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10/09/05 11:25 - 47ºF - ID#33158

Face Your Fears

(Show time rescheduled to 8:00 PM)


It's time to look our fears in the eye.
It will be easier if we all do it together.
The seance begins at 8:00 PM Sunday October 9th.

DJ Chlorine
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09/24/05 09:53 - 56ºF - ID#33157


Hey (e:strip),

I'll be doing another radio show very soon. That means it's time to submit song dedications.

To submit a dedication, send an e-mail to with song name, artist name, the dedicate-ee's name, and any message you'd like me to pass along. Be sure to indicate if you want your identity revealed, or if you'd like the dedication to be anonymous. Your secrets are safe with me.

DJ Chlorine
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07/18/05 05:58 - 85ºF - ID#33156

Hit Me Baby One More Time

Last night’s show will be re-broadcast tonight at 8:00 PM.

On TV they’d call this an encore performance.

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07/17/05 07:02 - 80ºF - ID#33155

I Believe in a Thing Called Love

Do you believe in love?

Then tune in to (e:strip) Radio tonight at 9:00 PM. We have a few e-peep song dedications tonight. Could one of them be for you?


(Show length 02:24:16, excluding times for songs requested during the show.)

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07/17/05 01:10 - 82ºF - ID#33154

Tonight, Tonight

(e:Twisted) is right - (e:strip) mail is down! If you've submitted dedication requests, you'll need to re-submit directly to me at They'll be played next show. We do have a couple dedications for tonight nonetheless.

The show tonight will be part 2 of the Dance Mix-o-Matic 5000 and will start @ 9:00.

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