band play locally. I think I'd rather stay home and work on this costume. On the other hand, I'm supposed to be keeping her out of trouble while her spouse is out of town. Which means she'll be buying to keep me quiet. Hmmmmm...

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Category: music

10/23/04 01:29 - ID#36401

brief concert report

PJ Harvey show was pretty great. The crowd really loved it. Didn't turn me into a fan, although I definitely have a better feel for her sound now. Reminded me most of Siousxie, although that could be because I just saw her in the same venue last month. I can also see the comparisons to Patti Smith. PJ's music just doesn't resonate with me the same way. That's just me, though.

On a good note, the Warfield started giving out free posters again. Somebody's already selling theirs from the Thursday show (note: CL link won't last long). Ha! That's funny. Maybe I'll sell mine - I can use the money for my next concert ticket.

On a not-so-good note, between meeting at the bar, quick/cheap/good dinner at Naan 'n' Curry, and strolling through the oh-so-scenic Tenderloin neighborhood to the Warfield, I got to sidestep guys peeing in the corner on two separate occasions. What a treat! I'll take a virtual trip to the men's room with (e:Paul) over that any day.

Which reminds me, congrats on replacing the dubious (at best) remnants of crap code with 100% authentic Paul Visco code. Maybe you should copyright that for your code library.

It's volcano costume do-or-die weekend, so only expect occasional bursts from me while I recaffeinate.

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10/22/04 01:10 - ID#36400

I want my e:TV

Winamp TV[inlink]radio,68[/inlink] is seriously fun. Thanks (e:radio). Just what I needed - another way to waste time on my computer. Thank goodness they don't have a Golden Girls channel. Now if I just had that 23" cinema display monitor... ;)

My friend Steve (Halloween guy and videophile) made a cooking show spoof all about using your garbage disposal to prepare a meal. It was pretty funny. Kind of like the SNL bass-o-matic sketch except no fish were harmed. (Note to vegans and fish lovers - link just goes to a transcript. I don't recommend watching the skit. I had to avert my eyes myself.)

The bass-o-matic does share one of my core tenets of cooking - using the fewest possible utensils, appliances, dishes, pots, pans, etc. Now there's a cooking show concept for you. If I could prepare, cook and eat an entire meal off the same plate, I would so totally do that.

PJ Harvey tonight. I've never gotten into her for some reason. It'll be interesting to see how I like her after shelling out $30 to see her live.

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Category: dreams

10/20/04 12:00 - ID#36398

slow wave

Hey, estrip dream journalists -

Check out, a collective diary of dreams submitted by different people from around the world and drawn as a comic strip by Jesse Reklaw. You can submit your dreams there and they may end up in his weekly comic strip, although neither of mine did. Oh well.

The strips are archived going back to 2002.
I even bought some of his self-published dream comic books

This article will give you some insight into how he chooses which dreams to draw.

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10/19/04 08:16 - ID#36397

this journal entry brought to you by...

Pre-movie commercials don't go over well in the Bay area. I saw F9/11 at the Grand Lake (which publicized on the marquee they would not enforce the "R" rating), so I didn't have to sit through commercials myself. But I thought it was pretty funny when I read the F9/11 audience at the Sony Metreon hissed during the commercials there. They really picked the wrong test audience for that.

Hot Tip: last time I went to a Landmark Theatre, if you spent $18 at the concession stand, you got two free movie passes. That was in Berkeley. LA and NYC contingent might want to keep an eye out for the same deal there.

p.s. - I love the new superfreakin'cool spellcheck. Maybe you should trademark that.

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10/19/04 04:38 - ID#36396

still legal to drive

Congratulations on completing ComedyTrafficSchool.COM!! We will process
your certificate immediately. Below is your proctored final completion
confirmation information, save this for your records. We hope that you
have enjoyed our course, TELL A FRIEND!! Thank you for choosing
ComedyTrafficSchool.COM...and remember, the gas pedal is on the RIGHT!!

Student Name : Lisa W
Issuing State : CA
Drivers License : 01110101
School : ComedyTrafficSchool.COM
Student ID : 36514
Proctor ID : agerrie
Time Out : 12:05 PM

They were the only ones who listed an approved test proctor center right here on my little island of Alameda. Clocked in at 11:59AM, punched out 6 minutes later. Quick stop at the farmers market and home in time for lunch.

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