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Category: music

12/09/07 12:28 - ID#42444


New user sound. Antidote to green...

Happy holidays.

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Category: music

11/14/07 10:11 - ID#42127

bombs going off in my head

Full post might come later. But probably not.

My friend Larry has a photo exhibit coming up in Chicago. If you're in the neighborhood, you should check it out!


Damn, he's been to some amazing shows! Of course, he has a few years on me, and had the good sense to move to SF in the 70s. Which wasn't an option for me.

We saw Of Montreal last night at GAMH. What a fucking great show! Shades of Brian Eno and Oingo Boingo (although you totally don't have to get that to get them). Thanks to (e:Jason) for being the first to clue me into OM, or I might have passed. Indie, Outie, Black, White, Purple. I don't pay that much attention to what "type" of music it is any more. Oh sure, there was a day I thought anything post 80s was crap. Those days are gone. There's still crap, but I'm blown away by some of what's out there. I'm just glad I got to rediscover it.

Tonight is SWR at the Fillmore. Yeah, I've seen them a million times. I could pass this time, but Larry is into their new album (which I didn't even know about), so I'm ready to give them a listen. Plus, we're grabbing sushi in J'town beforehand. What more do you want? ;-)

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09/28/07 04:48 - ID#41372

I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor

One of the great things about seeing a show on Thursday night in San Francisco is getting to hang with the band at Popscene afterwards. You know, get their autograph, take their picture, make out with them on the dance floor. Ok, I personally didn't get to do that last one, but I was close enough to watch!

I didn't do the first two either, but my friend Brenda did. She promised to email me a copy of the pix. Here's my crappy cell phone pic of her autographed ticket stub in the meantime.




omg, Alex Turner is so freakin' adorable!

p.s. -- apparently, this is the userpic of someone who is completely undatable. I sure wish someone had told that me a long time ago. Could have saved me a lot of time and trouble.

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09/24/07 02:21 - ID#41282

In The Future When All's Well

That was the best freakin' 65 bucks I've spent all year!

All is forgiven.



p.s. -- I think the same artist must have done the Editors poster.


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09/04/07 06:20 - ID#40933

ticket futures

Jesus Christ. Tickets for Morrissey's "4 night residency" at the Fillmore are priced at $65. And they're already asking $158-183 each on StubHub, even though they don't go on sale until Sunday 9/9.

Ouch. Doesn't Steven Patrick realize he still owes me from canceling at Now & Zen Fest 2004? Probably not. Oh well, maybe I should just suck it up and buy two tickets at the Fillmore box office, then sell one for $130 and call it even.
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07/26/07 09:56 - ID#40264

time vs. money vs. happiness

I am woefully losing that battle.

In a nutshell. I promised my Grinderman (aka Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds) ticket for tonight to a true fan so I could see Eisley. You've never heard of them, but when I saw them the time before last, I was also short on time due to leaving for a 2 week vacation the next day. Seemed like a stupid idea to see a band instead of packing in advance of my 7am flight. BUT that show resounded in my mind for the entire trip. Certainly got my $16 worth.

Tonight I have to bike down to GAMH to pick my my ticket when doors open at 8pm and hand it over to Carolin, then backtrack to the Swedish American Hall for Eisley (show starts at 7:30!!! who the hell starts a show at 7:30? Luckily there's one opening band, but still).

So Tegan and Sara was fucking amazing. They "warned" the audience they would be playing their new album in it's entirety first, and they went straight through all 14 songs. There were a few good ones, but nothing remotely comparable to the second half of their set. Damn, they wrote some great fucking tunes.

I would tell you more about how and why I dyked out for the show, and how they played Kimya Dawson - I Will Never Forget before the show, and about running into Steve #1 [inlink]twisted,36581[/inlink] at the free Virgin in-store show, and the goddamn blood blister I got while contorting myself to chain my bike outside the store because I was in a hurry...



...but I have to get going.
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07/23/07 05:52 - ID#40219


(thank god for flakes.)

Persistence paid off! I found a seller with one Tegan and Sara ticket at face value plus fees. Her original buyer flaked out, so I'm going to see them tonight! Yay!
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07/20/07 06:10 - ID#40182

out of touch

So I go away for two weeks and TOTALLY miss out on a couple great bands because the tickets went on sale sold out before I got back! That is so wrong! I can usually count on my music buds to cover for me, but apparently nobody else cared about seeing Shout Out Louds or Tegan and Sara. How is that possible? I literally found out about SOL the day of the show, and tried to get same day tickets at the Rickshaw Stop (literally five blocks from my house) Wednesday night, but no luck. Meanwhile, a smattering of Tegan and Sara tickets are going for $90 on CL. Too rich for my blood. Oh well, at least I can catch their free in store set at Virgin on Saturday.

In other news, if a craigslist post mentions "I have some sexual preferences that some people may not be able to handle. I want sex several strange ways. Please be comfortable with such." And ends with "P.S.-- Please be an animal lover. If you are not, then I am not the man for you." That...doesn't....mean.......??? Nah!

Well, I'll find out soon enough. Wish me luck!
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07/11/07 06:08 - ID#40059

New Rave

First things first. Saw a recipe for Wheatless Apricot Cake in an article about cooking with solar power and thought of (e:Matthew). Could taste like crap, but sounds like it's hot enough there to bake one in record time. Keep it handy for those rolling blackouts.

Re: title. Took a break from unpacking to check out the band I'm going to see tonight. Since all research eventually leads to wikipedia, I learned they are "one of the isolated acts being referred to as 'New Rave.'" Which is a helluva lot catchier than HMV's description of 'acid-rave sci-fi punk-funk' (make up your fricken' minds already).

I'm pretty intrigued. Can't wait to see them.
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04/21/07 08:59 - ID#38992

Happy Birthday Iggy Pop

For your birthday present I'm shelling out $55 for the pleasure of seeing you. Jesus Keerhist! For that amount you'd think he'd put a few flowers [inlink]paul,38972[/inlink] in his hair, but somehow I doubt it, haha.


p.s. -- when I get my camera back I'll post some Italy pix. Ciao peeps.
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