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Category: movies

02/18/08 12:13 - ID#43377


Hey (e:Paul) -- Kimya is all over the Juno soundtrack.

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Category: movies

10/27/04 02:43 - ID#36409

harold & maude

[inlink]jill,149[/inlink]Thanks, (e:jill) .

Harold & Maude is quite possibly my favorite movie. Definitely in the top 10. I love the soundtrack, Cat Stevens' weirdnesses aside. When I moved to California I kind of adopted it (along with LA Story) as my personal cult flicks. When people come to visit me sometimes I make them watch one or the other while they're here. When I got laid off from my last job, Harold & Maude was playing the same day at the Red Vic. I took that as an omen, although I don't know of what. In any case, it made me feel better to walk out the door and have somewhere to go.

That's a great sketch! You must be a wicked etch-a-sketch artist. I'm completely inadequate when faced with a blank canvas.

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