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Category: life

02/26/08 03:15 - ID#43470

Salt Lake City

I'm going to this regional Ruby Conference in Salt Lake city the last weekend in March. I'm staying after the conference to visit with my family (I'm originally from SLC). It'll be nice to see them after 18 months. I miss my Dad and everyone else :)


I wish I could go to the Rails Conference in May in Portland Oregon, but that doesn't seem to be in the cards. And by the cards, I mean my credit card is already creaking from the weight of other stuff.
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Category: life

02/07/08 11:35 - ID#43227

New Haircut

A bit overdue.


Part of my whirlwind tour of errands and duties this morning. Now a bit of lunch and back to work...
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Category: life

01/28/08 09:02 - ID#43069

The American Dream

I want to buy a house so freaking bad.

I just found out I am going from 20 hours a week to 30 hours a week for one of my contracts, which is an extra huge chunk of money every month, and so home ownership this year is looking like a great possibility. It also seems like I'll be staying in Buffalo for a few years at least, if James can get a job around here too.

I can't wait to move back closer to or into Allentown. Seriously sick of the Elmwood Village - I miss the grime and dirt!

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Category: life

01/11/08 11:50 - ID#42849


OK this weekend we have to drive back down state to visit my in-laws for the third time in like 8 weeks. I am so not in the mood to be in a car for half the weekend.

The holidays should be over, amirite?

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Category: life

01/10/08 09:48 - ID#42828

So Sick

Sick. I know I know, there are people much worse off then me (hi Paul). But I've been feeling like crap all week and had to take off from work again today with the flu/cold that's been going around. That's like half this week I've been off.

I'm not tired and can't feel asleep but can't really concentrate so I'm just kinda vegging out at the computer but I'm so freaking anxious to get back to work and get some shit done.

Yuck. I really hope I feel better tomorrow but I think maybe I've got another couple days of this to look forward to.
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12/15/07 07:49 - ID#42528

Freaking Out

I'm forcing myself to take today off. I was so busy all week, I've got 100 unread messages in my inbox and a million things to do, but I'm refusing to do anything today. Trying to relax. I used to party and slack off and stay out all night, and that was about it - the entire story of my early 20's.

Now I freak out about everything and can't stop to take a day off from work and am always panicked about not getting enough done. Lame. And counterproductive, I just get burned out and can't work all day every day anyways, so what's the point of going to extremes? So I'm sitting here trying to breath and read a book. And posting on (e:strip). Wish me luck :)

On another note thanks for stopping by the pot luck everyone! I didn't do much except pick a date, and you all come through with delicious food and some great conversation. You all are the reason for its success. Cheers!
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10/09/07 05:46 - ID#41563


I took my first day off in forever on Monday. I think it might have been the first day in 6 months that I didn't do any work. It was really nice, so thank you James, Paul, Matt, and Terry!
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09/18/07 02:02 - ID#41177

2 Years

I am sort of a wreck today.

I can't believe it's been two years already.

I miss you, Mom.
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Category: life

09/07/07 02:25 - ID#40988

A Vacation About Programming

Ruby Conf 2007 here I come!

I got permission from (e:James) and we are headed down to Charlotte NC at the beginning of November for 3 days of geekery!

James will just lounge pool-side while I soak in such topics as these: With a keynote by Matz, the creator of Ruby. FYI, Ruby is a programming language.

I've got the hotel booked and my registration for the conference all set, thankfully 'work' is paying for it :)

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09/04/07 06:37 - ID#40934

This is totally not like me at all.

I am never like that.
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