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11/17/06 10:53 - 38ºF - ID#23982

no turkey for me

So when I finally left work last night, I walked out to my car... got to the parking lot... and then remembered I was on the ramp, like 4 blocks away. Dumbass. Oh and then got to my car, and got paged. Stupidly, I answered it. "hi, we need orders on the new patient" "ok, well, um, I'm not in the hospital anymore, and I'm not on call." "who is on call?" "Dr. N" "Yeah... well we called him, and he yelled at us and said to call you for you to do it." So I had to fucking go back in.

Then got home, and realized that even if do get thanksgiving off, I won't have time to go home to see my fam, and I imagined spending thanksgiving alone on my couch eating cereal. That was the last straw, and before I knew it I was crying. Just one of those days.

Maybe we need an (e:strip) loner thanksgiving dinner.

Today was not much better. Had to stay 5hr late. Guess I will NOT go out of town for my sacred whole-weekend-off.

But anyway the point of this random post is not [just] to bitch- but just to relay some of the shit that I hear at work.

I work with one guy, sort of my boss for the month, who is actually hysterical, but totally inappropriate. And I couldn't really care less.

But today I was feeling the the lung, and he asked if I could feel the tumor, and I said "yeah, it feels kind of hard"- and in reply got (of course ) "that's what she said".

Then at the end of the case I was putting in some injections, and did a few, then asked "can I get more?" and he said "I don't know... that's a pretty personal question... But, it IS fri, so I wish you luck."

There were also jokes about burying kittens just enough so their heads stick out, then running over their heads with the lawn mower.

I just thought later 'he's lucky none of the tight-ass nurses were in there, or he would be written up so fast.'

Duh- forgot the whole reason I wanted to post.
So I got an email today from my friend J- saying I won the Stranger than Fiction soundtrack from his blog (woohoo!). [I think I've posted it before, but he has a cool music blog, with a few free songs every couple days- ]
But anyway, he emailed to say I'd won. Then said sorry he's been out of touch, but that their friend T just died. And I replied "T? As in T that had sex with a random chick on the floor of my closet during mardi gras? DIED?!" And he said yup, that's the one.
The kid was 28.
Apparently he was epileptic, had a seizure in the shower, fell, hit his head, and drowned.

Holy fuck.

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11/16/06 06:37 - 60ºF - ID#23981


Yvonne, tell us about your job!

What a fucking miserable day. :(
sucked sucked sucked.

had a long convo last night... a good one... but a few bits kind of left a bad taste in my mouth/filled me with doubt, so I slept badly and that started the day off on the wrong foot.
Then I got to work so late (since my power and thus alarm clock went out last night) I had to park on the ramp.
then realized in my rush out the door I forgot my wallet.
So I would have no money to get my car out of the garage at the end of the day.
Let alone eat (lunch is the highlight of my day, and it pisses me off to miss it).
But the money didn't matter since I couldn't get 5 seconds to myself for the whole damn day. Someone knocked on the door OF THE BATHROOM to ask me a (stupid) question even.
And I didn't get responses to emails that I was hoping for, which made me sad.

Then I guilt-tripped paul and tony into lending me money, but a friend came through at the last second. (thanks anyway guys).

Someone was being a royal bitch all day in clinic, and I tried to apply some of my new thoughts lately and tried to "have compassion" for her and imagine how unhappy she probably is, rather than just hate on her. I was not very successful.

I am starving and exhausted and have a killer headache and don't get to leave here til prob 730.

Ok, done whining.
Sorry for that little outburst.
phew, i feel better now.

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11/14/06 03:23 - 45ºF - ID#23980


Dear "guest"-

Fuck off.
and learn to spell.

[And since when is RELIGION about eating less and "excercising"?]
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Category: music

11/13/06 10:08 - 44ºF - ID#23979

free cd

so my six-pack of magic hat had a coupon on it...
go to
to download a free cd.
you have to give them your email, etc, though in order for them to send you the link.

haven't listened to it yet, but it's what i would call hippie music- string cheese incident, umphrey's mcgee, etc.

not too much new here...
work work work, that's about it.
But I am now ATLS certified, so if you are ever in a mobile home and the propane tank explodes and sends you flying 15 feet into a wall, or you are ever a pregnant woman in a car crash, or if you get stabbed in the back and then fall through ice- just come to me. ;)

have been having a lot of conversations lately about... god who knows. sort of the meaning of life, religion, enlightenment... kind of wild stuff that I would usually sort of write off- but now it's got me thinking. Hmm. What IS it all about?? I think a big can of worms has been opened. I hope this is not a bad thing.

