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Category: holiday

11/23/06 11:25 - ID#36787

The Second Deadly Sin...

... is definitely my favorite. Today at least, haha.

What a week. Good thing Thanksgiving wasn't at my house, since as of yesterday my kitchen looks like this:

Demolition day

The sink (cue foreboding music)

Debris piled up in what will some day be my bedroom. cozy, eh?

Arguably, it's already an [inlink]twisted,424[/inlink]improvement. Still, this alleged kitchen remodel is so daunting, and no one else seems to be stepping up to the plate to make decisions about it (I guess that's the problem with not having anybody else), that I honestly started to think maybe it would never happen. So I did what I always do in that situation and tricked myself into dealing with it by signing a contract with a general contractor to do the work. He decided to start yesterday.

Which is great, except now he's going to start asking me questions about appliances, lighting, cabinets, countertops, backsplashes, flooring, faucets, etc., that I really don't know the answers to. Oh yeah, and the part where water started pouring out of my downstairs ceiling light in the middle of the night because the partially demolished kitchen sink upstairs started leaking wasn't so great either. But he fixed that this morning, and I only had to empty my 13 gallon trash can filled with water three times last night.

Anyway, maybe it's the tryptophan, but I don't feel like going into all that. So you get off easy this time.

p.s. - Have I mentioned lately? You guys rock! Thanks (e:peeps)! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Category: holiday

02/15/06 02:07 - ID#36645


I hope everybody enjoyed/survived whatever type of V-Day you set up for yourselves this year. If not, you've got 364 days to change things before next year. Don't wait until February 13th! (Those on cruise control can adjust as needed.)

I don't remember V-Day being such a hot button in peepville last year, but then I guess I was in Boston (again) for the sci-fi marathon, so I may have missed any Valentine angst.

I know this was a particularly bad V-Day year for some, and that sucks. It's hard not to revisit the ghosts of Valentines past, but you might be surprised how your perspective may change over time. Or not. In any case, just remember -- the past does not have to dictate the future.

So I had a fun time at the Lovemakers show last night. As good a way as any to spend V-Day. I even got a pretty decent contact high from all the making out going on (haha). And the usual contact high goes without saying in SF.

They do put on a great show. Before the encore people were shouting "show us your dick!" He didn't oblige this time. Too bad! I'll have to take my own advice and work on incorporating that particular element into my life before next V-Day. ;-)

We were, however, rewarded with a great cover of the Cure's "A Forest." I still remember the heart-quickening moment of recognition the last time I heard them do it. What a great fucking song! I don't care how great some of the current bands are, my heart is still solidly set in the 80s.

Can I just tell you what a great venue GAMH is? Looks exactly the same today as when it opened in 1907. I can't wait to see Supergrass, X, She Wants Revenge, Arctic Monkeys, and Snow Patrol there in the next few weeks. (Name-dropping especially for you, (e:Ajay). ;-) )

And there are tons of restaurants in the vicinity to fit any taste or budget. Larry insisted on treating me to dinner and the show last night. He said it was because I drove him to an emergency ophthalmologist appointment Monday after he nearly poked his eye out. But I think it's just fun to treat someone on Valentine's day. It certainly was fun to be treated. Come to think of it, I'm really making out like a bandit this month since he's also treating me to Sister's of Mercy (nudge nudge, Ajay) because I drove him to pick up his new PC, monitor, printer and speakers.

Which reminds me, it was cool to drive by SF City Hall last night and see it lit up with pink/red lights under a huge full moon. Wish I'd had my camera.

Sure, it could be improved upon, but all in all a good V-Day. I try not to do the comparison thing with myself or anyone else. Although with perspective that can also be revealing. Yes, I think more mutual revealing just might be the thing to work on for next year. ;-)

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Category: holiday

02/07/06 08:12 - ID#36641


Probably my most unconventional V-day was the first one with Mark, because it happened to fall over Presidents' Day weekend so we were at the 24-hour science-fiction movie marathon that night. Might sound a bit premature for a 24-hour public date, but we both had our tickets for the marathon long before our first "regular" date on MLK day. ("Schindler's List" if you must know. Oh yes - it was my choice too. My god, we were doomed from the start.)

Oh, and to top it all off, my ex at the time, Scott, also showed up for the mararthon and decided to sit with us! I had prepared Mark that Scott might be there and he was totally ok with that. Not so ok with him sitting on the other side next to me for 24-fucking hours. I'll never live that one down.

I was thinking about all that recently because it doesn't look like I'll make it for the marathon this year. Oh well.

I'm really not into Valentine's Day at all. Too obligatory. I have a thing against that. At the same time, I do have some very precious memories of V-Day's past, which sadly were documented and almost immediately lost about a year ago. Oh well again. Better to have loved and lost, etc. etc.

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12/04/04 11:40 - ID#36462

Lighted Yacht Parade


Sometimes it's fun living on an island.

