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02/26/05 07:00 - ID#36532

a rush of blood to the head

omg. I either just had my first hot flash, a post-fever aftershock, or a seriously unfamiliar flush of abashes (I would have said abashedness, but says abashes and who am I to argue). Who would have thought I could be stricken down to my cynical core by a single post? Not me.

Thanks (e:Terry).

Ok, back to business. This is what I was going to post. Music band fonts Beware some of these fonts only contain the characters needed to make the band's name (Slayer, for instance). But others contain the full character set, or at least a usable one.


p.s. - I think posting under multiple aliases on
, then citing my various selves on the homepage, may be getting to me. Also doesn't help that Brenda & Kathy are still in New Zealand. Their dog is good company, but not much of a conversationalist. Too many one-sided contemplations.

I gotta get me some (e:peeps).


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02/21/05 01:03 - ID#36531

Cognitive Dissonance

You just know you're in for some fun when the help document for your problem starts like this:

"How you fix the problem depends on your situation. Read "Decide what to do" for a description of the possible situations and what to do."

I think some hardware and software manufacturers must have majored in psychology:

ATHERTON J S (2003) Learning and Teaching: Cognitive dissonance [On-line] UK: Available: :

"Ordeal is therefore an effective -- if spurious -- way of conferring value on an educational (or any other) experience. "No pain, no gain", as they say.

  • the more difficult it is to get on a course, the more participants are likely to value it and view it favourably regardless of its real quality.

  • ditto, the more expensive it is.

  • the more obscure and convoluted the subject, the more profound it must be.

Mark and I seem to have fallen into our old patterns (well, most of them anyway). Which means we're both sitting in front of our own or each other's computer.

p.s. - congratulations to Basra!

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Category: friends

02/26/05 04:49 - ID#36530

Memory Lane

So I saw my friend Andy (best music buddy[inlink]twisted,59[/inlink]ever) while I was in Boston earlier this week. It reminded me again how guilty I felt - and still feel I guess - about messing up "the balance" by leaving Boston after 20 years. Not just with Andy but with everybody. I guess anybody who leaves a relationship feels that to some degree.

Anyway, it was school vacation week so I met him and his kids at the Children's Museum on Tuesday. As we were getting our hands stamped I noticed he still had a fresh stamp from TT the Bear's Place where it turns out he had gone to see Colin Meloy of The Decemberists the night before. Between mediating the older and younger kid's turns and dodging the hordes of other kids also on school break, we caught up on music.

I asked him who he went to TT's with and he said no one. He just went by himself. He's been going to shows on his own lately. As he put it, everybody goes to sleep, Daddy goes out, Daddy comes home, everybody's still asleep, works great!

Considering we started hanging out because we kept showing up at the same shows alone, it's ironic the night after I got back to SF I ended up going to see Mission of Burma alone. I don't know what this all means, but it seemed worth noting.

I was also reminded that the last time I went to the Children's Museum was when my former company, ATG, had a Halloween party there. That was back in the dotcom heyday. I wish I'd had a place to blog then when life was interesting.

Probably the only other time I've been to the Children's Museum was when my Dad and brother drove up from South Carolina to visit me, also during school break. Somewhere I've got a great photo strip of my brother from one of those photo machines there (in black and white - that's how long ago this was). If I find it maybe I'll add it here later. (*see below.)

Andy, John and James in front of the Boston Children's Museum

Blurry reflection of me taking a picture of them in the fun mirrors

I took the T to South Station to get there. I used to take Amtrack to Baltimore from South Station back when travelling by train was cheaper than flying. God, I am so old.

Oh, this is the tea cozy I made that Mark is so crazy about. I don't get it personally. This would have been a good follow up to the Valentine post I accidentally deleted about how gifting changes throughout a relationship. But you'll just have to forget about that! Whoever you are. Does anybody read my journal on east? Maybe I should just stick to west.