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11/05/06 11:14 - 45ºF - ID#23978

cool-ass nerd stuff

Ok, so I decided that for about the first time in my life that I'd try to educate myself for this election. So I picked up the Voter's Guide at Spot today. I am about 30 seconds into it, and already it's making me crazy. God I hate politics. I always feel a little guilty for being so utterly uninformed about politics- but at the same time there's something to be said for my peace of mind, I think.

So I was studying, and reading a chapter about lung cancer, and there was the following in my book:

Primary tracheal tumors are unusual, frequent occurances.

Huh? Aren't unusual and frequent sort of opposites? eh, whatever.

And later it talked about how if you have to remove part of the trachea, in order to keep tension off the stitches while it heals, the usual thing to do is to sew the person's chin to his breastbone for 7 days.
I certainly hope I never have to do that. How horrifying.

Ok, but to my point-
I tend to be scientific and analytical about things. Pretty uncreative, and generally very skeptical of things I can't explain. Hence the whole atheism bit.

But was talking to a friend the other day, and got to talking about freaky math- chaos theory, fractals, etc. And the Fibonacci sequence. A simple sequence, where you start with 0,1 and then just add the previous two numbers together to get the next one. 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13 etc. No big deal, simple, just some numbers, right?

Well... it turns out that if you plug this into mathematical modelling programs, it will predict, quite accurately, the way branches come off a tree. Or rivers fork and divide. Or the way the human lung is divided into smaller and smaller segments.

And then other equations can map out the stripes of a zebra or the pattern on a shell...

How freaking geek-cool is that?

Must say it kinda gives me goosebumps... Maybe there is something up there in charge of it all, after all. ;)

Here's a cool little article about it. (and this is not new news- this is from 1993).

p.s. paul that reminds me- what happened to the newsfeeds and stuff that used to be over on the right?
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11/05/06 07:52 - 38ºF - ID#23977


Ok, so I should not post (or communicate in any way, probably) when I first wake up, or am just going to bed- as I somehow say weird crazy things that I otherwise would not. Like the other night my phone rang at 4am and woke me up- I didn't answer, but responded with a ridiculous text message. Later in the day thought 'oh WHY did I say that?'

But I had the most insane dreams again last night... This time not about cool exotic travelling- but I was somehow infiltrating some secret ring- Nichols School was apparently grooming certain seniors for... well I don't know for what... but there was a select group of students that had implants placed in their arms, and were sort of brainwashed... And somehow I knew it and was trying to prove it... I was finding clues underwater, sneaking into christmas chapel services, somehow managed to do a tonsil biopsy (???) on one girl- then they released dogs on me who smelled in in my pocket...

I've never been to Nichols. I don't know if they HAVE christmas chapel. I must have been projecting my own boarding school memories. But it was wild. Sort of a cross between Harry Potter and James Bond. Then the damn alarm had to wake me up.

And on that note, I will be late for work. Later peeps. Have a peaceful sunday.

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Category: dorks

11/02/06 11:51 - 31ºF - ID#23975

Talking shop

Ok... So I went out tonight to "watch the hockey game", though in reality I went to drink beer and ignore the game.

But some friends were (back) in town.
Med students that graduated in may, and now are off being real mini-docs of their own.

And so we were all sitting there... drinking beer... watching hockey... catching up...


no one could talk about anything but work.

"oh my god well I had this patient who..."

"oh yeah? well MY med student did..."

And I just thought "oh god... am I that boring?"

No offense to my friends... I know what they're going through... it's all new and exciting and overwhelming.... but not at a bar, guys.

I know I tell a lot of stories.
I find them amusing. I think they're worth sharing.

But now that I'm on the other end of the stick-

God I hope I don't bore you all to death.

If I do- would you please tell me to SHUT THE FUCK UP and STOP TALKING SHOP?


Thank you.

Then the one non-medical guy brought some friends of his over... all musicians... Including Paolo. Paolo is Italian. I was fascinated, because I speak italian (sort of), and was so excited to have someone to talk to. And damn... an italian accent is hot. Unfortunately, I think that was misinterpreted as romantic interest. Oy...


Time for bed.

Go sabres?

