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06/25/05 10:13 - ID#34569

Good times...

It looks like everyone had a blast Thursday night at (e:Ajay)'s farewell at the Pink!
I hurt me not to be there ; (
That beer drinking in the drunk is right up my alley. As a matter of fact, last week I performed a similar adventure: 1 bottle of Panama Jack in purse/1 free very lg Coke & a smile from the Bartender/ 1 Clean lavatory & voila'!!! Instant Drunkenness!!!
This led to riding in a Honda Civic crouched in the front seat, face forward in my friends lap (strictly platonic though). There were six of us crammed inside (Three guys in the back and three peeps in the front) That was a very uncomfortable ride. Oh yeah, and it was a stick shift upon which we all thought we were going to die inside of...

But alas, we arrived safely into Del Ray Va. I pass out on the sofa. I wake up the next morning preparing to take the metro back to Vienna where I left Sebastian.
I make a mad dash for the metro bus and whoops!
I fall down a flight of fancy stairs in my hot new shoes and bust my ass real good!!!
Death by Shoes...
So needless to say, I did not end up getting home until right at 8pm SUnday night. (24hrs later)
I spent the next several hours laid up on my friends sofa while he shoved ice down my back side and made dinner (Crab Cakes - yummy ;) .)
That is a true friend!!! I am still sitting on ice as I type this - yes my arse is still swollen/it's Saturday. I have never seen something swollen for that long. There are lovely bruises to match this time. They go very well with the bikinis I bought just a day before the mishap.

But anyhow, speaking of friends... My Buffalo Visitor this month is my friend Lisa.
She is here for a week . We spent 4 hours in Ikea yesterday!
I got super deals all for under $20.00. Here they have an "AS IS" section full of returned items most in new condition. Yay!!!
I got these straws for $0.49. They were NOT in the "AS IS" section!!!
Lisa put them next to me & took this shot while I napped before climbing into bed.
But, they fit the mood at the end of the day "GROGGY"
me passed out in the middle of the floor (ice pack in place)

Sunday is the Dave Matthews Concert!!! My first DMB concert outside of New York State! Whoo Hoo!!!

Missing Image ;(

I "HEART" DMB in VA!!!

more to come later... Gotta help a friend move today and hit up the National Capital BBQ Battle fest downtown DC.

Best wishes to (e:Ajay)!!!! New ventures are awesome! Even though you will still be on the strip in heart/spirit, the neighborhood won't be the same without your physical presence! I love reading about your day sitting outside of Cafe Aroma or dancing with Hotties in Lotis!

Good Luck in the Bay!!!

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06/11/05 04:22 - ID#34568

crazy world...

who sells birth control on Craigslist????

Reply to:
Date: 2005-06-10, 6:30PM EDT

Hi, I've got a packet of Ortho Cyclen (NOT tri-cyclen) that expires 01/06. That's stamped right on the package for your verification.

I paid $30, went off the pill, and am asking $15.

Can meet you in Old Town (I live 40 minutes away in the boonies, and this is the closest stop for me).

Please write me only if you are seriously interested.


* no -- it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
Quoted from: ortho

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06/11/05 04:04 - ID#34567

Happy Hour - 7 hrs strong!!!

Crashing happy hours is the best!!! Esp when it's closed party. Invite only.
I had been dying to check out 18th street lounge,but you gotta go with the right mix of people who are down with having fun and not just looking for fun...
. Home of Thievery Corporation. These guys spin some damn hot beats! My fav of course is Sex Elevator Music.

I thought it was going to be the perfect night of being the best wing girl on the block... Me, struttin' hot, mixin' around the crowd, and shakin' it on the floo-all without visible attachment; but apparently I may need to review the rules or maybe just go along with my own rules(anything goes)...

The catch? WG don't date clients – they help them find dates. A feminine take on the "Wing Man," these pickup chicks go out with guys masquerading as friends or coworkers. When Romeo spots prospects, his WG divebombs, striking up girl-girl chats peppered with anecdotes about how her "love-him-like-a-brother" pal "rescued my kitten" or "just got promoted." Then Prince Charming swoops in and scores easy digits!