Note to self: in addition to not blogging when wasted[inlink]ajay,276[/inlink], it's probably best not to blog when still semi-delirious from the plague.


  • p.s. - I found it. The photo machine starting taking pictures before he could climb into the booth. That was funny.


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02/21/05 06:22 - ID#36529

Ex tone

omg. I just found out my ex has his ringtone for me set for the theme from the exorcist. Please tell me that's just a play on "ex" and "exorcist." Somehow I don't think so.

Come on, I'm not that bad!

Pix of Mark's toaster collection[inlink]twisted,71[/inlink]from eBay:



I could have sworn he told me had 70 of them. Now he says it's only 40-50. That's still a lot of toasters.

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02/11/05 09:47 - ID#36527

Career Opportunities

Ok, so I'm back combing the job listings on craigslist, and there are some legitimate (you'd think) categories that just have the most bizarre posting titles. Am I reading too much into these?

Fri Feb 11

Erotic/ Adult Models FEMALE wanted for an internet content provider


Maybe I should think about updating my resume.

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02/06/05 03:49 - ID#36526

Digital Mosaics

Holy Moly,[inlink]ajay,260[/inlink](e:Ajay)! That's a large format output option you don't see every day.

What that guy is doing is basically the front-end of what I'd like to try, except I would use swatches of digital photos (or any digital image) with color values (within a specified tolerance) that match the ascii color map "quilted" together for the digital output. All I need for the back-end is some kind of script to process a directory of images and analyze each block (user-specified size) of contiguous pixels for blocks that match one of the necessary color values (within use-specified tolerance), crop, save and catalog each block then move on. Maybe it could replace color blocks if it finds a closer match later.

Sounds easy, right! A heckuva lot easier than sewing all those little squares together, let me tell you. Maybe (e:Paul) will whip out some code for me in his spare time after he's done taking and teaching classes and writing his thesis and all the other side projects he has going at any give time. Ha! Just kidding.

Speaking of labors of love - the estripwest demo party went VERY well. The mini-BLTs got scarfed up almost as soon as I sat them out. Luckily I had taken the precaution of personally performing a thorough random sampling to make sure they were ok.

Whoa! I hit 4k views. When did that happen?

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02/04/05 02:56 - ID#36525


Whoa momma! I had a bacon-induced orgasm just looking at that[inlink]lilho,235[/inlink]sandwich.

I wish you could come help too. I'll try to do you proud, although I doubt my mini-BLTs could match that trademark (e:lilho) lusciousness. I don't think anybody here will be complaining though. After all, it's bacon!

Thanks for the insider tips. I've found exceptional food or distracting earrings can get me through most social situations. Or a good soundtrack.

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02/03/05 08:06 - ID#36524

Name that site

As much as I love the name estripwest, I'm finally bowing to the common wisdom that a site about the oh-so-parochial island community of Alameda should probably have Alameda in the name. Call me crazy. Many have.

Given all the other "good" names are taken, I'm left with two contenders. Probably the smartest choice is I can shorten that to a:link the way elmwoodstrip is nicknamed (e:strip).

The sentimental choice, however, would be to name the site or a:strip for short. Is there any value there? Or is that a purely gratuitous homage?

I know I'm asking the wrong audience here, but I'm totally torn. I may hold a vote at the Alameda open house Saturday to decide. Thoughts? Feel free to cast your vote for a:link or a:strip in chat, if you feel so inclined. Please don't be mad at me if I have to go the other way.

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02/01/05 01:59 - ID#36503

What I won't be reading this month

The Atlantic emails me this handy summary of the upcoming issue, which will get tossed with the others I haven't read yet when it arrives. I used to love reading it, and I would still like to read it, but for some reason, I don't. When enough of them pile up to really depress me I drop them off at the library. Sometimes I'll click the link on the preview and read the online version of an article or two that sounds interesting. What's wrong with me? Can't I leave this freakin' computer for two minutes?

