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12/16/06 12:04 - 39ºF - ID#24001

even more horrifying

Ok, so the case I did yesterday makes the one I wrote about last time seem like nothing. I will spare you the details, except that at one point during the case I was told "hold on a sec, that might be brain. Who's on call for neurosurgery? Oh, no, it's just skull, you're ok keep going."

But the patient is a trooper and is doing great, all thing considered. But this morning I was told "well what we really need to do is bring her back in a few weeks and take out her eye."

Her EYE?! Jaw is one thing, but EYE???

But so it was a long day [sorry paul- got your msg, would have loved to, but was running late], and I was 1.5hr late for a christmas dinner party at my chairman's house. But I called to say I was running late, and got there as fast as I could. Well there were 6 people there, out of 18 invited. And only 2 of 9 from my class. The rest didn't even RSVP, just didn't show. I think that's awful. I mean if your boss (like the biggest head honcho you work with- also the nicest man on earth) invites you to his house, you fucking GO. And if you can't go, you send them your regrets. His wife cooked us this great dinner... It was nice. And very wholesome. They're mormon, so there was no booze. Instead there was this:


(sorry, don't know how to turn phone pix un-sideways).

And yes, I am 30 and spent last night making a gingerbread house.
When the chairman says jump, you say how high- and you like it, dammit.

(in all seriousness, it was pretty fun, and I am now semi-inspired to decorate for xmas. Anyone know where to get a decent (live) tree? Like a frasier fir?)

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12/12/06 07:30 - 53ºF - ID#23999

Chase hooked me up, again

Once again, great new music from my brother in law. And as much as I love Ratatat, they've been my user sound for a hundred years, so I guess it's time mix to it up a bit.

New song:
The Chills, by Peter, Bjorn and John.

"Swedish, and insidious", as Chase described them.

Best line- "Your tongue is sharp, but I miss the taste of it." (ch-ch-ch-ch-ch, ch-ch-ch-ch-ch)

That, and two of my other faves off the album, on Gather:



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12/10/06 01:41 - 41ºF - ID#23997

anticlimactic [now w/ pix!]

PMT- did you find my gloves? Little red leather ones. Not sure where I left them, but they weren't in my coat pockets.

Had fun last night, hope you all did too. Thanks! Happy birthday again Tony. Hope you enjoyed your party- somehow think you did.
And I think I'm finally learning... I wasn't even hungover this "morning" when I woke up.

Oh and tracee says "thanks I had fun" too.

Oh wow. happy (e:strip)peversary to me... start date 12/6. Missed it by a few. And actually, I really started with my short-lived alter ego (e:alex) on 12/4.

Too bad I don't have anything more profound to say...

Oh, well here are some pix. Thought I took more!

(e:imk2) and myself.

Yvonne trying to teach me how to make a sexy face for the camera. I don't think I quite got it. ;)

Tony, how many different ties did you wear last night?

me and Tracee (even through the blur, you can see, I'm back to my trademark picture-smile. It's like I can't help it.)

And, more in focus.
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12/09/06 05:22 - 38ºF - ID#23996










And I saw my dinner pseudo-inviter at the exam this morning... no apology, no acknowledgement, no nothing. Awesome.

Can't wait to relax and have fun with some booze and some tunes and some good peeps tonight.
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12/08/06 04:36 - 26ºF - ID#23995

Coupla things...

1: Happy Birthday Tony! (it was yesterday.) (sneaky bastard)

2: My apologies for the gross post- guess I'm too desensitized. Didn't mean to give anyone nightmares or make them puke or anything. (but in case you're curious, the guy from yesterday is doing great. All swollen and stuff, but I must say looks pretty damn good considering he doesn't have a jaw anymore.)

3: this police shooting this makes me absolutely furious. Violent crime makes my blood boil. I am so glad I am not working at ECMC right now. I dealt with a cop that was shot in the head (and died) in med school... what a mess. Major press, same kind of thing as this.

