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Category: peeptalk

10/23/06 11:14 - ID#36771

Comment round-up

I know I've been posting like gangbusters lately what with testing out the new cam. Judging a digital camera by the way the pics look at 72 dpi / 400 pixel maximum width doesn't make much sense, I know. BUT, that is the basis for my happiness, nevertheless.

I could probably judge them "in context" just as well on Alamedalink. But it's just too lonely there. Doesn't feel the same.

Anyway, I may not always comment on all y'all's posts. But you're always in my thoughts. ;-)

In no particular order, and off the top of my head:

(e:Leetee,233) - omg, THAT is an adorable pic! Congratulations on winning second second place! And I hope you whip those morning delivery guys into shape soon.

(e:Mrmike,187) - holy crap, I almost walked into my bedroom and sobbed after reading your last post. Wish I could deliver a care package in person! Feel better soon!

(e:enknot,40) - (this is going a ways back, but I wanted to say something) CONGRATULATIONS ON LAUNCHING YOUR NEW EXTERNAL SITE!

(e:Theecarey,300) - LOVE the title! and would love to see some pix, although I know it's hard to frame interior room shots. But especially - good luck exploring your next step! More to say, but this is a comment, after all...

and last but not least...

(e:Paul,4690) - I am shocked, SHOCKED! That (e:Terry) did not win! It was definitely rigged. Or Buffalo is not ready for that much raw sexuality.

I think that's all for now.

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Category: peeptalk

07/14/06 12:07 - ID#36714


I can't believe my good fortune this week! I've been bracing myself for a karmic backlash to the incredibly bad vibes I sent to an undeserving (understatement of the century) recipient last week.

Instead, well, you read about the most amazing phone call I've ever received. And today! I come home from working late, grab my mail, rifle through the usual recycle bin fodder, then...what's this? Lo and behold! A hand-addressed envelope with an honest-to-god postmark? FROM BUFFALO NY!!!

The minute I saw the return address I knew exactly what it might be and who it was from. Thanks (e:Theecarey) !!!

It's everything I hoped it would be! Seriously! The Golden Gate Bridge has nothing on that orange. In fact, I think Christo's next gig should be covering the GG Bridge with estrip bumper stickers! How cool would that be?

(e:Theecarey) - if estrip ever needs a W. Coast PR division, I'm your man! I mean, woman!

p.s. - thanks to everyone who offered to send me a bumper sticker. I have some kind of stubborn, self-reliant streak that would rather be miserable than accept help from others. Thank god (e:Theecarey) saw through that! And thanks to the rest of you for putting up with me.

Now I just have to put things right with Steve Jobs. Although he is NOT getting my estrip bumper sticker. ;-)

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Category: peeptalk

01/28/05 03:01 - ID#36518

Parallel Universe

Hey (e:Dan)! Thanks for visiting[inlink]dan,63[/inlink]
. Yeah - you're not automatically logged into
with your (e:strip) login. I know -- (e:Metalpeter) asked the same question. But for now the two sites are separate and that means the user databases are too. Sorry if that seemed inhospitable. Not our intention!

I had the same deja vu/parallel universe reaction when I first saw (e:Metalpeter) show up in the
top 12. It is disorienting! Then I quickly remembered where I was, which is to say, not Buffalo. Also, I'm pretty sure you only have cause for concern if a member of one parallel universe has a goatee and their counterpart in the alternate universe does not. Frankly I try not to think too much about parallel universes and infinity and sh!t like that because it keeps me up at night.

Hope this helps! Come back and visit any time!

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Category: peeptalk

11/23/04 01:01 - ID#36450

Peep Rally

I know - a fat lot of help I am chiming in from the sunshine state (or is that Florida?), but just the thought of estrip going away makes me abandon all hope for my world. Maybe there's some perverse reason we let ourselves sink to the depths of despair before we'll attempt to turn it around. If so, I hope we're there (e:peeps) - I don't want to go much deeper than this.

I'm totally inspired by (e:DrChlorine) and (e:Ajay) 's posts. Seems like one recurring theme is loneliness, especially this time of year (I'm with you on that one). Again in the fat-lotta-help-I-am category, maybe think about making some peep2peep face2face encounters happen. Throw a party, and don't forget to invite the (e:peeps2B) . Or set up a coffee drop-in date at a local hang-out. Put it on the (e:EventCalendar) and make sure you've got those estrip flyers with you to pass out.

Everybody now -


"Don't you know that it's time to get on board...and let this train keep on riding, riding on through?"

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11/10/04 03:08 - ID#36436


Part of me still wonders if I'm really just an unwitting participant in some mind-control experiment. So having successfully infiltrated the background landscape[inlink]twisted,53[/inlink] of my dreams, the next phase is actively planting a cat there. [inlink]paul,2392[/inlink]

Ok, ok -- maybe that's a stretch. Still, having two simultaneous IM sessions going w/(e:paul) last night reminded me of the time we had at least five going at once. But then, that was to test the new [inlink]news,524[/inlink] YIM! integration. (Or was it...?)



See what I mean? I did not set this up.


Um, it's a little late to be asking me that now!

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