The articles with links have summaries online that anybody can read. You have to be a subscriber to read the whole thing. Maybe I should just bequeath my online subscription to someone who might use it.

The Atlantic Preview
Volume 295 No. 2 | March 2005

COMMENT American Casino
The promise and perils of Bush's "ownership society"
by Robert J. Shiller

FOREIGN POLICY What "W" Owes to "WW"
President Bush may not even know it, but he can trace his view of the world to Woodrow Wilson, who defined a diplomatic destiny for America that we can't escape
by David M. Kennedy

VERBATIM Rather's Familiar Quotations

THE LIST Security Fences

by Abigail Cutler

MEDIA J-School for Jerks
How you, too, can learn to behave like Bill O'Reilly
by Joshua Green

THE ODDS Who Will Be the Next James Bond?
by John Sellers

What's the Matter With Central Park West?
by Walter Shapiro

Primary Sources
Hizbollah's new toy; America's "Pedestrian Danger Index"; the perils of dialing drunk

by Matthew Quirk
[This article is not available online.]

The Accuser
One woman has spent decades documenting crimes against humanity in Iraq. Now Saddam and his circle are facing justice
by William Langewiesche

The Accidental Autocrat
Vladimir Putin is not a democrat. Nor is he a czar like Alexander III, a paranoid like Stalin, or a religious nationalist like Dostoyevsky. But he is a little of all these--which is just what Russians seem to want
by Paul Starobin

The Truth About Harvard
It may be hard to get into Harvard, but it's easy to get out without learning much of enduring value at all. A recent graduate's report
by Ross Douthat

POETRY Male Voices, From Below
by John Updike

by Frannie Lindsay

A drawing
by Guy Billout

EDITOR'S CHOICE Clothes-Minded
The London Look: Fashion From Street to Catwalk, by Christopher Breward, Edwina Ehrman, and Caroline Evans; Harvard Rules, by Richard Bradley; The Glorious Cause, by Robert Middlekauff; The Meaning of Independence, by Edmund Morgan
by Benjamin Schwarz

I'll Be Damned
Graham Greene's most fervent loyalty was to betrayal
by Christopher Hitchens

READING LIST One Great Book Per Life

Writers who said it all to perfection in a single book and then most decently died
by Allan Gurganus

Marshal Plan
The age of parents as friends is over
by Sandra Tsing Loh

A leading observer of militant Islam argues that the movement will undermine itself--if only the United States will let it
by Peter Beinart

Huey Long's aspiration--"Every man a king!"--is at last within our grasp
by Cullen Murphy

A LOOK BACK 55 Years Ago in The Atlantic
"My Father: Leslie Stephen"

SPORT The Magician
The world's best pool player sees shots no one else can
by Pat Jordan

THE PUZZLER Cloverleaf
by Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon

Word Fugitives
by Barbara Wallraff

POST MORTEM Ex-Husband of Love Goddesses
Artie Shaw (1910-2004)
by Mark Steyn

Who's Who
A selective index to this month's issue
Compiled by Benjamin Healy

p.s. - they don't have an RSS feed or I would have just added it.

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02/01/05 12:52 - ID#36502

Local business directory with pictures

CNet: Amazon search pictures your destination

Early Thursday, the company announced the first phase of its service, called Yellow Pages, with 20 million images from 10 cities, including Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Seattle.

People can call up a business listing to find contact information (with an Internet-to-phone dialing service), reviews, a local map and a photo of the business' facade. With a feature called "block view," people can also click to see adjacent businesses or surrounding neighborhoods.

To accomplish this feat, the company has sent a handful of vans onto the streets of America, touring around with digital video cameras strapped to their rooftops. The cameras are synchronized to a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver so that A9 can map local addresses to their images once recorded onto a computer hard drive. Because GPS can be inexact, the company has proprietary software to further map some images with addresses.

So far it has taken photos of roughly 1 million businesses in 10 metropolitan areas: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Portland, Ore.

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