But the thing is, I was eating at Hardware that night, and randomly happened to sit next to one of the trauma PAs from ECMC that we work with, and while we were eating she got a page and read it and said 'huh. two GSW on their way. Glad I'm not on call tonight." Found out later it was this crime, only blocks away. Yuck.

3.5: ajay, glad you're with me on the dinner invite. I thought (think) maybe I was just being a whiny baby, but I thought that was pretty rude.
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12/07/06 10:28 - 16ºF - ID#23994

My work is horrifying

Don't smoke people, ok? Please? Promise?

Long day at work, was in the OR for 13hr straight (no breaks). But it was cool. This guy first came in b/c he noticed his dentures didn't fit. Well, this problem must have been going on for quite some time, but he's old and a little crazy and didn't notice. Bottom line- he had a huge tumor in the floor of his mouth that had eaten through his jaw, and was actually exploding out of the skin. It was stinky and weepy and scabby. It was really gross. And sad. (and probably caused by smoking). So we had to cut his jaw off. His entire chin. From the corners of his mouth, down. Like a puppet. Just sawed it off, and put it in a bucket to send to pathology. We were going to take a bone from his leg to make a new jaw, but he was deemed "too sick" so we used metal plates instead (which don't work as well). Then we took his pec muscle to make him a new mouth/chin.

So it was a long case, but it was actually super cool. And I realized that I like fixing the hole (which is the domain of plastic surgeons) better than making the hole. Always nice to reaffirm that I actually like my chosen field. :)

But anyway- that part is gross and horrifying, sure. But they do it at roswell all the time. The part that actually got to me today was when we were getting started. Put the guy to sleep, shaved his beard (or tried to, it was all crusty and gross), put pads under his heels etc etc. Usually we tape people's eyes closed, so they don't get scratched or anything. But this time since we would be working on his head and need to move it around and stuff I guess he wanted to be extra careful. I heard him ask for a stitch, and I wasn't sure why so I went to look-

He freaking SEWED his eyelids shut.

I know he didn't feel it and we took the stitches out before he woke up etc, but that kind of freaked me out.

And my annoyance for the day- last week was invited to dinner at Nektar. I replied "yeah sure, if I'm off work in time. What time is dinner?" "dunno, I'll let you know." Well it was tonight. When I got home I texted the guy "so, what happened to dinner?" He replied "you snooze you lose." I wrote 'I was waiting for you to write me back with the time." He said 'oh... well you should come by, we're just finishing."

Thanks fucker. Invite me for dinner, then forget to tell me what time, and don't even notice I'm not there. I feel so loved...

Crap. I have a big text saturday morning and I am not ready for it. It's only a practice test, so it's hard to motivate to study, not to mention I've been working late. But I am dreading it.

If only there was a party or some way to get drunk afterwards... ;)

See you soon peeps. Stay cozy!

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12/06/06 05:15 - 40ºF - ID#23993

I love the Onion [UPDATED]

From the Onion's gift guide-

For People Who Want A Watch That Isn't, By Any Practical Definition, A Timepiece

Nooka Zub 20 Watch ($125)

For a while, wristwatch technology was all about making it easier to tell time-lots of large, digital number displays, soft, glow-in-the-dark lighting, and comforting beeps. But eventually, consumers realized that they could get that same technology from their cell phones, but without having to remember to put on a dumb piece of jewelry in the morning. This shift forced wristwatch manufacturers to re-think their whole approach: "Instead of making it easier to tell time, we should make it more difficult," they thought, "That way people will believe they need wristwatches." And so the Nooka Zub 20 was born-a wristwatch that has a weird name, a flexible rubber band, and a face that looks like a calculator and that's "made of dots that represent the hours and a bar to tell you the minute plus a digital second window which toggles to show the date." Of course. Also, it's blue.

Find it at:

and here's a pic:image

I was going to write another whole post about this guy saga- but instead, I won't. (E:pyrcedgrrl) I think has hit it the closest. I think he really is just trying not to be an asshole, esp since he knows I had my heart a little traumatized fairly recently. Commendable behavior. But at the same time- (e:newjason) may have a point too. I don't want wishy-washy. I want someone to take charge, and to want me, and to let me know that. If he breaks my heart, maybe that's the price I pay.

