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Category: peeptalk

11/10/04 03:08 - ID#36436


Part of me still wonders if I'm really just an unwitting participant in some mind-control experiment. So having successfully infiltrated the background landscape[inlink]twisted,53[/inlink] of my dreams, the next phase is actively planting a cat there. [inlink]paul,2392[/inlink]

Ok, ok -- maybe that's a stretch. Still, having two simultaneous IM sessions going w/(e:paul) last night reminded me of the time we had at least five going at once. But then, that was to test the new [inlink]news,524[/inlink] YIM! integration. (Or was it...?)



See what I mean? I did not set this up.


Um, it's a little late to be asking me that now!

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Category: music

11/09/04 01:15 - ID#36435


New venue (to me) this week. I'm pretty psyched about this. One of my new music buddies is rabidly into indie music (mostly brit) and old punk. I don't know why I'm even trying to quantify this guy's musical tastes, except to explain how we connected to see Siouxsie and the Pixies, so now I'm also getting to see a bunch of new bands I probably wouldn't otherwise go see, like Franz Ferdinand, the Futureheads, and Hope of the States.

Kind of funny to be turned on to new bands by a guy who's 10 years older than I am, but I hate listening to commercial radio these days and he hears about them by avidly reading Brit music magazine 'Q.' So that's the backstory.

We're going to see Dogs Die in Hot Cars this Thursday, and the Futureheads again next Friday, at Popscene -

basically, doors open at 10pm, popscene dj's spin cool 'danceable' indie music,
the band plays around 11:15 or so and then we spin records to close.

Also got tix for X at Great American Music Hall Jan. 15. I can't wait for that one. X is Andy's (my best music buddy ever) favorite band. God I miss him. We lived on the same dorm floor freshman year with all journalism majors, and we're all still pretty close because of that. Andy and I started showing up at the same shows all the time and finally decided maybe relentless independence was overrated and we should try going to shows together instead of just showing up solo all the time. That was the start of a beautiful friendship. Anyway, any time X was in Boston we went to see them. I think diving into the mosh pit kept him connected to his LA roots. I'd just let myself get bounced around the fringe until he emerged from the depths. That was fun.

I couldn't convince my new music buddy, Larry*, to go see X at Slim's instead, so I don't think we'll be moshing. Oh well, easier on the shoes.

  • Not to be confused with my other new music buddy, Aaron - The Cure, Tears for Fears and Morrissey (although Morrissey called in sick! dang!) and R.E.M. Kind of funny, because he's 10 years younger than I am. Who knew a love of 80s music could span the generations?

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Category: family

11/08/04 07:30 - ID#36434


I'm now famous in Backwoods, SC. I'll spare you the whole 'news' story, but here's the photo of me, Dad and Jean hauling wine out of wine country for an SPCA benefit.


I love how they put 'Wine Country' in quotes.

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Category: family

11/08/04 03:21 - ID#36433

female bonding

My sister is flying out here for our traditional pre-xmas shopping expedition. We started that ritual years ago so my grandmother would know she had dedicated shopping time with us marked on her calendar. As long as Grandma got all her shopping done that weekend (which she always did, and wrapped by the next day) the trip was a success. Otherwise she would have worried about it all season.

Usually my sister, Mom & Gram would fly up to either Boston or NY, and my sister-in-law or I would drive to the designated point of operations that year. It was hard to keep doing it after Mom died, but we wanted to make sure more than ever that my grandmother had that chance to be with us. She and Mom were so close.

I feel lucky to have been so close to my grandmother too. She was truly amazing. We had a family reunion on Fire Island for her 90th birthday in 2001. Her special request was to go shopping at Sak's while we were in NY. So the "girls" took the ferry/subway to NYC and tried to get on the Today show (no luck - got there too late), went shopping and saw 42nd Street on B'way. That was fun.

Hanging with the great-grandkids on Fire Island.

My sister and me holding the sign over Gram with my two sisters-in law.
Should have been on TV!

Visiting me in SF, August 2002

Family sailing trip in Grenada, 1994

I guess my whole freakin' family is pretty close.

