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Category: cooking

04/18/11 10:25 - ID#54082


I love watching the cooking shows on PBS Saturdays. I know I should probably be productive but I learn so much by watching these guys. It also usually inspires me as to what I'm going to cook that week.

One of my favorites is "Avec Eric" which is Eric Ripert's cooking show. He usually has a couple of segments one usually is him either with a farmer, cultivator or artisan of some sort and the other he cooks something. Frequently his preparations use expensive ingredients, which most cooking shows do, and last week was no exception. On this particular episode he made Paella. I had never made it prior to last week and never realized how easy it is. It is however pretty freaking expensive given the price of seafood and saffron, but totally worth it for a special occasion.

I more or less followed his recipe but deviated a little bit.
I didn't use authentic bomba rice, not only because I haven't a clue as to where to procure that in Buffalo but because frankly I doubt I would notice a difference from any quality short grain rice that is available to me anyway. If I made it again I would definitely not even bother with the saffron at all. I don't really see what people love about saffron. It has a strange plastic taste to me. Considering the cost I don't really see any reason to use it ever again. I also think it would taste a little better if I had used homemade chicken stock, but I can't be bothered to boil chicken bones constantly.

I would like to make it for a large group and think it would be so much cooler if it were cooked over and open flame. Totally a dinner for company you want to impress with your cooking skills. Anyway here is the final result:

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03/19/11 10:21 - ID#53875

Cost of War

According to the Navy, each Tomahawk missile costs $569,000. So we just shot 110 of these at Libya because our our president heard that their president had a bigger dick than his. I'll bet I could find a much better use for $62 million.
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Category: paul's idea

03/15/11 07:43 - ID#53835

What would I buy if someone gave me $150

I would get a babysitter and buy two tickets to this

tix = $50.00
babysitter = $50.00

I guess with the remaining $50.00 I would buy a bottle of Champagne and celebrate that someone gave me $150.00

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03/15/11 08:27 - ID#53830

A reason I love Buffalo

The biggest reason I love Buffalo is the most major things in my life have happened here.

-I was born here
-I met my wife here
-I was married here
-I earned my bachelors degree here
-My child was conceived and born here

It's kinda crazy that all of these things happened to me and I have lived here less than 5 years. Not consecutively obviously. Buffalo will always hold a special place in my heart.

Honorable mention:
-Sponge Candy
-Bistro Europa
-Blue Monk
-Walking distance to Canada
-Really cool buildings and mansions
-Bidwell Market
-Good wings everywhere
-Crazy Parades
-Free Concerts
-Paula's Donuts
-CEPA Art Gallery
-Traffic Circles

I guess that was reasons instead of reason.

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Category: baby

03/01/11 03:46 - ID#53754

This is tough

So I'm becoming really private online. I have been keeping any sort of real details about my life off of the net. But a few of you here know that my wife (Btw I got married) was pregnant. She had the baby last week and we are doing very well. I don't want to post her name or pictures because I think if the baby wants to have some sort of online presence that will be her decision in the future. But she is wicked cute and I hope you all get to meet her soon.

I really do intend to keep writing here. I'm currently just trying to get inspired again. I guess for while I didn't really care what I posted about. Now I don't want any potential or current bosses or colleagues to stumble upon this journal by accident. I have been cooking up a storm lately, which really means its time to start posting about that again.
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Category: food

03/01/11 01:32 - ID#53753

Even Lazier

A picture comment to (e:Paul,53737)

Just in case it was too hard to slice the pre-cooked potatoes they include that convenience too.

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Category: jenny mccarthy is a

02/21/11 04:46 - ID#53673


NY state is now recommending Hepatitis B vaccines for all newborn babies based on six case studies of medical errors I'm not one of those crazies (see Jenny McCarthy) that thinks vaccinations lead to autism. I do think that its overkill to give a newborn a Hep B vaccine based on six case studies. I didn't even get this vaccine until I went to work in a hospital with routine exposure to patient blood. I can't see how a newborn would ever likely come into contact with this. Anyway I did find find this great website the Jenny McCarthy Body Count I find idiots like her and and people like Oprah that give her a pedestal from which to spew forth dangerous crap highly despicable. It is amazing to me how quickly bullshit spreads in the information age. It's no wonder I'm becoming a Luddite. It's scary to think that my baby could get polio because some moron thought that a vaccine was more dangerous than the disease it prevents.
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02/21/11 01:20 - ID#53670


I am really annoyed with how much I use Facebook these days. I can't figure out why I even log in anymore. I can't stand close to 10% of my "Friends". Most of these people were someone I was acquainted with many years ago. For the most part I was never their friend and it is obvious why. Another 10% are people that I went to high school with and was never friends with. In fact everything I know about these people is based entirely on their facebook status. Most of the people I'm close with don't actually communicate anything at all with me there. In fact I also don't communicate any sort of real personal information. But the craziest thing of all is that most of my communication is with people from (e:strip).

Btw (e:paul)'s head keeps showing up on the people I may know screen. What's up with that?

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Category: douchebaggery

10/28/10 07:24 - 56.ºF - ID#53021

Clint McCance is a douchebag!

Once again Arkansas and the deep south for that matter has proven to me that they ought to be a separate country from the one that I live in. Clint McCance ( Midland School District Vice President in Midland Arkansas states the following on his Facebook page in response to a GLAAD sponsored "Spirit Day" event in which supporters wear purple:

"Seriously they want me to wear purple because five queers killed themselves. The only way im wearin it for them is if they all commit suicide. I can't believe the people of this world have gotten this stupid. We are honoring the fact that they sinned and killed thereselves because of their sin. REALLY PEOPLE."]

Ok, In all fairness to the rest of Arkansas I'm sure you find this guy to be as much of an asshole as I do. Not only does he have severe mental issues, but the guy make up his own words! How does someone like this get elected to the school board? Not only do I feel bad for the students at that district, I worry about his children who undoubtedly have much working against them considering who their father is. I really hope the rest of the 253 people in Midland Arkansas do all in their power to remove him from the board.

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Category: politics

10/22/10 04:53 - 47.ºF - ID#52997


So as every NPR junky has heard Juan Williams was fired this week. I have mixed feelings about this whole mess. First I must confess I love NPR. It's the only radio station I will listen to, with the exception of christian radio (that is a completely different kind of obsession). I love NPR because its where I get not only my news but entertainment. I don't think NPR is a liberal media outlet although I'm sure someone would argue that. Even though I completely disagree with Mr. Williams sentiments I was shocked to hear he was fired. I disagree with him being fired for expressing his feelings. I believe he probably was fired more for where he said his comments than for what he actually said. With that said I will still listen to NPR and give them my money.

It's incredibly unfortunate that Sarah Palin is still in the spotlight. She is now calling for all federal funding for NPR to be cut . It's unbelievable to me the idiocy that spews forth from this woman. Why should a news organization that is truly "fair and balanced" be in her sights? Is it because she feels threatened by anyone smarter than her? I mean she folded when Katie Couric, of all people, interviewed her. Such hard hitting questions as "what newspapers do you read?" really threw a wrench in her spokes. I sincerely hope our country is still with it enough to never elect this woman.
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