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Category: politics

10/13/08 02:56 - 71ºF - ID#46094

Response to Joshua

I have personally been accosted on the street in at least 5 occasions by conservatives. In Buffalo, NY, Salt Lake City, UT, and Portland, OR. In addition, protestors have been at events that I've attended an additional dozens of times.

So: conservatives never shout down liberals? You've never seen protestors yelling at a gay pride parade? You've never seen conservative marches on Washington that vilify and call for the destruction of the left? You can't dismiss them as not being conservative, because the religious right and the hawks are a core constituency of conservative power.

What you're doing would be like me condemning all conservatives just because the conservatives who go to the effort to show up at a Palin rally call Obama a terrorist. Just because conservatives attack me in the street.

If I were to judge conservatives by the most outspoken among them, I would be forced to conclude that they are incapable of making an argument that wasn't based on emotions, hated anyone who wasn't just like themselves, and that all conservatives think you're unpatriotic and a terrorist sympathizer or faggot if you disagree with them.

Luckily, I don't judge conservatives by the worse among them.

The right is getting angrier and angrier, now that they're out of power. McCain-Palin rallies demonstrate this. Who do you think is going to be protesting in the streets these next 8 years? It's going to swing as the pendulum of power swings. You're just used to seeing the left out of power, not in it.

I do accuse you of cherry picking and painting with too broad a brush. You can't see any incident without taking it as confirmation about what you already believe and are predisposed to think about groups of people. It drives me crazy.



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Category: culture

10/11/08 08:54 - 60ºF - ID#46067

The Wrongest Thing Ever

You can take a class field trip to an Apple store:


This sucks so much. They must have had actual requests from schools that caused them to set up an official program. Yuck.

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Category: buffalo

10/11/08 08:29 - 45ºF - ID#46056


Tomorrow, October 12th, is the second anniversary of the October Storm.

Hard to believe, hard to forget! Here's my yearly look back in photos, to October 12-13, 2006:


















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Category: trekkies

10/10/08 12:10 - 59ºF - ID#46042



This video is made of awesome.
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Category: dreams

10/10/08 09:45 - 50ºF - ID#46037

Strange Dream

I had a dream last night that I was a run away child of a Yakuza mobster. Drew and Janelle took me in as a foster child.

Then, it started getting even weirder. They kept finding other kids hidden in their house that I'd took pity on and invited over. Like, we'd be in the living room and all of a sudden we'd notice some kid hidding under the couch. Or in closets, just everywhere.

Drew and Janelle were very sympathetic and didn't want to force these kids to go back out on the streets, but by the end of the dream there were like 30 of us kids in their house and they were starting to panic about how to take care of us. They were very aggravated with me for putting them in the position of having to take in all these kids, but were too nice to say anything.

Then I woke up.
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Category: humor

10/09/08 08:41 - 56ºF - ID#46011

Obama Debate Prep

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10/07/08 09:01 - 38ºF - ID#45973

E:Strip Holiday Dinner

I'll be planning an (e:strip) holiday dinner, for sometime in early December (between Thanksgiving and Christmas).

This post is just a heads up, I'll make another post in a month to nail down availability and the best times for everyone.

JJ's and India Gate have both worked out OK in the past. If the group is big enough I'll reserve a banquet room somewhere to make sure we have enough space. Any ideas along these lines, please comment!


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Category: culture

10/02/08 08:30 - 51ºF - ID#45903

Yak Shaving

An awesome term, for when you find yourself doing some task at 8 removes from what you meant to be doing, each step along the way seemingly utterly necessary...

You start out deciding to tidy your room and you realize that in order to do that you'll need some more trash bags, so you need to go to the shops, which will involve you getting out the car, but the car needs gas, so you'll need to go to the gas station first, which means you should probably find your gas discount card, which involves finding your keys, which are in the room somewhere... ( )

And ultimately, in order to tidy your room, you somehow end up shaving a yak.


You know it's happened to you too!
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Category: work

10/02/08 07:43 - 45ºF - ID#45886


I like being the first one in at work. No interruptions, a nice start to the morning.

That's all :)
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Category: economics

09/30/08 09:38 - 55ºF - ID#45858


Actually, I am glad that the bailout failed. We'll now get a smaller, more incremental bailout. Rough ride for the next year though, no matter what.

Japan in the 90's went through a crisis very similar to ours, a huge asset bubble and then a giant markdown.

I get what the crisis is about - liquidity - but there's more then one way to solve it. If we prop up existing institutions no questions asked, we'll end up like Japan in the 90's, where zombie banks were technically fine but actually not able to loan much money anyways, thus dragging the crisis out into stagnation for a decade.

The current failed plan was to buy the bad assets at their original inflated values, sell them back to the market at a reduced rate, and use the funds from selling them to buy additional bad assets and repeat the process until all the money was totally gone. That is, if you believe the conference call that was held between the government representatives and Wall Street insiders ( mp3 torrent ), instead of what was said publicly.

Banks operate on the velocity of money. They take money in, send it out again. Don't think of them as repositories, but instead as intermediaries between those who need to hold cash and those who need to spend cash. The banking system is not set up for stasis.

The proposed plan would've increased the velocity of money. Something does need to be done, but jumping to the most drastic expensive plan doesn't sit right with me. I'm totally up for $500 billion worth of no interest loans, something along those lines.

But not recapitalization of the largest banks via burning down $700 billion. Plenty of smaller banks are doing fine. Those are the ones that should be getting help, to replace the large burdened banks. A new day on Wallstreet, slaughter of the behemoths is what sounds good to me.

If 10 years from now there are no familiar old names on Wallstreet, and a new crop of giants risen from the ashes of this meltdown, I'll be a happy camper.
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