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05/09/05 06:08 - ID#34556

weather faux pas...

Where's (e:pageseven) when you need it!!!
70-80 degree temps prompt people to wear white pants and sandals. Egads!
As tempting as it is... I cannot. So, (e:pageseven), I am requesting a posting on the fashion etiquette's of the 21st century to set all straight! Perhaps you may yield the other way, I don't know if there are southern or northern influences or none at all...
Nevertheless, Dear guru, Hear my prayer!
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05/08/05 04:57 - ID#34555


wowey wow! Wegmans here is huge! I wish I took my camera. There are three levels;
A Wine Store, The Cafe, & The Market. There is underground parking in addition to the large lot out front. There are elevators for you and your carts and a nice little price tag for food to pay for it all...

125,000 square feet, with mezzanine-level seating for more than 200 in the Market Café

600 employees

750 parking spaces
Quoted from: Wegmans in Fairfax, Virginia Opens Sunday, February 13

Sorry guys, I didn't bother to check out the ladies. not my cup of tea - although, I could not find the tea section that is usually located in the whole foods area; : (

What did almost make a tear fall, was when I saw the Bison's Dip that is decorated to show off the spirit of Buffalo and the Bills. Bison Dip, The official dip of the Bills!!! "How cute"

Nice, but way too many people and their carts!!!

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05/04/05 06:39 - ID#34554

shock-not so much

there it goes... my one day of rest & cleaning! I have been on the go ever since Saturday. phone rings: friend says "I am at the airport" - Complete Surprise!!!
My Laundry List of things to do:
Disinfect/Clean kitchen of dust and paint - dishwasher is installed.
Vacum remaining saw dust inside/outside apt.
replace kitchen items to original home (they have taken up residency in the living room)
do laundry (need hot outfits for next two days-got gatherings to attend)
clean bathroom once again this week - shared facilities with the handy man
we won't start on the bedroom...
However, these things are now on hold as I shuffle to see surprise guest.
I really must sleep tonight.

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05/03/05 06:30 - ID#34553


my itunes doesn't recognize me anymore : (
can't buy free music/very sad...
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05/03/05 05:52 - ID#34552

Bite Me

blech! to 8 hr shift politics!!
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04/28/05 11:47 - ID#34551

New Car New Car New Car

At Least to me... Yay!!!! Yay, for 4 wheels, an engine and Sasss!!!
My new beau's name is: Sebastian. He is swedish. He is darling.



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04/23/05 09:05 - ID#34550

native or foreign while riding?

This French man on the bus today ask me if I were African?
I said no. I was thinking more like, WTF??? Note to self, do not leave the house without makeup on!!! His question had nothing to do with what he began talking to me about...France and how great it was and how he had not been back in 20 years, etc...

Another man in the back of the bus was trying to secure a girlfriend who went to George Mason University.
I said no, I am not the one(then I started talking to myself so he'd leave me alone). He then asked the next girl who boarded the bus the same thing!!! Crazy or desperate or both I tell ya'.

I try to think public transportation is not so bad. Especially here in this region. But most days its a hard convincing act. (remember the post about the man with the creepy crawlers on his back?)

Thankfully(I think), the bus driver had my back and started to root and woof after the other men exited the bus saying "You tell 'em, you are a home grown sister!!!"
I'm like "I's he crazy too?"

But no body beats the entertainment found in the NYC Subways!!!!

Apparently no matter how affluent the area, crazies still ride public transportation.

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04/21/05 06:42 - ID#34549

too close to home; yet awfully funny!

SNL - Oops I crapped my pantsQuoted from: >

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04/20/05 10:04 - ID#34548

Thank you!!!

Thank you for the well wishes everyone!
I am better now that I am once again living amongst the hydrated!!!
Loads of gatorade and jello today; and more rest than god had on the 7th day!

I knew I was feeling better when I started to sing randomly.

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04/20/05 10:03 - ID#34547

Right on the dime

April 20, 2005
today's free LIBRA report

You're still not feeling all that fit for human consumption -- so why rush things? Stay snuggled up and do what comes naturally -- even if it means aggravating those who are in a bit of a rush to see youQuoted from: Free Daily Overview Horoscope for LIBRA from

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paul said to ladycroft
Nice to "see" you. I let the CPR ads stay because at least it was something lol...

ladycroft said to joe finger went spastic. ...

ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...

ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...