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03/19/11 10:21 - ID#53875

Cost of War

According to the Navy, each Tomahawk missile costs $569,000. So we just shot 110 of these at Libya because our our president heard that their president had a bigger dick than his. I'll bet I could find a much better use for $62 million.
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Category: paul's idea

03/15/11 07:43 - ID#53835

What would I buy if someone gave me $150

I would get a babysitter and buy two tickets to this

tix = $50.00
babysitter = $50.00

I guess with the remaining $50.00 I would buy a bottle of Champagne and celebrate that someone gave me $150.00

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03/15/11 08:27 - ID#53830

A reason I love Buffalo

The biggest reason I love Buffalo is the most major things in my life have happened here.

-I was born here
-I met my wife here
-I was married here
-I earned my bachelors degree here
-My child was conceived and born here

It's kinda crazy that all of these things happened to me and I have lived here less than 5 years. Not consecutively obviously. Buffalo will always hold a special place in my heart.

Honorable mention:
-Sponge Candy
-Bistro Europa
-Blue Monk
-Walking distance to Canada
-Really cool buildings and mansions
-Bidwell Market
-Good wings everywhere
-Crazy Parades
-Free Concerts
-Paula's Donuts
-CEPA Art Gallery
-Traffic Circles

I guess that was reasons instead of reason.

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Category: baby

03/01/11 03:46 - ID#53754

This is tough

So I'm becoming really private online. I have been keeping any sort of real details about my life off of the net. But a few of you here know that my wife (Btw I got married) was pregnant. She had the baby last week and we are doing very well. I don't want to post her name or pictures because I think if the baby wants to have some sort of online presence that will be her decision in the future. But she is wicked cute and I hope you all get to meet her soon.

I really do intend to keep writing here. I'm currently just trying to get inspired again. I guess for while I didn't really care what I posted about. Now I don't want any potential or current bosses or colleagues to stumble upon this journal by accident. I have been cooking up a storm lately, which really means its time to start posting about that again.
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Category: food

03/01/11 01:32 - ID#53753

Even Lazier

A picture comment to (e:Paul,53737)

Just in case it was too hard to slice the pre-cooked potatoes they include that convenience too.

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