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Category: video

08/13/08 02:33 - 75ºF - ID#45320

Predictive Spelling

mildly NSFW
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Category: progress

08/11/08 02:34 - 68ºF - ID#45303

One Week!

I am one week into quitting smoking cold turkey. Going pretty well.

Also, I have an unrelated cold. Is summer over already? Huddled in a hoodie, sniffling, dark at midday, looks like it to me.

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Category: internets

08/11/08 01:04 - 68ºF - ID#45302

Craigslist Missed Connections Template

re James' latest post, which is a missed connection with at least a bare minimum of details.

Why do they usually sound like this?

I saw you at [vague location starbucks], you were [vague description standing by the wall] and you [vague action glanced at me]. If you're interested, please [ironic demand for specific details email me an exact description of what I look like] so we can connect!
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08/10/08 10:35 - 59ºF - ID#45294

Toronto Propane Depot Explodes

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Category: photos

08/09/08 12:34 - 73ºF - ID#45289



On his birthday, practicing to be a grumpy old man.
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Category: technology

08/08/08 09:51 - 66ºF - ID#45282


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Category: music

08/08/08 02:50 - 68ºF - ID#45279


Girl Talk's latest album Feed the Animals is super awesome. I'm having so much fun listening to it today. (Remix/mashup/dj stuff)


It is available online, set-your-own-fee-or-free (like Radiohead's last):

Seriously best new thing I've listened to all year.

Track 12 from the album:


Linked file is CC licensed NC w/attribution (see album list for details).

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Category: life

08/07/08 11:17 - 65ºF - ID#45263

Quit Smoking

I haven't smoked all week, except one on Monday morning. So far so good. Definitely have mood swings. Well more like a permanently shitty mood. Getting better today. Haven't killed anyone yet. Thanks for putting up with me James :)

As incentive to quit, I bought myself a ridiculously nice, but used so not too expensive, chair. Definitely worth the money considering I sit in it for like 2100 hours a year. The one I had before was so crappy and badly fitting I was starting to get pains and aches by the end of the work day. Yuck, not worth it. My body didn't come with a warranty.

I think without James' encouragement and my self-bribery I wouldn't have been able to quit. Feels pretty good!
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Category: zombiebirthdays

08/06/08 08:46 - 69ºF - ID#45248

For My Zombie

It's (e:James) birthday today!

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Category: apple

08/01/08 05:52 - 80ºF - ID#45220

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

So, there is a now a tethering app (NetShare) in the Apple iPhone app store.

Now I'm sorely tempted to upgrade to the new iPhone. Mmmm, internet everywhere. Might be worth the $200 upgrade fee for iPhone 3G since I'm on call for server emergencies.

Here it is (link requires iTunes 7.7)
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