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Category: san francisco

06/03/08 11:01 - 66ºF - ID#44536


You too can take a virtual ride down Lombard Street (or anywhere in SF and beyond)!

Nice drive-by shot of City Hall. I wonder if I could recreate my bike ride to work every day? It's extra cool right now with all the rainbow flags flanking Market Street.

They captured my house the day the sidewalk was being repaired (April 12, 2007). I didn't get to see it in person because I was in Italy, right after (e:Paul), (e:Matthew) and (e:Hodown) visited. Hey Paul & Matt, maybe you can recreate your walk through Golden Gate Park to the Pacific Ocean. Who knows, you might even show up in some shots if they were grabbing images then. Plus, it's easier on the legs, haha.

ps--Too bad I left my car in Alameda while I was gone or my estrip bumper sticker could've been captured in a digital time capsule!

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