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11/19/04 08:34 - ID#34454

Cheer up...

Cheer up (e:lilho) :)
Just paint your nails a pretty pink to make it all feel better!!!


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11/19/04 08:04 - ID#34453

right now.

missed the bus again. :( - Perhaps I do need to dust off the bicycle - it has turned into a temporary coat rack.
Hey (e:Tina) - email me your physical mailing address so I can send your earings.
girl where dem pictures @ ?

Have A Wonderful Friday (e:EPeeps)!
toodles :)
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11/17/04 09:30 - ID#34452

another day another 23+ dollars spent

so I finally made my trek a pied to the infamous "7 ELEVEN"
(i ran out of cheese let alone all other foods) Most exciting part,
aside from the feel of the cool air lifting me along, is that they sell
WINE!!! so lets calculate: Japanese Sushi/Teriyaki Bar next door,
Home Depot across the street(the new designed HD & no I am not talking about a certain person I am referring to the actual store for all of those who know what the reference means) 7 Eleven that sells wine and champagne, all within a stones throw.
The walk felt good - its totally different from the commute. the commute sucks-pushing and shoving, racing for a seat and exhorbent fare cost. give me a stroll anytime. I wish I could just stroll to work everyday. correction - stroll everywhere w/the occasional strut!!!
(e:Twisted) I need to obtain a camera phone. There is so much I wish I could document during the day without whipping out the big brick (sony mavica) Like yesterday there was some weird evacuation from my bldg. no one knew what was going on; the alarm is going off, the fire trucks are wheeling around the corner, and the people just "mosey" out the bldg like there is no possibility of threat. I wish I could have captured that moment amonst others. Keep up the wonderful pics!

~Thank Heaven for 7 Eleven is what my receipt says~
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11/16/04 08:45 - ID#34451

webmaster bares all...

yeah Paul, I think I agree with (e:Matthew), opting to model your total bootyliciousness!!! don't get me started in uploading....
LOL :)
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11/16/04 08:32 - ID#34450

humour &other bottle-head stupid

lunch update: avoided the station; opted for a street dog; sat in front of Georgetown Law; continued my current reading; I think I am starting to wonder what if I...?

perhaps at the end of the reading I will be able to write my own thoughts about if I had one for a day & what its like to be the other sex...
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11/15/04 08:26 - ID#34449



however it's missing vegetables; insert (e:terrys) beautiful veggies [inlink]paul,2407[/inlink] & then its complete!!!
Oh & I made it wearing this:
see, I really do miss you guys so much!
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11/15/04 08:10 - ID#34448

lunch time, dinner time etc

monday nov 15th

enjoyed the long weekend. monday came and I didn't feel like being on time today. what else is new. perhaps I enjoyed sleeping alone in my Queen size bed far too long [inlink]metalpeter,193[/inlink]/ [inlink]lilho,190[/inlink]!!!
I cannot remember when I slept in a twin size bed...hmmm
All I know is that I love my featherbed and down comforter - yet I currently desire more fluff but perhaps less feathers. As I wake up with feathers in my hair sometimes and oftentimes they get in my clothes too! speaking of feathers; those birds @ Union Station are going to drive me nuts. they fly so damn low and right at you - they are fearless and demand that if you don't get out of it's way you will be hit!!! Yuck!!! There is no escaping it since I have to go through this station 4 times a day. Perhaps I can minimize it to twice daily if I start taking lunch and stop buying expensive crap everyday. Today I ate at Starbucks and had a turkey & havarti while reading "Dick for a Day" by Fiona Giles. I do enjoy eating in the station because I get to people watch or listen - listening to people talk about one another, complain that their order is incorrect; watch people dart for trains and the metro; watch people watch you; etc etc etc;

I must say its a totally dangerous place - there are so many resturants its insane! (e:Terry) we would never have to wonder what can we eat for lunch it would be what won't we eat today!!! big_grin I must ween myself away before I become a rollie pollie - there is an inhouse Ben & Jerry's too!!! mmm yummy! Why can't lunch be two hours long? I could have a full course lunch meal and take in a movie before returning to the office .

brb must cook a real dinner.

So I decided to make boneless skinless 99 % fat free thinly sliced chicken breast w/marjoram & a drizzle of roasted garlic olive oil and stuffing for dinner. and because I don't want to open another bottle of wine I will drink what is open: Santa Rita Sauvignon Blanc ((who ever brought this to my birthday party - Mucho Grazias, its delicious)) Now I should have leftovers ommitting the wine to take to work for lunch tomorrow thus limiting my contact with those crazy nasty birds that look like they ate squirrels for lunch!

>>Posted By: southernyankee
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11/13/04 06:32 - ID#34447

sleepy saturdays

its nice to slumber. esp when thinking about the night before.
where does all that thinking get you?
hmmmm.... - no answer yet

i love georgetown!
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11/12/04 07:53 - ID#34446

ahhh tis friday...

it's weird not partying on thursdays.
i guess I live amongst the average.
bars close down @ 2 ish

i think by now, I am tired of people from here
asking me why did I move here. Because I damn
well wanted to !!! anyway, :)

rain rain rain = go away = so dreary with the rain and
it makes people nuts here. they will knock down the
elderly and the crippled not to mention the blind just
to make a train. whatever happened to politeness?

i want to go out looking cute tonight but the rain puts a damper on that
no suede shoes, no fly hair do, whats a girl to do?

soulive is playing tonight. the black eyed peas are playing sunday

hmm $$$....

hope you epeeps have a good time doing whatever tonight!

check out Pink Martini while you are at it:
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11/11/04 11:14 - ID#34445

TIME & Holidays

still unpacking. kitchen=1 box left; bedroom=too many!!! empty boxes=everywhere!!! sigh...

Is it too early to start my frivolous holiday wish list? the sights and snow flakes from Buffalo are inspiring me:

1) Mp3 player (pink mini ipod or a cute rio) need some tunes to boogie to while commuting!
2) digital camera still on the list (canon please santa or whoever)
3) money is always acceptable
4) flat screen pc monitor - this one is functional yet ultra bulky - furniture must be streamlined in smaller living spaces
5) new car w/sunroof cd player tires w.hubcaps engine/transmission that is reliable
6) shoes (imagirl)
7) money to buy roundtrip ticket to see family @ christmas
8) can anyone say a tv that is bigger than micro mini one...
9) a presidential agenda that is acceptable to all (wishful thinking)
10) world peace still makes the top ten

time to let the sweet dreams tea do its magic - although last night I had a cup & had the craziest dreams. lots of people I didn't know and places; flying cars and stuff.
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paul said to ladycroft
Nice to "see" you. I let the CPR ads stay because at least it was something lol...

ladycroft said to joe finger went spastic. ...

ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...

ladycroft said to joe
Happy Birthday! I had my 30th with two of those peeps as well :) Remember the failed (but awesome)...