Quoted from: Hot sexy ladies ..We're looking for Wing Girls...

all I know is that you guys are a trip sometimes... I laugh about it. You don't know what you want. You sometimes try to sell yourself into the idea of what you want.
if you do this, whisper to yourself; don't try to convince yourself aloud where the girl can hear you! "Hey baby, you may just work!" what the...

Perhaps this is something was all do, men & women alike. Maybe that's our mutual hangup which causes a + +/- - repelling of one another... I dunno.
Other than...
last night = hella fun!

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06/08/05 10:25 - ID#34566

are we cuttin' it...

don't you hate when you pay for services and you don't get exactly what you wanted???

Esp when you pay someone $50 for a freakin' haircut!!! not a wash, not a style, just to fuckin' cut some hair!!!

I have no hair. it's not sexy like I wanted. It's cutesy patsy like. it sucks.

so, in much witheld angst, I went to the mall to add on the new do...
$60 worth of shirts (marked down of course, but still hot!!!) to redirect attention from the hair elsewhere...

sad me...

crying is so unbecoming... esp when you look like a boy.
"boys don't cry!"

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06/05/05 08:30 - ID#34565


so things were going well, better than well: Fabulous!!! Black tie affairs, church services, dinners, fancy brunches, family love and the entire 9....

then play time ensued...

I think I am reserving my one way ticket to hell ATL style!!! so sad, very sad. Last night the preacher said "EASY, things would be easy as long as you didn't sin..."
24hrs didn't pass before the martini's were pouring and some other umentionable stuff started... good lord I need to chill...

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06/02/05 07:04 - ID#34563

the blahs...

why is it when you return home from vaca, you sometimes get the blahs...
I don't want to do much of anything. go figure, it's the lazy procrastinator in me.

I don't want to hang out tonight. instead I actually fried food(in the oven. though it seems like that may be a fire hazard!) and gorged. this is a necessary sometimes. esp when you are too poor to aford the golden arches!

I have to catch a flight mid-day tomorrow to Atlanta to celebrate my Grand Papa's 70th Birthday! That I am excited about, but at the same time I am removed from the excitement.

darm pms.

don't want to pack.

"sing" Pity Sing "sing" I am addicted to this song "Radio". "We'll fuck on the dee dah..."

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05/30/05 11:25 - ID#34561


New York City = Hella Fun!!!
West Village rocks!!!
Great hanging out with (e:Lilho) ; (e:Tina) ; (e:thesimeon); and (e:hodown) too !!!
Gosh, I love and miss New York!!! Nice to hang out in my old hood.
Music in CP & Washington Square Park; Crack deals on the corner; Celebrity sightings around the bend; and unbeatable energy holding it all together!

Hot music, Hot people, Hot Town!!!

(the several hundred pictures taking will be shown at a later time. stay tuned)
night night time...

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05/26/05 06:32 - ID#34560

here's one...

Fun at the Brickskeller Bar in DC;

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05/22/05 07:50 - ID#34559

where it all begins...

got up pretty early today to see Star Wars @ 10AM. Good Film. I think that adds up to the second movie I saw in a theater this year. mmmm.... The Dark Side!!!!

Can't wait for Batman Begins to come out...

cats suck. Went to a yard sale & they had cats; Allergies have been out of control since...

I miss the guys already :( I am glad they got to stop by and have some beers! :)

I will post pics once they are resized.

Right now, diggin' the dj stylistics of dr X.

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05/10/05 10:25 - ID#34557

random thought...

there should be a "Love your blog Day"
listing all the reasons you blog and the good it provides you (or bad if you prefer love that way...)

Apparently today for me is love anything inanimate day...

Shoes, Various other Nonsensical items, & "Sebastian"
(other people daydream about success, love, etc...I daydream about shoes!)
((there should be a short film regarding this feat. on IFC or Sundance))

So why not love the blog too? No need to exclude it. Love your thoughts, your rants, your raves, your ideas, your memories, your arguments with other epeeps, etc...

now i must, sink into this chair and mellow out w.bjork.

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paul said to ladycroft
Nice to "see" you. I let the CPR ads stay because at least it was something lol...

ladycroft said to joe finger went spastic. ...

ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...

ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...