(I got yelled at for ordering Sam Adams at Faherty's. "it's a boston beer". Shit... sorry... Boston's my home team, though.)

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10/31/06 06:37 - 56ºF - ID#23974


so (e:lilho,470) reminded me that I had the most crazy, awesome dreams last night. I felt like I was dreaming allll night. Unfortunately couldn't remember too much in the morning. But it was cool exotic travel stuff. I went to one place where the roads were made out of six feet of ice. But somehow it was warm out, and we slept in hammocks...

I love fun dreams. :) I wonder if it was the Belgian beer I had last night, or remnants of the weekend, or being less sleep deprived. Hmm. But when I woke up I was all confused and sort of in a daze.

And on a mostly unrelated note- boys confuse me. Simple as that.
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10/29/06 05:38 - 44ºF - ID#23973

Halloween fiasco

Whew, what a weekend. So I had planned on going to Timika's party. When I got home from work, I laid down at 5:30 for "a quick nap", then I was going to shower and get ready and head over. Well, I woke up at 12:30, decided it was too late to start getting ready, and went back to bed. Slept til 9:30. 16 hours. Yeah. I guess I needed it. But I'm bummed I missed out- Timika where are your pix?

Then last night my plan was to go to a party in Allentown, and meet up with Tony somewhere along the way. But instead went to dinner/watch the game at Toro. Split a bottle of wine. Then to Merritt's house for a minute- more wine. Then to some random basement party off Hertel. More wine to go. Then finally to Allentown. The party was pretty fun. They had a band playing on one floor. And Sean has a really cute dog, so I was playing with the dog, and he said that he's trying to get another dog.... Turns out he's trying to adopt from 'the boy'. Small world. I told him I'd put in a good word for him- then realized my word will probably hurt more than help. :(

Anyway so we were at that party for a while, and all my friends were eager to meet Black Jesus. But then the call for food won out, and we were going to head to Jim's. But there were cops all over and the window was broken or something. And then all of sudden I realized I was trashed and needed to go home. That second. So I came home and went to bed. had a nasty hangover all day, and just started feeling human again around 5. Now to clean up this mess of a house, and maybe head to spot to get some studying done. Maybe. Sorry we missed you, tony.

So, here are a few terrible pix. Please tell me you can tell what I'm supposed to be. I thought it was pretty obvious. But maybe it wasn't. Here's a hint- I am NOT the Statue of Liberty- which two people thought I was.

Merritt and Kelly. Kelly is a flapper. Obviously. Merritt is a cowboy. But didn't realize how Brokeback he was in that coat until it was too late.

Me. Terrible.

Julie is about 6'1, and then is wearing like 6" platforms. That girl was tiny.

Merritt getting brokeback spanked by the naughty nurse.

Julie, me, and Kelly. I never thought I was THAT short...

Ah yes, his crotch, I think that's the best place to listen for a pulse.

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10/24/06 10:29 - 41ºF - ID#23972

back me up here, peeps

Ok, so I'm a little drunk and rambly (side note- I do not recommend eating at fanny's, even if for free)- but here's a story.

So... as you may know I'm applying for plastic surgery fellowships. It is very competitive, and I think I'll need all the help I can get. So there's this forum, on "" where people write about their application experiences, etc. But mostly it's a lot of med students bitching and moaning. So... I'm too lazy to cut and paste the whole convo, and besides it's too long. But this one little shit, who goes by "moola" was debating the pros and cons of plastics vs. ent- blah blah blah. But at the end he said "but all I want is to be a real moola doctor". I couldn't hold my tongue, and I told him I recommended he cool it with the moola shit; that it's offensive.

Well he came out and tore me a new one, saying that *I* was the offensive one, he grew up poor, wants to be a self-made man, blah blah. I couldn't care less, and I don't care how poor he is- I think most people already think doctors sit on their asses all day and do nothing but play golf and make millions, which is so far from the truth. He does not need to perpetuate that myth.

So I responded. He ripped into me again, at which point I decided I was done. But someone else ripped into me, saying "it's liberals like you..." which just made me laugh. Me, liberal?! hardy har.

But seriously- is it just me, or is it tacky and gross to hear someone talking about choosing their specialty based not on a love of the field, or the patients, but on "moola"?

I hate my job sometimes. Not my job, but that I have to be lumped in with douchebags like that.


Ok, done ranting. time for bed.
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