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Category: peeptalk

01/28/05 03:01 - ID#36518

Parallel Universe

Hey (e:Dan)! Thanks for visiting[inlink]dan,63[/inlink]
. Yeah - you're not automatically logged into
with your (e:strip) login. I know -- (e:Metalpeter) asked the same question. But for now the two sites are separate and that means the user databases are too. Sorry if that seemed inhospitable. Not our intention!

I had the same deja vu/parallel universe reaction when I first saw (e:Metalpeter) show up in the
top 12. It is disorienting! Then I quickly remembered where I was, which is to say, not Buffalo. Also, I'm pretty sure you only have cause for concern if a member of one parallel universe has a goatee and their counterpart in the alternate universe does not. Frankly I try not to think too much about parallel universes and infinity and sh!t like that because it keeps me up at night.

Hope this helps! Come back and visit any time!

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01/27/05 02:27 - ID#36517

Open invitation

We would love to have you[inlink]paul,2629[/inlink].

View from the
e:west e:bungalow

Current weather conditions at 10:26am PST --

lisa: Partly Cloudy 48 F (9 C) 96%

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01/26/05 10:38 - ID#36516

Why I post

I've been thinking a lot about this lately as I gear up to get users to join
. I was one of the high maintenance user-wannabes who needed a freakin' engraved invitation to join. Oh, I was totally intrigued by the site and wanted to join. But I had my excuses. Now I can't imagine my life without it.

So now I can tell you a dozen reasons why I love posting here. But I'm more interested in what almost kept me from making that first post. And what it was that got me past that. And what got anybody else past their first post bugaboos.

I'm going to have to think about it some more. In the words of the Magic 8 ball, "Reply hazy, try again."

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01/26/05 12:09 - ID#36515

There's no place like home

Just got back from a whirlwind tour of Oakland, land of diversity. Started out at the Oakland Public Library, Asian Branch, to sign up for their Lawyers in the Library service. The guy on the phone put the fear of Buddha in me that the 10 slots would sell out if I didn't sign up early. So I did that then killed some time poking around Chinatown. Last time I spent any amount of time in Oakland's Chinatown was for the Street Festival last August. That was a mob scene! Got some cool free stuff though, most notably a sampler pack of condoms (two "designer" colors and two rough rider "studded," which I'm sorry to say are still burning a hole in my pocketbook). I love getting free stuff, but that mob was crazy.

Also had time to swing by the new Cool Neon offices down on Mandela Parkway to pick up my naked skaters card[inlink]twisted,138[/inlink]. One of the skaters gave me a tour and even cranked up one of their Cool Neon wire sculptures from Burning Man last year. They have Cool Neon sculpture workshops before Burning Man each year. I'll have to check that out. I love glowing sh!t.


You can program these things for different sequences and stuff if you know what you're doing. I told the Cool Neon guy about (e:Paul)'s foray into basic stamp programming. The Cool Neon guy (Benny, from the naked photo) said these things run on something that runs on the basic stamp. He lost me there. I was feeling pretty knowledgeable just being able to bandy about the basic stamp reference.

Benny also told me about the "Midnight Rollers" Friday night skate every week in San Francisco. I'd love to dust off my skates, although I really haven't done any serious skating since I was a kid. Sounds like fun though.

Oakland Public Library, Asian Branch

Estrip on the library PC. I couldn't open any links targeting new windows (among many other limitations).

Year of the Rooster art work

Waiting for their turn with the lawyers. I think they set it up in the children's section just to watch everybody trying to look comfortable in the kids' chairs

Yeah - I had a lot of time to kill waiting.

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01/25/05 05:18 - ID#36514

SF "hearts" naked people

At 02:34 PM 1/20/2005, you wrote:
>Hi there. Are there any local retailers where I can buy the Naked Skaters
>Crossing Golden Gate Bridge Greeting Card?
>I live in Alameda and bought one of the cards at the bookstore at Stinson
>beach, but now I really need another one!

From: "Funhouse Productions / Cool Neon Wire"


You can place an order on line and choose "Will-Call" ($0) as your shipping option. Then, call or email us to set up an appointment to come to Oakland and pick one up from one of the skaters in the picture! He will be clothed, but you can amuse yourself by trying to figure out which skater he is! ; )

We look forward to getting you glowing!
Heather Hornsby
Funhouse Productions
(510) 547-5878

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Category: web

01/23/05 07:30 - ID#36513


I read this article about LiveJournal last week, and it prompted me to create an account there to check out "the competition." They're also revamping their Terms of Service now that they've been acquired by Bay Area blogging tech company Six Apart (home of Movable Type), and I was curious about that too.

Here's my one and only LiveJournal post so far. I can't take credit for the userPic. That was (e:estrip)'s old Second Life avatar before I gave her a digital makeover[inlink]estrip,6[/inlink].


(Just in case you thought I was exaggerating.)

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01/22/05 09:31 - ID#36512


Have one on me tonight, Paul. I'll make a deposit to your paypal account to cover it. LOL.


Wish I could be there too!

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01/22/05 01:35 - ID#36511


[size=l]Have a Freakin' Great Happy Birthday, Paul. Stay warm![/size]

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01/21/05 02:19 - ID#36510

Fire Chicken Palette

My kitchen is based on fire chicken[inlink]paul,2599[/inlink]too, and I didn't even realize it. In any case, I think it bears a striking resemblance.


I knew I was in trouble when every single person I showed the formica counter sample to tried to talk me out of it. "Sunlight" by Formica, available from Home Depot by special order. Now, who couldn't like a color called "sunlight?" Screw them, it's my kitchen. Maybe not the best choice for resale value though.

I liked it so much I painted the trim the same color. The guy at Paganos did a great job matching the color, based on Ace color "marigold."

I really wanted to buy these knobs for the decoupaged cabinet doors, but they were $8 each! At the time, that seemed like way too much. In fact, it's only a drop in the bucket campared to the other expenses. If they had been earrings I wouldn't have hesitated. (Well, right then I would have. I've been on an austerity plan ever since that dang kitchen renovation.) When you come right down to it, knobs and pulls are basically earrings for your kitchen.

Indochine lacquer round knobs

Anyway, I didn't want to pay that, so I tried making some out of those 70s-style concave metal knobs from Home Depot for 79cents each. They didn't really come out the same way. I probably should have molded them out of something. If my time is worth anything, the home-made ones are probably worth a lot more than the store-bought ones would have been. Maybe I should just put the real ones on my Christmas list for next year. Small and easy to pack.

p.s. - speaking of Christmas lists, nobody got me the bike light I asked for. What's up with that? Doesn't my family care about my personal safety? Maybe they think I won't ride at night if I don't have a light.

Ok, I'm just procrastinating now. Back to work.

Oh wait, here's the original mock-up for the cabinets. Unfortunately some of those art prints didn't come in the sizes I needed for my cabinet doors. Oh well.


I still need to paint a red detail line or something around the smaller prints. It's so much easier to undo in Photoshop than in real life though.

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01/20/05 02:50 - ID#36509


Hey (e:Soyeon) - your poster looks great in my sewing room. I'm going to have to matte and frame that thing. It's almost camouflaged now.


I've started a new marketing campaign for (e:) west. It came to me during a wine tasting road trip to Healdsburg/Geyserville yesterday .


I have to remember to carry a sharpie with me at all times now.

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