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Category: holiday

11/29/04 10:24 - ID#36459

Family Christmas Portrait


Ok - I can finally make this public. Kathy sent it to me to sharpen up, but I coudn't post it at the time because I would have "scooped" their Christmas card. Is that a great pic or what?
p.s. - I made Maggie''s scarf. They're snowflakes.

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Category: holiday

11/26/04 03:19 - ID#36456

Turkey good / Meat murder

Thanksgiving at Brenda & Kathy's

Prep / Presentation

Brenda's magnificent table setting. (Nice curtains!)

Maggie visits "grandma" / Biscotti at nose-level

Sam helps herself to an appetizer / Nosing around the table

I was there too. These self-portraits are not working. Could I look any happier?

Footwear change and it's off to Popscene[inlink]twisted,63[/inlink]. There's that thrilled expression again.

Sorry, that was a lot of pictures.

When I walked into Popscene and they were playing "Bizarre Love Triangle" (New Order) I knew I was where I'm supposed to be. My calves are killing me today.

The Avengers at Cafe du Nord tonight. I'd better start making some money. Anybody want to buy a PJ Harvey[inlink]twisted,63[/inlink] poster?

p.s. - we have a turkey trot here too. Who knew?
How'd the (e:trotters) do yesterday?

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Category: holiday

11/23/04 06:28 - ID#36449

Please pass the stuffing

Thanksgiving at B&K's this year. Last year we went to Kathy's parent's house, and her grandmother hosted the year before. Now that was a spread! I've never seen so much food.

We usually stay overnight at Kathy's parent's house when Thanksgiving is in that neck of the woods. This year B&K and Maggie (their golden retriever) will crash with me Thanksgiving night so Mom & Dad & Grandma can have the run of their house. Since B&K are in charge, all their singleton friends are invited (they collect us). 12 total at the table this year. Brenda bought a piece of masonite at Home Depot to extend the table. And as you know, table setting prep[inlink]twisted,62[/inlink] started over a week ago. They're pretty serious about this.

I'm in charge of sweet potatoes. Every year Kathy tells me to bring whatever it is that "means Thanksgiving" to me. She's an only child and only grandchild. Maybe because of that, and since she and Brenda are unlikely to have kids, she's super-conscientious about nurturing a sense of family with her extended family. I'm definitely part of that.

So I'm making sweet potatoes like my Mom used to make, with the marshmallows on top. Don't see marshmallows in recipes much these days. Why is that?

I'll never forget the first year I had Thanksgiving with my ex's family. They brought out all the fixings and a lovely rib roast. I thought to myself, 'wow! two main entrees.' How naive. When it became apparent a turkey was not materializing I finally asked what I thought was an obvious question. "No turkey?" The ensuing response still rings in my ear. "Nobody likes turkey anyway." Say WHAT?!!!

Ok. Fine. Serve whatever you want at Thanksgiving, but if you invite someone for Thanksgiving dinner you've got to at least consider the possibility she may have SET HER STOMACH FOR TURKEY!!! For God's Sake!

I don't think I'll ever get over that.

p.s. - crap, I just realized B&K are staying at my house and I'll be going to popscene for Meat Is Murder[inlink]twisted,63[/inlink] night. Is that bad hostessing? Now I'll wake the dog up when I get home. And I have to clean the house.

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11/22/04 09:52 - ID#36448

Pumpkin Pix



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11/01/04 04:24 - ID#36424

Halloween Alameda style

My neighbor's kid was dressed like a wind-up monkey. This was his first stop and already he has a stunned expression on his face.


Most alarming costume: ~11-year-old girl dressed like a pregnant teenager with two infants already strapped to her. At least I think it was a costume. The infants were definitely fake.

That reminded me of a weird sight last spring. I was biking over the pedestrian bridge the same time the school kids were crossing the bridge going home. About three pre-teen boys were carrying fake infants strapped in those sling things. Was it for sex education? Home Ec? Anybody seen/know about this? We didn't have fake babies when I was in school.

Well, enough about Halloween. Time to let it go. I'm supposed to be researching my assigned propositions for our election cheat sheet now. Tomorrow's the real fright fest.

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11/01/04 02:22 - ID#36422

Halloween Castro style

Waiting for Market Street lines re-routed underground.

Looking down Castro Street toward Market

Main stage on Market @Castro

BART service extended 'til 1AM. Big whoop. ;)

[hide]Short video clip (2 minutes) - dark, choppy, Blair Witch style camera work. Dramamine strongly suggested. [/hide]

Chronicle story and pix.

Note to (e:j3sse) - I was going to cut the video to "Sex Dwarf" [inlink]j3sse,12[/inlink] but that would have been more appropriate for the 'X rated' content which I sadly did not capture on film. Save that for Folsom.

Never did run into Haikuster. Maybe next time!

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