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Category: food

04/03/10 10:02 - ID#51317

Greasy Honky Pie


You will need the following:
- ground beef, maybe half a kilo? ish?
- family size box of mac & cheese
- a packet of taco seasonings, maybe two
- tater tots
- mashed potato, preferably left over from like 3 days ago
- delicious shredded cheese product of your choice
- casserole dish at least an inch or so deep
- an oven (you'd think this was obvious, right? guess again.)

01. bake tater tots on a baking sheet until crunchy as all hell
02. make entire box of mac & cheese
03. stir-fry the ground beef in the greasy frying substance of your choice
04. mix in the taco seasoning
05. lightly butter casserole dish, and line it with tater tots. LIKE A DELICIOUS PIE CRUST OF TATERY AWESOMENESS
06. mix the mac & cheese up with the taco-y beef. feel free to do this in a giant bowl, using your hands. hungrily devour enormous handfuls when no one is looking. share it with the doggy and then feel guilty for not washing your hands after. >_>
07. dump it in your tater pie crust
07a. if you're using a really deep casserole dish, you can put in a second layer of tots before adding the rest of the beefyroni.
08. smear mashed potatos on top in a shepherd's pie-esque manner
09. put it in the oven at like, 350 or something, til the mash on top gets crusty
10. dump a fuckton of grated cheese on top and put it back in the oven til the cheese is bubbly
11. NOM NOM NOM. try not to burn your mouth on eebil molten cheese, the napalm of the food world. enjoy with a sixer of xibeca or san miguel, or the incredibly cheap local beer of your choice.


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01/06/09 06:08 - ID#47311

Bacon Cups

Bacon cups:

Hey, maybe there is a God after all!

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08/06/07 12:00 - ID#40405

Chop Chop

There's a new lunch place opening downtown in a couple months, called Chop Chop. It's going to be at 300 Main Street. Best of all - one of my favorite people ever, Laurie Sweet, is going to be the chef!
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