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Category: peeptalk

11/23/04 01:01 - ID#36450

Peep Rally

I know - a fat lot of help I am chiming in from the sunshine state (or is that Florida?), but just the thought of estrip going away makes me abandon all hope for my world. Maybe there's some perverse reason we let ourselves sink to the depths of despair before we'll attempt to turn it around. If so, I hope we're there (e:peeps) - I don't want to go much deeper than this.

I'm totally inspired by (e:DrChlorine) and (e:Ajay) 's posts. Seems like one recurring theme is loneliness, especially this time of year (I'm with you on that one). Again in the fat-lotta-help-I-am category, maybe think about making some peep2peep face2face encounters happen. Throw a party, and don't forget to invite the (e:peeps2B) . Or set up a coffee drop-in date at a local hang-out. Put it on the (e:EventCalendar) and make sure you've got those estrip flyers with you to pass out.

Everybody now -

"Don't you know that it's time to get on board...and let this train keep on riding, riding on through?"

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Category: holiday

11/23/04 06:28 - ID#36449

Please pass the stuffing

Thanksgiving at B&K's this year. Last year we went to Kathy's parent's house, and her grandmother hosted the year before. Now that was a spread! I've never seen so much food.

We usually stay overnight at Kathy's parent's house when Thanksgiving is in that neck of the woods. This year B&K and Maggie (their golden retriever) will crash with me Thanksgiving night so Mom & Dad & Grandma can have the run of their house. Since B&K are in charge, all their singleton friends are invited (they collect us). 12 total at the table this year. Brenda bought a piece of masonite at Home Depot to extend the table. And as you know, table setting prep[inlink]twisted,62[/inlink] started over a week ago. They're pretty serious about this.

I'm in charge of sweet potatoes. Every year Kathy tells me to bring whatever it is that "means Thanksgiving" to me. She's an only child and only grandchild. Maybe because of that, and since she and Brenda are unlikely to have kids, she's super-conscientious about nurturing a sense of family with her extended family. I'm definitely part of that.

So I'm making sweet potatoes like my Mom used to make, with the marshmallows on top. Don't see marshmallows in recipes much these days. Why is that?

I'll never forget the first year I had Thanksgiving with my ex's family. They brought out all the fixings and a lovely rib roast. I thought to myself, 'wow! two main entrees.' How naive. When it became apparent a turkey was not materializing I finally asked what I thought was an obvious question. "No turkey?" The ensuing response still rings in my ear. "Nobody likes turkey anyway." Say WHAT?!!!

Ok. Fine. Serve whatever you want at Thanksgiving, but if you invite someone for Thanksgiving dinner you've got to at least consider the possibility she may have SET HER STOMACH FOR TURKEY!!! For God's Sake!

I don't think I'll ever get over that.

p.s. - crap, I just realized B&K are staying at my house and I'll be going to popscene for Meat Is Murder[inlink]twisted,63[/inlink] night. Is that bad hostessing? Now I'll wake the dog up when I get home. And I have to clean the house.

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Category: holiday

11/22/04 09:52 - ID#36448

Pumpkin Pix



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11/22/04 07:07 - ID#36447

Ex gifts

I've got to figure out a gift for my ex's bday Saturday. I got off easy the last few years because he requested some custom-sewn thing. A tea cozy one year (whatever impression you get of him from that is totally accurate), and a replica of a scarf I made him to replace the original he lost.

One year he floored me by sending me my favoritest gift ever - a lamp he made out of a toaster. He's always salvaged old toasters, but now it's turned into a full-fledged obsession. He's bought over 70 of them on eBay. Yep - that's seven-oh.

(wow, I'm a slob)

You push down the lever like you're making toast to turn it on. I bought the lampshade so it could hold it's own next to the hat ladies painting.

I hope he finally gets me the replacement glow-in-the-dark koosh ball earrings I've asked for 3 years in a row. Bought the originals at a cool store in Cambridge MA, but they got dehydrated and brittle languishing in storage for 8 months while I was looking for a permanent place to live.

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11/19/04 05:26 - ID#36446

roving reporters

Thanks, (e:southernyankee). Keep up the [inlink]southernyankee,109[/inlink]great stories, with or without pix. I love exploring new cities, and seeing DC through your eyes. estrip should have a roving reporter in every town.

I've been incommunicado for 14 hours now, so this may be outdated. But there's now a reciprocal site to our national confessional[inlink]lisa,156[/inlink]. We are not alone.

Please accept my apologies if I'm not making any sense.

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11/17/04 07:39 - ID#36445

Homeless Pride

(overheard on BART)

1st homeless guy: "can anybody spare 75 cents? any spare change?"
2nd homeless guy: "hey dude, stop doing that. you're giving homeless people a black eye doing that."
1st guy looks nonplussed, says nothing.
2nd guy: "dude, you're giving homeless people a black eye doing that. don't do it!"
1st guy: "did you already ask them for change?"
2nd guy: "dude, don't do it! you don't bother people on the train! you're giving homeless people a black eye doing that."
1st guy: "but I don't have anywhere to live."
2nd guy: "I'm just as homeless as you are, dude. you have to try harder. I'm only going to tell you one more time. don't bother people on the train!"
1st guy, (after pause): "all right, I'll stop."
2nd guy: "don't stop, dude. just don't do it!"
1st guy: "all right. I won't do it."

(other scenes from my brief trip to SF)

Global Exchange offices

As long as I'm in the Mission I'd better pick up some more veggies. Anybody know how to prepare cactus?

I have to move back to the city.

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11/16/04 06:00 - ID#36444

stealth phonetography

at the farmers' market




Biked back along the beach and stopped for a sip at the water fountain.
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Category: family

11/14/04 03:32 - ID#36443

family round-up

Weekly phone call with Dad. They're on their way to Augusta with bikes strapped to the bike rack (last year's "big" xmas present) to bike along the canal. I think this was just a not-so-subtle way to remind me of his one-item list for this year -- a weather station like the one his cousin in Germany has. Preferably in English since Dad's German isn't that good.

For someone who never used to abide by "the list" Dad certainly has embraced it now. I'm not sure how I feel about the whole Christmas gift registry concept myself. I never go by the list either. Although the one big ticket item per person thing could work. Then maybe I could get the digital camera I really want. On the other hand, maybe we should all just be "allowed" to buy ourselves whatever it is we want for Christmas. Seems a whole helluva lot easier and more likely to be successful. Yeah, that's not going to fly.

Dad would have loved the martini party last night. At least they got to meet everybody at the August pot-luck BBQ at Brenda & Kathy's.

My 7-year-old nephew sent me this joke:
Where can you dance in California?
San Frandisco!

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Category: friends

11/14/04 04:37 - ID#36442

how many martinis...

...before you start spilling your guts about things you aren't ready to spill yet? I would say five. I left after four. My friends already have enough ammunition on me.

Norm mixing my 1st martini / Kathy and Candy

The beautiful people

Mary, my dance partner for the evening / Sam & Justin

I could explain this, but some things are best left to the imagination

Yep. The party's in here guys.

bling close-up / self-portrait attempt

Earrings, wrap and boa scarf were big hits. Don't get much chance to wear those any more. I used to wear the earrings to work, and made that scarf for "Boa Fridays." Good times. I suppose I could still have"'Boa Fridays" but since I work at home alone, seems kind of pretentious.

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11/12/04 06:39 - ID#36441

remote control

cellphone pic on demand

view from Coit tower

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