This'll be the first xmas shopping expedition since my grandmother died. I wasn't sure if we'd still try to do it, but I guess it was as much for us all along. I actually hate Christmas shopping. (Darn! I was staying so positive up until now!) But I can't wait to hang out with my sister.

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Category: family

11/08/04 04:06 - ID#36432


This pic showed up on the November page of the family calendar. It cracks me up. My niece loves to dress up. She's also got a thing for shoes and bags.


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11/08/04 02:39 - ID#36431

Alameda, the song

It's hard to describe the little island I live on. One of the local bartenders wrote this song. It's at least 1/2 a stanza too long to listen to if you don't live here.

Alameda, Alameda, you're the jewel by the bay.
Full of life, full of spark, from Webster Street to Park,
From Crab Cove out to Harbor Bay.

Island City, oh, so pretty, surrounded by the sea.
You're the best in the west, Alameda
You're the grandest place to be.

The sun smiles down on Neptune Beach and Crown.
Children play by the shore.
Trees so green can everywhere be seen.
Who could ask for anything more?

Alameda, Alameda, it's a fact that's plain to see.
You're the toast of the coast, little city with the most.
You're the only place for me.

So pure and clear the atmosphere.
Blue skies stretch out for miles.
People ride from far and wide, to see our beautiful isle.

Alameda, Alameda, our jewel by the bay.
Over bridge or the by ferry, I will cross the estuary.
And in your arms I'll stay!


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Category: dreams

11/07/04 09:14 - ID#36430

24/7 e:programming

So, between the mini-vacations to [c]secondlife[/c] and [c]there[/c] plus my usual loitering around the 'strip, I've been spending a fair amount of time directly or indirectly with (e:paul) lately. Now he's actually crossed over to my dream state in kind of a weird way. Maybe I shouldn't admit this but I've had (e:strip) dreams before, and that didn't alarm me. But this is different. Apologies to all the dream diarists out there that I can't remember details of the dreams themselves, but the thing that was weird is the formatting of the dreams. In the lower right-hand corner of my imaginary field of vision was a fixed, semi-transparent, scaled-down userpic, kind of like the station ID logos you now see watermarked on all the TV stations. Except this was (e:paul) 's blinking eye userpic. I can honestly say I don't remember ever having a dream formatting issue like this before. It was freaky and comforting all at the same time. I have no idea what it means.

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11/06/04 09:59 - ID#36429

bike valet for a day

Not surprisingly, quite a few people biked to the Green Festival. Between 9AM-1PM we valet parked over 200 bikes.


(low-res cell phone pix)

The SF Bike Coalition organized the valet parking. I didn't realize this before, but all major outdoor public events in San Francisco are required to provide attended bicycle parking. Cool!

There were seven guys and me on the morning shift. These guys were serious bikers. One guy works for the Santa Cruz Hub for Sustainable Transportation and travels all over the place with his Brompton folding bike. I have to get me one of those.

I bike mostly just to get somewhere, and to get the hell outside. I haven't changed my biking style much since I was a kid except now I'm allowed to ride in traffic. It's a wonder I haven't gotten myself killed, come to think of it.

The Green Festival was super crunchy. I think my favorite exhibitor was the guy who makes stuff out of recycled chopsticks.

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Category: music

11/05/04 02:21 - ID#36428

Muzak for cell phones

I "heart" midi.

Happy Together / The Turtles


Historical note: I'm busting out the seven midi's originally in this post so IE won't crash. I'll string 'em along in a midi-of-the-month plan so too many won't show up in the same journal listing display. Wanted to keep this one here where it started. Moved Brandy [inlink]twisted,29[/inlink] back to an unpublished post I horded from October. Am I over thinking this?

So much for unchained melodies...

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Category: politics

11/04/04 04:53 - ID#36427

email from my dad

Not everyone living in the South is a conservative. My Dad's been sending this around to his Dem buddies (most of them also native NYers, though):

The Republican National Committee announced today that the Republican Party is changing its emblem from an elephant to a condom. The committee chairman explained that the condom more clearly reflects the party's stance today because a condom accepts inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, protects a bunch of pricks, and gives you a sense of security while you're actually getting screwed.

I must be moving through the seven phases of grief. Is gallows humor one of them?

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