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Category: art

02/27/07 12:26 - 32ºF - ID#38294

Sit 'n Spin

I just bought these murals from a laundromat going out of business in my neighborhood. I think they'll all fit in my new hallway. Granted, I'm not sure what that last one is of, but they look pretty cool as a set. At least, I think so.






p.s. - I lead a charmed life. If only I believed in fantasy...

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Category: color

02/18/07 07:48 - 18ºF - ID#38201


I was walking past the Hayes Green near my house when a runaway hula hoop crossed my path. I returned it to it's rightful owner after chatting for a bit, then thought to snap this video. May not be blog-worthy, but what else am I going to do with it?

Turns out it was the SF Bay Area Hoopers. No surprise there. Although I thought it might have been a reincarnation of this Black Rock Arts Foundation event which happened just before I moved here. I do miss having the Burning Man pagoda in the green though. That was pretty cool.

In other news, if my neighbors hate me now, just wait until I paint my house this color. Ha!


Yeah, it's a little bright. But I like it.

Hey, it'll totally match my new estrip cons! Sweet!


p.s. - yes, it was warm and sunny here today. No snow in the forecast yet. I am enjoying the snow pics from afar though.

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Category: bad luck

02/17/07 12:46 - 19ºF - ID#38194


The SF Tool Lending Center is CLOSED for several MONTHS!!!

The San Francisco Tool Lending Center is currently transitioning to a new location and is not open to the public. We anticipate this transition to take several months. Sorry for any inconvenience and we thank you for your continued support. Please check this website for any updates.

What if I have a tool-lending emergency? I was going to borrow some stuff to dig out that tree root, plant my garden, and repair the concrete. Oh yeah, in addition to posting it on my door, the city also sent me the 30 day notice by certified mail. I guess they're not kidding. Maybe if I sent Pacific Gas & Electric a certified letter they would finally hook up my neighbor's new service line instead of continuing to feed off mine. We've been waiting since August 8. They have promised to come out "next week" several times. Six months later and we're still waiting. This city is really fcked up about some things.

I can't seem to buy a break these days. Which may be just as well since I probably couldn't afford it anyway, haha.

p.s. -- Also closed now for renovation is the Steinhart Aquarium at the California Academy of Sciences. It reopens March 31. Figures.

Oh well, I'm heading over there for the neighborhood free day today anyway. I was checking out the differences between the SF City Pass vs. the 7-day passport vs. the weekly MUNI pass (don't ask, I need a spreadsheet to compare all the nuances) to see if any of them would be worth it for (e:Matthew) to use on the days Paul will be at the conference and I might be at work. Anyway, that's when I stumbled on the neighborhood free days schedule. 94102 baby! Just in the nick of time.


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02/15/07 12:42 - 12ºF - ID#38159

This is dedicated to the one(s) I love

My niece is the cutest:


My sister said she asked her what Aunt Lisa likes, and my sister told her I like dogs. So she put a dog in the picture. That is so cute! If only everything in life was that easy.

In other news, I biked down to Golden Gate park last Sunday to take some pictures of the California Native plants at the Arnold Arboretum as potential candidates for my urban sidewalk garden, now on the fast track. I have to submit a plant listing with my application to the city, and although California native plants aren't required, they're highly encouraged.






I realized later I may have wandered into South Africa for part of my photo shoot. Oops! Well, how different can that be? All these plants seem to be thriving just fine in California soil, which is all I care about. So sue me for not being a botanical purest.

p.s. - (e:Matthew), I wish you were here now to help me pick out my landscaping and paint colors. On the other hand, maybe by the time you get here my little construction zone upstairs will be habitable. That would probably be better all around.

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Category: potpourri

02/14/07 05:40 - 9ºF - ID#38142


This is what I have to contend with:


No I was NOT cruising (or posting) in casual encounters -- just looking for a Pete Yorn ticket. Which is no time to be picky, so I searched all the personals at once.

I guess I'm pickier than I thought since I didn't respond. Although my first thought was, why didn't I think of that? And my second thought was, why is this classified under m4w? Then I realized it's a guy looking to GET a hand job or blow job in exchange for a ticket, not the other way around. I wonder if he would have accepted some marketing tips instead, haha.

The crazy thing is, Pete Yorn came up on Pandora just as I hit this. I never entered him in any of my stations, and I was listening to a new station based only on Lou Reed (trying to remember a song from a dream last night). Weird, huh? Or did the terms of service I always accept without reading say something about capturing and interpreting my every keystroke? Oh well, either way it seemed random.

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02/11/07 10:17 - 16ºF - ID#38118

30 Days

I'm not saying I put any stock in this, but can't help wondering if my recent horoscope might be onto something.

Even though it's illegal, marijuana is now America's biggest cash crop, generating more revenue than corn and soybeans. Official government sources won't acknowledge this fact, of course, and the major media would prefer to ignore it. Let's use this situation as a metaphor for your personal life, Sagittarius. Meditate on the following three questions. (1) Is there a valuable asset that you neglect to account for when you take inventory of your total resources? (2) Is there a Big Important Thing that you don't fully acknowledge? (3) Do you play down the power of a transformational agent that's taboo or not fully accepted?

Ok, I see where you're going with this, and don't think it hasn't crossed my mind. But I happen to live in an area where that particular market is already pretty well-saturated. Besides, aren't I in enough trouble already?

Speaking of trouble, this notice was posted on my door last Thursday.


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Category: social

02/09/07 12:59 - 20ºF - ID#38088

Hallucinogens not required

(But they couldn't hurt.)

I am so pissed I missed Inland Empire last night. Who the hell puts the headliner first in the lineup? I literally stumbled upon this at 9pm last night. Which still would have been plenty of time to make it to the after party at's Porn Palace, but that really would have been too depressing being the only one there who missed the freakin' movie. Not to mention rustling up someone to go with at the last minute. Dang it! I am really going to have to take better control of my social life. This work thing keeps getting in the way.

p.s. - this is what happens when you get the early edition of the Sunday paper then leave the house before reading it all. Oh well, I still have time to catch one of the other highlights.


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Category: friends

02/07/07 01:15 - 9ºF - ID#38049

How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb

That's what I feel like I was asked to do tonight. I wish I was better at helping my friends work out their problems.
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02/04/07 11:38 - 3ºF - ID#38021

Full of ourselves?

For reasons that are too boring to explain here, I found myself in possession of the early edition of the Sunday Chronicle this morning. Couldn't help doing a double-take on this section header:


Yeah. I'm pretty sure that's supposed to say "BAY AREA / and California." Maybe we're laying low until this Gavin Newsom thing blows over?


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Category: past

01/25/07 10:28 - 13ºF - ID#37860

Paranoia may destroy ya

Oh man, what a week. If you can't rely on the internet, who can you rely on? Don't answer that.

Between email not going out, email not coming in, and outgoing email bouncing back, I don't know what I've said to whom any more. Maybe I should forget about email and just stick to blogging, haha.

Speaking of alternate forms of communication, here's a blast from the past. I tried to send it to (e:Paul) when the internet was having a Bermuda Triangle day. We had been chatting earlier when the conversation turned to -- what else -- cell phones and operating systems. So when I happened upon this email from days gone by while I was spot-checking whether the emails I had saved for whatever reason in Mac Mail made it safely into Thunderbird, it was funny to see it again in the context of our recent conversation. Besides, it's cute as hell.

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