And finally- for (e:kara) (and all other dog lovers)-

This recipe comes from Deb Sprague, who says:

Thought I would share one of Avalanches favorite recipes.
I made them today for the boys and they loved them too.!

2 Cups whole grain spelt flour
1 Cup Cornmeal
3 eggs
1 1/2 Cups canned pumpkin(make sure its canned pumpkin and
not pumpkin pie filling that is loaded with sugar!)

Mix all ingredients if it looks too sticky add a bit more spelt
flour and roll out to about 1/4"

Cut into bone shapes place on slightly floured cookie sheet

Cook at 350 for 25 to 30 minutes then turn off oven and
let them sit if you want them crispy..If you want them softer
for your older bullies take them out right away and they will
be chewy.

yummy! no wheat, and pumpkin is good for bully
digestion! I'm going to have to eat a few too.

And new info for you music peeps out there- Just learned there's a 5-disc Sufjan Stevens xmas cd out there. Downloading (legally of course) as we speak. Will give reviews later.
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12/04/06 08:05 - ID#23991

@#$%@$#% ice grumble grumble *&^(&


So I tend to always be cold. I can usually deal with it, but sometimes in winter, that chill just sets in to the bone... Sometimes I can get bundled up and face the cold and it's even refreshing... but other days I just dread having to go out there. I stall and make excuses... So today was one of those days. But finally I headed home. There's barely any snow on the ground, but the roads are DAMN slippery! I was crawling along at like 2 miles an hour like an old lady. Giving myself TONS of room before stopping or turning.... and my car behaved itself very well, all sorts of traction-control lights flashing on and off, and keeping me going in the intended direction.

So then I was coming down North, into the circle at Richmond. (symphony circle?) Going nice and slow, since there is a car stopped ahead waiting to enter the circle. Step on the brakes, car doesn't slow. Anti-lock brakes start stuttering... car is not slowing down. Traction-control blinking like crazy... I'm thinking 'wait, what is it? turn INTO the skid?' then realized "but wait, I'm not turning". Then I think 'pump the brakes?" "no, anti-lock brakes. Don't pump them."
Then it hits me- I am not going to stop. And I just sat there for what seemed like an eternity, thankful I had my seatbelt on, and wondering if my airbags would go off when the inevitable impact occurred.

Fortunately it was about a 2mph impact, so the airbags did not go off. And the guy was very nice. On his way to choir practice at Kleinhans. No one was hurt. My car is fine, from what I can tell. His was mostly fine- the plastic on one of the back lights cracked. So we exchanged info, and went on our ways. Then of course that god damned good-for-nothing detour on richmond is still up, which sent me skidding through yet another intersection. Scary.

My car was about to be in time out, until I noticed that every car I saw was skidding at the stop signs, so I guess it's just the shitty roads.

Blah... just what I needed on top of this lame day.
(I got a very ominous message yesterday from J, saying "we need to talk". Have not been able to make contact yet, but I find I am scared. Feel like a naughty child that is about to get yelled at.)

Anyway... I think some tivo and hot chocolate is in order. Stay warm (and off the roads!) peeps!

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12/02/06 06:31 - ID#23990

back to normal

Ok, time to pause my babbling for something much more meaningful-

Just found another cool charity idea- Charity Checks the website is a little crappy, but the idea is great.
Basically you send them a donation, and they send your designated recipient a check for that amt of money, with the 'pay to' field blank, and then the person you send it to gets to make it out to ANY charity they want. Sort of like a Charity gift certificate.
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11/30/06 08:54 - ID#23988


Ok, can anybody tell me anything about the annoying detour on Richmond and W. Ferry that makes me late for work every morning since I forget about it? The road has been blocked for just that one block, for the entire week. And I see ZERO signs of construction, road work, anything. Does anyone know anything about this? Google was not helpful.
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